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Mar 2, 2019
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Need to weld chain hooks onto my bucket. Are hooks on the top or on the back of the bucket handier ?
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Top, reinforce the top of bucket
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Top is the handiest.

You can add extra dimensions to your bucket by adding 5 total. Weld 3 across the top. One in the middle, one at each end.

Weld the remaining 2 on the backside of the bucket, one at each end.

You will usually use the one on top in the middle. When you pick up something long, use the two on top at each end.

When you need to carry something flat like a gate or panel, use the two outside tops and the two outside backs.
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Make sure you purchase specific weld-on hooks.

I think somebody welded on cut down chain hooks in my tractor. There's no clearance to get a chain in, and they're a royal pain.

The bucket is strong near the top corners.
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Top, for most uses. You can always roll your bucket back to put it back.
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Got these online (Amazon). I painted them to match. They work great. I put 2 on my flail mower too so I can hang it in the air and sharpen the blades with crawling around on the ground.


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Made my own.... Out of 1/4x 2 inch angle iron... Placed them just above where hydraulics webs are on bucket as I perceived it was strongest point on bucket...

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If you want simplicity and good results, use Ken's Bolt-on Hooks. My BIL has some and they're very nice.

If you want to DIY I'd suggest considering angle like I did. It's "bi-chainual". You can drop chains off the front or rear. Had this setup on the last 3 tractors and never a problem. Been using them since around 2002 when we got the B7500. One nice feature is being able to hang extra chain out of the way by dropping it into the extra slots. It's handy enough that it gets incorporated into other attachments like the forks.

The L3200 lifting the 6' LandPride RFM in that manner is probably about as severe as you can load the slotted angle. Another benefit is being able to pick up a load that needs moved, than set it down at the new location and dump the bucket far enough to slip the chains off.


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