NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award Given to LS Tractor USA

  • ls dealers choiceIn the dealer satisfaction evaluation conducted by the North American Equipment Dealers Association, LS USA was rated No. 1 in 11 out of 12 items in the tractor category, winning the NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award.
  • In overall satisfaction, LS USA scored 6.21 points, beating the world’s largest agricultural maker John Deere (5.50 points) as well as Japan’s Kubota (5.90 points).
  • CEO Lee Kwang-won, “I will make sure that our tractor business will be worth KRW2 trillion by 2020 by reinforcing our presence in the global market.”

LS USA (CEO Lee Kwang-won), an industrial machine and state-of-the-art parts maker of the LG Group, announced that the company was ranked No, 1 in the dealer satisfaction evaluation (tractor category) conducted by the North American Equipment Dealers Association (NAEDA), which was founded in 1900, and won 1st place of the NAEDA Dealer’s Choice Award 2015.

A total of 6,600 dealers from across North America participated in this evaluation last February. The evaluation consists of 12 items, including overall satisfaction, product quality, product technical support, parts quality, product assurance and marketing support, and each item was rated on a scale from 1 (extremely dissatisfied) to 7 (extremely satisfied). LS USA was ranked No. 1 in 11 out of the 12 items in the tractor category. In overall satisfaction (avg. 5.49 points), the company received 6.21 points, beating not only Japan’s largest agricultural machine maker Kubota (5.90 points), but also the world’s largest agricultural machine makers, such as John Deere (5.50 points), Case IH (4.86 points) and AGCO (4.55 points), which were classified as comprehensive makers, by a wide margin. This is an amazing result. In particular, in terms of product lineup (6.02 points) and excellence of parts availability (6.24 points), LS USA was the only tractor maker to win 6 points or higher (satisfied).

“We won the trust of North American dealers and customers by securing world-class quality, realizing ergonomic design in consideration of user convenience, and providing quick and systematic parts and service support shortly after establishing the US subsidiary in 2009, and received a high rating in the evaluation as a result,” said Mr. Derek Johannes, head of the US subsidiary of LS USA Tractor. “We will make sure that LS USA will make it to the top 5 in the tractor category in the North American market by 2018 by capitalizing on our 30~40hp compact tractors equipped with environment-friendly engines.”

The company has been growing very rapidly of late. In 2008, when the tractor business was founded, it was worth KRW160 billion and has since grown to be worth KRW530 billion as of the end of last year. In particular, thanks to its expansion into global markets, in December 2013, the company entered into an agreement to supply $500 million worth of tractors to Uzbekistan, and in January 2014 it entered into an agreement with CNHi to supply another $500 million worth of tractors. As a result, its overseas sales, which amounted to KRW43 million in 2008, increased 8.6 times to KRW370 billion in 2014.

“In the North American market, a battlefield without gunshots where global agricultural machine makers compete fiercely with one another, and the home of state-of-the-art agricultural machinery, LS USA took the first place in various aspects including quality and service. This means that LS USA has now laid a foundation for competing with the best global makers,” said Mr. Lee Kwang-won, CEO of LS USA. “We will see the sales of the tractor business reach KRW2 trillion by 2020 by reinforcing our advance into the global market.”

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  • Wonderful. Now if only the 30-40 hp tractors they want to ride to relevancy were available!

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