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  1. Q

    Buying Advice Kubota bx25 vs mahindra max 25

    I am in the process of getting (maybe?) a kabota bx25. So far I have been quoted $ 21,700 for the bx with fel and backhoe, a 54" belly mower and 3 bag catcher. I have a small farm my family and I...
  2. A

    BX25 Full Cage Rollbar

    Has anyone built a cage for their BX25? Doesn't look too awfully hard. Perhaps build off the Canopy Frame (#1133) and or customize...Sure would be a nice piece of mind... Perhaps make it so it...
  3. W

    Dealer Dealer sold me a used 2012 BX25 but advertised it as a used BX25D...

    This post is basically about this: If a dealer sells you a tractor he advertised as an "A" but really is a "B" being sold as an "A" and the buyer (me) really didn't know the difference at the...
  4. A

    BX25 Goodies

    __Looks like I am getting a BX25. Below is a list of attachments I am considering. __My question is, why do I NOT want this equipment and what / who makes better OR, if you were getting it, what...
  5. A

    BX25 GrappleOmatic

    Santa brought me a FEL grapple. Anyone seeing me doing anything wrong here, or shall I carry on? The tips of the grapple just barely touch the front edge of the toothbar, not the teeth, the...
  6. Scooby074

    Oil & Fuel Adding a Spin on Racor filter to a BX25

    I just went through the process of adding a proper spin on filter to my BX. As you may or may not be aware, the factory filters are in line, plastic jobbies that are more fitting on a snowmobile...
  7. P

    New BX25?

    Seems the BX24 are selling like hotcakes up here on Vancouver Island - the dealer claims sales are up 40% on last year. They haven't had one to sell me and say they problem goes all the way back...
  8. H

    Trying to decide Kubota BX25 or 1025R

    I'm sure all the senior members here are tired of these posts, but I really am torn about what to buy. I just bought 5 acres and will be needing to mow, dig trenches for utilities (cable internet...
  9. A

    BX25 Mid PTO Pump or BUST

    So there it is, a perfectly good, brand new, unused mid pto on my BX25 that I am seeking to put to work, somehow. :D Don't know what for yet, maybe an Auger, maybe a blender, time will tell...
  10. M

    Kubota BX25 sputtering under load (not fuel filters?)

    I've got a problem with my BX that has me perplexed. Last fall while mowing the tractor started to occasionally sputter and lose power, mostly when pointed uphill. A quick search here pointed to...
  11. F

    1025R vs GC1720 vs BX25 vs emax 22

    Ok guys- Newbie here and these are my Choices. 1025R vs GC1720 vs BX25 vs emax 22. Personally, I know the JD and Kubota the best. I feel the Kubota is best sized for me, but least performing...
  12. D

    Kubota BX25 FEL falls under own weight

    2013 BX25D with apprx. 200 hrs of easy residential use. No previous FEL issues. No FEL cylinder or control valve external leaks. FEL falls under its own weight. It does stop eventually I'm...
  13. Q

    Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting engine

    Tipped my BX25 FEL & BH on its side - what precautions to take before starting engine Hi People - tipped my BX25 on it' side this afternoon. Upright again OK but engine doesn't ant to turn...
  14. General Lee

    BX23S / BX25 Back hoe capabilities

    Can anyone share their insights on the new BX23S backhoe capabilities? I'm strongly considering the BX23S. I don't really need tractor capabilities, more interested in the BH. I need to decide if...
  15. Kayakin2

    Tractor News My New BX25 ARRIVED TODAY!

    My Kubota BX25 arrived today! :thumbsup: Thanks for all the great advice and I will be looking forward to more! Only one week and the BX25 & attachments arrived except tiller and tooth bar! My...
  16. A


    What I do not know about electricity will fill volumns and volumns. Frankly, I am absolutely horrible at it. I just don't savvy...sad it is. Are there any 12Volt guys here w/ a BX25 interested...
  17. A


    Of all things, you would expect a seat belt to work flawlessly. I am beyond livid. Today I laid my BX25 on it's side, a slow plop over and I could NOT get the seat belt buckle to release. I am SO...
  18. CHDinCT

    BX25 Remote Valve Project

    Well, finally started my dual rear remote project for my BX25. This all started after following Artisan's BX25 GrappleOmatic thread and thinking about adding the Thumb grapple to my FEL, but, I...
  19. RomeK2

    Dirt Moving BX25 How Much Dirt can you move and labor rates?

    I have a Kubota BX 25 I use personally around my property. I am doing a landscape design for a client and he asked me if I can move the dirt he will have to order. It will be delivered to his...
  20. A

    BX25 3PT Modifications?

    For My BX25 Folks I am about to be launched into another area of tractoring that I am not familar with, that being the 3 Point Hitch Assembly. (BX2506) I took all parts out of the box and began...
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BX25 Kubota
Kubota Tenth Purchase BX25
Model Year: 2010

I have a F2680E for mowing rental property and a BX2660 MMM FEL for home use. This will be for the rental property for FEL and BH use only. I tried BH at home and it's fun and a new experience. I hit a stump root with BH bucket and found out it's limitations on root digging. Don't think it's strong enough for that and it takes a big machine to do stumps. The BX25 will do it for sure but it will be quite a job. Digging into a bank to make a small fish pond was fun and it did fantastic. The BH does dif and digs well in dirt but big rocks and roots will stop it which I expected. The FEL does good as all BX's FEL's do.

