New Holland Upgrades to SCR Technology

Advanced SCR technologies

New Holland, PA – In line with New Holland Agriculture’s commitment to providing ingenious solutions that make farming more efficient while respecting the environment, New Holland has announced a Tier IV solution compatible with this philosophy.

“We don’t simply consider Tier IV as a legal requirement, but as a part of our fundamental role of agricultural machinery manufacturers which safeguards the farming environment for future generations,” says David Greenberg, Senior Director of Marketing, North America. “New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader position is based on fundamental elements for environmental respect that encompass not only Tier IV, but also biodiesel, the NH2™ hydrogen tractor and the Energy Independent Farm concept.”

As the Tier IVa regulations for products with engines over 174hp (130kW) go into effect in January 2011, New Holland will use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for all machines producing over 100 hp. The advanced SCR engine solution was developed in partnership with Fiat Powertrain Technologies.

SCR is a cool-running, quiet system that’s separate from the main engine function and does not compromise horsepower or torque. It does not interfere with engine performance but, in fact, actually improves it. The SCR after-treatment requires an easy-to-use additive.

Thanks to the cutting-edge SCR system, engines benefit from significantly better fuel economy and more power and torque. One of the principal benefits of SCR technology is that it does not place any additional demands on the cooling package, which means that zero power is diverted to cool the exhaust gas. The engine’s power is only used for the machines principal “working” functions, improving productivity and significantly increasing the Engine Power Management (EPM) band. New Holland’s renowned EPM technology continuously adjusts engine output to working conditions by an intelligent sensing of the PTO, hydraulic and transmission loads. This ensures the optimum generation of power by the engine, which always runs at the most efficient settings, and guarantees both top performance and the best possible fuel economy.

The SCR system requires the use of AdBlue/DEF, a non-toxic water and urea solution, to neutralize the noxious nitrogen oxides found in the exhaust emissions and to turn them into harmless water and nitrogen. The addition of AdBlue contributes to significant fuel cost savings, even when the initial purchase price is taken into account.

New Holland will help its customers to adopt the SCR technology during the transitional period by delivering a 275 U.S. gallon AdBlue/DEF tank together with an electric pump free of charge for a limited time. New Holland dealers will also stock products required to ensure conformity with new Tier IVa regulations, including AdBlue/DEF, in containers of varying sizes in order to suit individual farmers’ needs.

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