Valtra Smart Revolutionizes Remote Telematics

Smart1Valtra Smart revolutionizes remote telematics for tractors, both in terms of cost effectiveness and ease of use. A small device is fitted to the tractor that gathers data from the CAN bus and sends it to a cloud service that the customer can then access. Installing the system is very simple and takes around an hour by an authorized Valtra technician, but it can also be installed by customer themselves.
Remote telematics are  now accessible to everyone, and even on older tractors. People assume that these services cost thousands of euros, but in fact Valtra Smart is available for just a few hundred euros.The device was designed for fourth generation Valtra tractors and provides around 50 pieces of information for customers and over a hundred different signals for service technicians. The device can also be fitted to older Valtra tractors, although less data and fewer signals are transmitted.

Theft protection, work management, invoicing

The system can be used in different ways for different tasks and situations. For example, farmers can use the data to provide proof to EU inspectors that fallow land has been mowed. During the busy harvesting season, farmers can keep track of where all their tractors are and what they are doing, making it easier to manage all the work. Snowploughing contractors in turn can use the data to prove that sidewalks have been sanded at the right time.

Other applications include theft protection, driver authorisation, implement identification, linking cultivation planning with tasks performed, and providing documentation to contractors for invoicing purposes. Services are currently offered by the Finnish companies Suonentieto Oy and Nosteco Oy, for example, but the user interface is open and apps by other companies can use the same data.

If a fault appears in the tractor, for example, service technicians can inspect precise data from the seconds leading up to the fault. The system displays all the information gathered by the tractor’s sensors, from oil temperature and boost pressure to PTO speeds and the status of the transmission. Valtra Smart improves servicing by making it easier to pinpoint problems. Spare parts can also be ordered in advance before the tractor even arrives. Valtra Smart also makes it easier to prevent problems by monitoring certain parameters.

Valtra Smart is available for new and older Valtra tractors from authorized parts dealers.

Valtra Smart

  • Developed for fourth generation Valtra tractors but can also be retrofitted to older tractors that have a CAN bus
  • Messages sent over the CAN bus plus the tractor’s location are stored by the service
  • The user can remotely monitor around 50 pieces of information, such as fuel consumption, speed, location and fault codes
  • All harvesting data for the entire season can be stored on the cloud service
  • The service can be used for management tasks, invoicing contracting operations, documenting tasks performed, anticipating servicing needs, implementing the cultivation plan, etc.

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