New Mahindra App Loads Tractor Info On Demand

HOUSTON, TX (June 30, 2014) – Mahindra USA adds the tractor industry’s first mQRST code to Mahindra tractor models on display at dealer locations, industry trade shows and customer events. Customers now have access to information about any tractor on their smart phones. Scanning the QR code on a tractor will link a customer directly to the Mahindra web page with all of the information about that model, to assist in the buying process.

HOUSTON, TX (June 30, 2014) – Mahindra USA introduces the tractor industry’s first Quick Response code, mQRST, designed to enhance the buying experience for its customers. This new application of the QR code technology offers instant access to detailed information about Mahindra tractors on smart phones and tablets. Scanning Mahindra’s mQRST square with any mobile device makes it easy for customers to become better-informed buyers, providing model-specific facts to answer questions and encourage customers to shop and compare at their leisure.

Mahindra USA, the world’s number one selling tractor brand based on volume, empowers customers by providing on-the-spot information that assists them in purchasing the appropriate tractor to fit their needs. Whether a customer is at a dealer location, farm show or the fair grounds, the mQRST code provides real-time access to a Mahindra tractor’s specifications, warranties and financing information. The mQRST code is available now on Mahindra eMax, Max and mPOWER series tractors with more models added monthly.

“In keeping with our customer-first mindset, we are launching mQRST to create a better buying experience for our customers. We best serve our customers by providing information when and where it is needed. Purchasing a tractor is a big step for most consumers and we want to make sure they are driving away with the tractor that is best suited to their needs,” said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning. “Mahindra is the fastest growing tractor brand in North America because it delivers the best value in the industry, earning our customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.”

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