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    Load Sensor not working

    well, problem is back again. everything else works fine but the load sensing switch when engaged the tractor doesnt move at all. in any case maybe someday i will get around to taking the switch apart. doesnt really matter as i really dont use it so when i have time to mess with it i will do it.
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    Hydraulic heat

    great info, forgot to get back to, yes i found the allen head and applied grease until it came out the allen hole. thanks again.
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    2016 Mahindra 2555CL HST failed pump? Powertrain warranty covered?

    Sorry I can't help answer your questions but it is just crazy if the pump is not covered. that is part of the powertrain in my mind.
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    If you ever struggled putting chains on a 50+ hp on

    i know what you mean, they can be a real struggle to get on those rear wheels. i put string going through the rim and then tie each side to the chain, drive forward and it pulls it over the tire and around. actually my rims are solid so i drilled a 1/4 inch hole thru it and fish the string...
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    Load Sensor not working

    so go figure, i tried it today and it seems to be working!!! i guess maybe the button connector dried out. i think i might take apart the connector at the button and put dielectric grease in it anyway when i get a chance. if the other connectors/buttons for cruise control, pto are not too...
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    Load Sensor not working

    yeah, i have it cranked up to max 2450 rpm. i might try taking the switch out this weekend and clean the connector even though i keep in the barn and doesn't stay in the rain. but i did get alot o snow this year and i did plow while it was snowing and the dash did get fair amount on it.
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    Load Sensor not working

    I have a 2555 since new , 2017. Today i was using the box blade on driveway and figured i would try the Load Sensor button. it worked in the past but now it stopped working. tractor works fine using the box blade, good power, hydraulics work fine without using the load sensor button. when i...
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    Grease Fitting

    i have teh same thing on my 2555 HST Open Station (2017). when sitting on tractor it is on the right hand side of the engine and as you can see by the fan belt. i knew about the grease fitting, i think i even posted it somewhere on here, but did not know about the allen head to check it. thanks.
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    Backhoe Mihandra 2655 tractor and 65b backhoe

    i have 2555 woth 65b. only two hoses are used/needed. they plug into the rear ports. BUT you must have th detent type of valve. to the right of my seat there are the levers. one raises/lowers the 3pt. the other engages the hydraulic ports to flow the oil to those two ports. if you push...
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    2555 Horrable engine noise.

    i noticed a noise on my engine too at certain times, load/no load, rev it up or down. i sprayed a little silicone on the fan belt to see if that was it and it was since i didnt hear it again all day. just needed to tighten it up a bit.
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    Do Mahindra Tractors need a block heater?

    I have one on my 2555, I live in orange county NY, i have started it w/o block heater in the single digits and with it. it definitely starts easier and warms up faster with block heater so i generally throw it on regardless when it gets below freezing and i know i am going to use it. to me it...
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    Where are the glow plugs located?

    HI Sideskraft, allthingsdiy mike, i am sorry i accidentally deleted your comment and didnt know how to get back to you. attached are pics of where they are on the 2555. i think its #12 in the pic. dont know why it says DUMMY glow plug. I am sorry i could not gt back to you.
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    rear torque bolts - mahindra 2555

    I bought wheel spacers (1.5 inches) so i can have the chains on without hitting the sides of the fenders, etc. i was looking in the manual and it states 262-282 ft. lbs. seems high to me. does that sound about right? do other tractors have it this high for a 55hp tractor? or maybe its a...
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    New member

    you can see where the bell/loop top bolts through the top boom. that is where you can see it bent down some. you see it circled.
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    New York New York ih 184 mower

    International Harvester 184 for sale. was running last year, took it out of the barn this weekend changed the oil and filters, plugs, checked spark, very weak, changed distributor and rotor cap, now no spark. has snow plow, chains and mower deck. wheel spacers on rear. rear tires are good...