Check Out This Custom John Deere Motorcycle, Complete With A Tractor Tire

If you know anything about farming, you know that the John Deere tractor is a staple in a farmer’s barn. It is easily recognizable with its bright green and yellow hue.

The brand initially stuck to making tractors, farm equipment, and construction machines. However, after seeing this, they may just decide to branch out into motorcycle manufacturing and try something new.

Photo credit: Dimitar Shiderov

A Real Head Turner

At a small event for showcasing tractors, a man pulled up with a loud rumble. He was atop a bright green and yellow chopper, baring an uncanny resemblance to John Deere tractors. If you take a good look at the back, you can see that the bike has a tractor tire as its rear wheel. The owner believes this chopper, created from pieces of John Deere tractors, is definitely the cream of the crop.

Since John Deere is primarily farming equipment, it took a real creative mastermind to make this. He utilized parts from a tractor to create something that brought together John Deere and his other passion – motorcycles. It has an appeal to both the farming and biking communities. This had to be one difficult transformation, but it has been done!

Photo credit: Dimitar Shiderov

On the Road

Sure, this motorcycle won’t be able to compete with Harley Davidson. It may not be anything for a true biker to write home about since it lacks torque and horsepower, but it’s hard to ignore the appeal.

If you took this bad ass chopper for a spin through a farming community, you’d be some kind of a Heartland legend. It’s that kind of a head-turner.

We can all agree that both farmers and bike lovers will appreciate all of the hard work, dedication, and creativity that went into this unique road machine.

Check it out in action yourself:

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  • FARMERS! My most admired breed of men AND WOMEN! Tough, ingenious, inventive. Where will we be without them?

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