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We’re sorry you are having trouble navigating the site or accessing your accounts. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked how-to  and support questions that may be able to help you right away without having to submit a support ticket. Please browse the different topics below to find the answer you are looking for.

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My Home

The My Home section of the website is for you to access your account settings after you have logged in. You can edit your profile information, profile picture, avatar (photo which appears when you post), account settings, manage your thread subscriptions, send private messages and more from your personal My Home center.

1. From the Forums tab, click the My Home tab at the top of the page.

My Home

2. Browse through the options on the left side of the page to change the settings of your choice (example: click edit profile to update your information).

Posting Threads & Replies:

TractorByNet has many sub-forums to help organize the topics and discussions. To post a new thread, first, be sure you’re logged into your account. Then find the appropriate sub-forum to post in and click the New Thread button in the upper left hand corner, fill out the submission form, and click Submit. Follow the same process to reply to someone else’s thread by clicking the Post Reply button within that thread.

Choose from over 100 interesting forum topics!


Uploading Attachments

1) From the Quick Reply submission form, click “Go Advanced”.

Go Advanced Button

2) From the advanced post submission form, click “Manage Attachments” and another window will open.

Manage Attachments

3) From that window, you have two options: search for the file in your computer’s file folders or insert the photo’s URL.

To find the file within your computer,  click “Select Files”, then find the image or file within your computer’s file folders and click “Open”. Repeat that step for as many different photos/files as you want to upload.

Find files.

To insert the image with a URL, click the “Website” link from the phrase “Upload files from a Website”, as pictured below. Then enter the URL and click upload.

From URL.

4) After you have queued your attachments, they should automatically be added to the Attachments list, but if not, you may drag and drop any additional items there. Once they are listed in the Attachments area of the upload form, they will be added to your post. So just click “Done” when you are finished.

Drag files, if necessary.

Once your attachments have been added properly, just finish your post as usual and click “Submit”. If for some reason, your attachments are not uploading and you have followed these steps carefully, your files may be too large in size to upload. So in that case, please try resizing your photo or file attachment and try uploading again.

Uploading an Avatar or Profile Picture:

To edit your profile picture or avatar (photo which appears when you post), visit the My Home tab, as mentioned above, click “Edit Profile Picture” or “Edit Avatar” on the options list on the left hand side of the page. Then either enter a photo URL or browse your computer’s files to complete the upload.

Profile Picture Upload Form
Avatar Upload Form

Sending/Retrieving Private Messages:

In order to private message (PM) another user through TractorByNet’s built-in messaging system, all you have to do is locate the member’s username from their post, click on it and a drop-down menu will appear. From the list, select “Private Message”.

Private Message a user.

You may also navigate to the member’s profile page and select “send private message” underneath their username. You may locate any user if you know their username by searching for them within the Member List.

Member List

Then just fill out the private message form and click send. You may access all the PMs you have received at the My Home tab or send a new message to anyone here.

*Please note that any email sent to you notifying you of a private message received or reply to a thread you’re subscribed to is NOT the actual message. You must always go to the main website in order to interact with other members.

Managing Subscriptions/Finding Replies:

Every time you post a new thread or subscribe to one, you can change the settings for whether you would like to receive a notification or not. You may view your current subscriptions by navigating there through the My Home control panel.


To change your settings:
1.  First select the threads you want to change by checking the boxes at the right.


2. Click “Selected Threads” and a drop down list will appear. Select the subscription type you prefer and click, “Go”.

Change settings.

Or, access threads the old fashioned way: by finding them in the forum where they are located.

Additionally, you should receive a notification email when a thread you’re subscribed to gets a reply or if you receive a private message, so in that case, just click on the link we provide in the email and you’ll be redirected to the thread on TractorByNet. If you are not receiving email notifications, you may need to change your subscriptions settings as described above, otherwise please check your email’s Spam folder. Some email hosts block emails from TractorByNet entirely, so in that case, you might consider using a different email address to link to your TractorByNet account.

Reporting Posts:

With hundreds of threads being added to the forums every day, we cannot always see every thread posted to, but members can help us keep the forums friendly and enjoyable by reporting posts that violate our forum rules.

