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Feb 15, 2005
Western PA
Kubota B1750, traded, L3010 sold, B2920, Mahindra eMax 25
Time to buy trailer, have a Kubota B2920, but trailer will be used for construction materials, car hauler, even moving pre-built gazebo.
Looking at 18 foot, 7K or 10K, presently have 2012 GMC Crew Cab, 5.3l, auto with max trailering, BUT would like to get 2500HD in a few years.
7K verses 10K, 10K is more heavy duty and if in the future I get a 2500HD would work better, only $500 more for 10K.
What brand trailer do you recommend? Have looked at Gatormade, CornPro and local companies.
Then there is the issue of car/ equipment trailer with lower deck and fenders sticking up 8 inches or deck over trailer with deck about 32 inches
above the ground. HELP!!!!!!!!!
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After running an open center, light duty car trailer for years, this 22'/12k lb trailer fell into my lap. Its unique and its the closest I've come to a one size fits all trailer yet. It was originally built to haul a rock crawler, hence the wide landscaper style gates and side rails, and it originally had a side gate for loading an ATV. I removed it to make forklift loading of pallets easier.

Patriot Trailers in Indiana built it new. The floor is 3/16" diamond plate steel on 12" centers, 12k axles, 3650# empty. I've since learned there's a 14k model, which is identical except for the heavier rated hubs. It cost me $2500 a couple years ago, used but in clean shape.

Its had 22' long sheets of roofiing, a Uhaul box truck, my F600 dump, etc on it. (you have to remove at least one of the outer duals to clear the rails though). When hauling box truck bodies, they slide right up on the rails easier than they would on a deckover. (rails are 2x3 thickwall supported by heavy angle iron braces, and will support the weight of a truck).

I haul materials and cars more than anything else, so the combination of size, ground height and weight capacity is great. It is more difficult to maneuver than a 16 or 18 footer. And I'll admit to keeping a beater 16' light duty car hauler around for quick trips LOL. One modification we made was to the rears - they originally were straight, with locking pins to hold the ramps straight up. The ends of the rails were always in the way, so I removed a brace and pie cut the rail so it folded down to meet the floor. Still need to make flat stock bars to hold the ramps, but 2" straps have worked for a while now LOL.

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Problem with 10K trailers is they usually weigh the same as a 12K. Most 10K trailers have about 7K in capacity while a 12K will be in the 9K range.

Spend the money right the first time and get a 12K.

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Chris is right on as usual . How many times is it going to be loaded / unloaded with a forklift . Those fenders and rails are going to be a PITA .A deckover might be your best option . It's hard to find a trailer that does it all , just figure what you're primary usage will be .
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I bought this last summer to haul my tractors on. Its 12K axles, 20 foot with2 foot dovetail. Paid $3150 out the door. It came with all new load range E tires AND a spare tire with mount bracket, heavy duty front jack and slide out ramps in rear and brakes on all axles. Here it is with my LS P 7010C loaded on it
EDIT: The checker plate fenders are strong enough for me to run the tractor front wheels over them and not bend, I bought it from Trout trailers in Conroe Texas. I think it is made locally.


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Are there trailer manufacturers to avoid?
Like the idea of 10 to 12K trailer because of durability.
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There's so many small manufacturers, and fab shops building trailers on the side that its hard to say. Maybe find a design you like and compare various manufacturers for weld quality, thickness of steel, axle and tire suppliers, etc.
For example my first trailer was a United car hauler, which was a well designed and good looking trailer, and a respected brand, but they used lighter gauge steel and had goofy boxing plates welded in over the leaf spring hangers, along with some bubble gum welds.
It gave me years of good service, but I was young then and not smart enough to worry about such things ;)
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Mine is a CARMATE brand. They have dealers all over the East coast and into Canada. An open car equipment trailer is whats it called... 3x 5 angle. Up to 20 ft long and 82" wide between fenders. Detachable ramps. Options include 9,990 gvwr and welded D rings. I have the 18ft plank deck and stakepockets. Very solid built. Have had mine for about 12 years now. I used for interstate travel a lot.