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5.00 star(s)

TT75A New Holland
Model Year: 2009

Good stout dependable gutty tractor. No frills, No nonsense. But man does she like to work. Exactly what I want in a tractor.

Pros: Reliable, very strong, a gallon an hour with a batwing, great visibility, easy maintenance, no nonsense.
Cons: safety features can be irritating, huge turn radius, hard starting in cold weather (bought a block heater)

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TT75A New Holland
Model Year: 0

There are no bells or whistles but it is a workhorse. Had everything that I was looking for when I purchased it.

Pros: Tractor has been great! It's a workhorse.
Cons: Very loud, would like the exhaust to exit out the top instead of right behind the left front tire.

4.00 star(s)

TT75A New Holland
TT75A is a Good General Purpose Utility Tractor
Model Year: 2006

I purchased tractor with a bush hog 3545 loader and it has performed well. It can do a lot of work and is an excellent general purpose no frills tractor. Very economic and good on fuel usage.

Pros: Simple controls to operate, Good sturdy frame.
Cons: Does not have shifting on the go.

4.00 star(s)

TT75A New Holland
New Holland /New Tractor Purchase in 2009
Model Year: 2009

This is a 75 hp 4wd tractor, open station. Overall, I'm pretty well satisfied with the tractor. First new tractor I've ever had. I do quite a bit of custom baling and batwing mowing. I shopped all brands. Kubota was next choice, $3000 more. Then JD at $6000 more. One remote, wish I had 2. Parking brake & 4wd controls are a little hard to reach (have a little hanging over my belt). 15 ft batwing is the hardest work I have for it. Handles it okay but have to go slow. I worry some about the draw bar attachment, looks like it could have been built a little stronger. For the first three hundred hours getting third gear (in either hi or low range) was difficult. at about 700 hours clutch started sticking. Adjustment fingers on the clutch had worn unevenly causing the throw out bearing to be in a angled position on the shaft, thus it would stick. a major job to break the tractor into to repair the problem. Wasn't too happy about that happening at only 700 hours. For those of you that didn't know, Case and New Holland are the exact same tractor; color is the only difference. I complain some but I know others that have just as many (or more) problems with with other brand tractors that cost considerably more than the NH.

Pros: A fairly small tractor that will do as much work as many other do with bigger tractors.
Cons: Oil filter can only be found at NH or Case dealership (very irritating).

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TT75A New Holland
Great Value
Model Year: 2007

This is the first and only new tractor that we've ever owned. We bought it new in 2007 for $16,500. It is honestly still the best deal I've ever seen on a tractor. The tractor has spent nearly its entire life lashed to either a round baler or a disc mower. We also use it to feed hay in the winter, but it doesn't get a lot of hours doing that. I am extremely pleased with the unit. the only breakage was one of the lift arm pins, but I'm willing to say that was my fault: We all get a little carried away with things on the farm. We don't have the best land in the state as some of the terrain gets pretty hilly, but the engine barely breaks a sweat pulling our 4 by 5 baler. It is hard to give an exact number, but it seems pretty easy on the fuel too. I can bale or mow all day without needing to re-fuel. My only real complaint about the tractor is the lack of synchronized forward to reverse shifting. It has never been a big problem, but can be tricky to get in to reverse sometimes. Double-clutching or shifting in to "4" first always alleviates the bind, but it is still a little frustrating. The engine is pretty loud. My only points of comparison are a Ford 6610 and a David Brown 885, but the engine on this tractor is noticeably louder, often to the point of discomfort. The upside is that all it takes is a little ear protection to fix that. I keep a pair of sound-deadening headphones draped around the steering column. To be honest, that's probably something we should all wear all of the time, regardless. It is an all around great tractor for the price. It is missing some nice features - like a shuttle shift or fully synchronized gear box - but I can't really even begin to complain given the price point. My only regret is that I didn't buy 2 of them.

Pros: Power; comfort; ease of use; fuel consumption; value
Cons: Lack of synchronized forward-reverse; a little on the loud side

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