Yanmar Debuts Global Flagship Tractor

Yanmar global tractorYanmar is taking a bold step into North America and Europe with its latest agricultural machinery. The YT series of large-sized tractors displayed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show incorporate universal design elements, and variants with different displacements are being developed with an eye toward global markets. Brand new small and mid-sized models will be available through our local subsidiaries in North America and Europe as early as the spring of 2015.

While North America is known for large-scale farming, recent years have seen an increasing demand for tractors among lifestyle farmers, and Yanmar is ready to respond to these needs with products of superior quality, innovative design and high operational performance.

Based on the concept of “Create New Farming”, the tractor is the creation of Ken Okuyama, renowned industrial designer and Director of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

In Japan, with the number of professional farmers and community farming organizations steadily growing and the scale of farming expanding, there is an increasing demand for efficient, high performance agricultural machinery that can also contribute to operational cost reductions. This tractor, developed based on the concept “A FUTURE—Aiming at Cutting-edge Farming,” is an advanced variation of the tractor displayed as a concept model at the last Tokyo Motor Show, in 2013.

The YT5113 Limited Edition large-sized tractor, created especially for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, employs a number of features of the 2013 concept tractor. Yanmar’s flagship model, the tractor embodies such appealing characteristics as “COMFORT, CONTROL and POTENTIAL” that are sure to capture the attention of professional farmers.

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  • I saw this tractor at the farm show and saw one yesterday at a dealer. Didn’t have time to stop and talk to dealer, but will soon. It is a sharp looking tractor.

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