The forum rules are pretty simple. Do not post anything that is:

Against the Law
Unpaid Advertising
Brand Bashing

Members may report a post that violates our forum rules by clicking the triangle button in the bottom, left-hand corner of the post.

Report Post

Account Access/Privileges

Login Information Retrieval:
Please store your account username and password in a safe place where you can retrieve it if you ever forget it. But if you ever do forget your login information, please send us a support ticket and we will reset your password. You can send us a support ticket by clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of any page. Or click here.

To avoid having to enter your username every time you visit the site, click “Remember Me” when logging in. Make sure you do this when you are using your preferred password, not the temporary one we may send you.

Changing Username, Password, or Account Email:

If you are NOT having trouble logging on, but want to change your account information, you may update your email address or password within the My Home control panel here or change your username by sending us your specific request in a support ticket.

Cannot Post (insufficient privileges error):

If you are already registered but receive an error stating that “you do not have permission to access this page” when attempting to post, your account has not been activated.

To activate your account, go to the Send Activation E-mail Page. There you will be asked for your e-mail address. After submitting, our system will automatically send you an e-mail with your activation link.

If the activation e-mail does not arrive within two hours, please check your SPAM filter. If after 12 hours you have still not received the activation e-mail, please submit a support ticket and we will manually activate your account.

Random Logouts:

If you are experiencing random logouts, in which after you have logged on to, you continue to be confronted by a log in screen or notice you are no longer logged in and able to post, you may need to reset your web browser’s cookies (files on your computer that keep your password and login information for our forum to read) because they may be corrupt. In order to do this, you must manually clear your cookies.

How to Clear/Reset Cookies

In Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP:

1. Click the “Tools” menu.
2. Select “Internet Options” from the menu that appears.
3. Click “Delete Cookies” on the dialog box that appears. It will be in the center area of the “General” tab.

In Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click the “Tools” menu.
2. Select “Options” from the menu that appears.
3. From the dialog box, select “Privacy” on the left.
4. Click the “Show Cookies” button.
5. Find any cookies for the site “”, click on them and then click the “Remove Cookies” button.

Your cookies should now be removed. As a precaution, restart the browser before trying to log in again.

If this does NOT fix the problem, you may want to ensure that your browser is set to accept cookies from


Still Need Help?

We hope this page was useful to you. If we did not answer your question and you still need help, please send us a support ticket and we’ll attend to you as soon as possible.

Also, we hope you enjoy for all your tractor and related equipment buying and ownership questions. If you have any feedback about the website, you may post in the News & Feedback Forum where the TractorByNet staff reads regularly. Visit the News/Feedback forum.


  • Can anyone tell me how to undo a preheat resistor (glow plug indicator) on the dash of a McCormick International 434?

  • I need a service/repair manual for a Mahindra 4505 di do you know where i can get one?

  • Please check with your Mahindra dealer. eBay or Amazon is also useful.

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to log in after some absence. I have tried two passwords and emails but both failed. I may have registered under about 6 years ago or – username: Lloyd_E Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Lloyd Nauss

  • how do I keep the forum screen from going to half screen on the page?

  • I have noticed that a lot of the pictures on the forum have GPS location data in them. I guess a lot of people are taking pictures with their smart phone and don’t know that the pictures are being tagged. Since they are taking pictures of their tractors and if gives the location of the pictures it would be a good thing if when the picture is uploaded that the GPS data be stripped out. This is really easy with exiftool.


  • I can not create a new thread in the classified ad section. I can post and reply to other forums. What am I doing wrong?

  • The irritating “Click 3 times if you REALLY mean it” bug is back – only happens on TBN, and only when “backing out” of a subforum or post. I didn’t say anything before, and after a few weeks it went away. Would appreciate it if it went away FOREVER – thanks… Steve

  • Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this
    board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I hope to give something back and help others like you aided

  • Greetings Muhammad,

    I wanted to let you know that the contact us link does not work and the 404 message appears every time the contact link is selected the user of the forum.

    and apparently the PM message board has apparently accumulated what I believe is the Cyrillic/Russian alphabet.

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