Pros: Versatility in a small package
Cons: Haven't found any, yet.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BX25 Kubota
Great little tractor.
Model Year: 2009

Can't really say I've put it through its paces as yet, but am extremely pleased with it. Didn't really "need" one but JFTHOI applied for fantastic finance promo last year at local dealer. If I didn't get approved, I figured it wasn't meant to be. 15 min later I was asked "when do you want to take it home?" Have moved and spread about 4 tons of crushed stone and about 6 tons of washed sand. Moved LOTS of snow and used a battery blanket on a timer. Never had a problem starting. Bought a BXpanded bucket extender and it does make a big difference in the volume you can move. Also bought 3 point hitch kit and trailer adapter to fit hitch too. Haven't used the BH much, but plan to later for drainage work. Overall, couldn't be happier with this investment. Local dealer is great too.

Pros: Reliable work horse, well built, easy to learn to operate.
Cons: None at this time.

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BX25 Kubota
BX 25
Model Year: 2009

Wonderful machine, does everything I expected and more.

Pros: High torque, small size means easy to store.
Cons: Limited lifting and weight capacities, but it is a sub-compact.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BX25 Kubota
Kubota BX25
Model Year: 2010

Great tractor for overall property maintenance. Although I have little grass my slopes, gravel drive, access road & paths and garden areas require year round work the BX25 can help provide. My severely sloped property makes the BX25's lower center of gravity very critical and the BH is critical for ground work due to my rocky soil. BX25 is the perfect tractor of retired, 1-5 acre property homeowners with the need to do summer and winter maintenance plus handle garden work for homeowner plots.

Pros: FEL & BH quick detach for 3PH attachment use with great fuel economy.
Cons: none identified to date.

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)
BX Jeff

BX25 Kubota
Model Year: 2009

This is a great tractor,i have used it through the winter to move snow.I have also removed several stumps up to 16" dia.So far NO complaints.

Pros: size,manouverability
Cons: Could use more hydrolic pressure

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BX25 Kubota
Kubota BX25 Review
Model Year: 2010

I bought a compact tractor to do light landscaping and to build 4 wheeler trails. And to be honest, because I wanted one. I originally wanted another brand, but my local dealer suggested Kubota because the frame was built to use a backhoe. I am really happy with the BX25, it has done all I expected and I have only used it gently because I am just now finished with the break in period. It is very well built and easy to operate. As expected it has limitations based on it's size, but I picked this size so it would fit down the existing trails. I have had two problems, both of which were solved very quickly with help from my dealer. 1) The left side stabilizer leg broke off at a weld. I removed the leg and dropped it off at the dealer's. They welded it back together and ordered me a new leg on the same day so I was back to work quickly. 2) One of the backhoe boom stop bumpers was apparently loose and I didn't catch it and when the boom hit the bumper it bent the bolt and then damaged the bumper. My dealer ordered another one on warranty and I will put it on when it comes in. Both of these were minor inconveniences solved quickly by great dealer service and support. This is the reason why there are warranty's. To take care of the issues that show up when you build something. My dealer is Woldroff Farm Equipment in Watertown and Canton in northern New York.

Pros: Very heavy duty for a compact tractor
Cons: 3 point hich control mounted just a bit low on the fender, you have to stretch to reach when watching an attatchment

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)

BX25 Kubota
A great machine
Model Year: 0

I've only had this machine for a few days,but can tell by owning a BX 1850 before this,that this will also be a great tractor.It's easy to get around in it and it has more than enough power for it's size.I've already dug some practice holes and dug up a few small stumps.I'm still breaking it in,so don't want to push it too far yet.

Pros: small enough to get in tight places.
Cons: none so far

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)
Atv adventure tours

BX25 Kubota
New BX25
Model Year: 2010

Just bought the Kubota BX25 not knowing if it would be powerful enough for my needs. I plan to do yard work and building ATV trails. So far I have removed some stumps and leveled out some gravel on my driveway. It has worked well and proved to meet my needs. I think a box blade will be necessary for making the trails and will be my next investment.

Pros: Small enough to fit in tight areas
Cons: None so fa

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

BX25 Kubota
I love It!
Model Year: 2010

I am totally satisfied with one minor exception: I find it is somewhat a PITA to rotate the seat, but I will probably get better as I use it more. Also, I wish the seat would go forward more (I'm "vertically challenged"). I've made forks and a tooth bar so far, also some rock tongs. I wanted to build a thumb, but my design was not sufficient, and I kept bending the 5/8" pins I used; should have made the pins a larger diameter. As a result, I will purchase a Thumb from Bro-Tek, since everyone on this site seems to love that one. My dealer, Berryville Kubota in Berryville, Ark, has been great. The HST and front axle fluids were low, but they actually sent a Tech up here with fluid to fill them up. Looking forward to cooler weather so I can use it more. Ken

Pros: Easy to use, plenty of power for my needs.
Cons: None.

5.00 star(s)

BX25 Kubota
Great Equipment
Model Year: 2009

It just works. I have done projects which would have never been possible without it. This is one of the wisest investments one can make if you have ambitions of improving your environment. Have had to have 1 O-Ring seal replaced in the power fluid unit due to pinching of factory O-Ring.

Pros: It has all the implements you could need to get the job done.
Cons: I've not found anything I have been disappointed with.

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