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Feb 15, 2005
Western PA
Kubota B1750, traded, L3010 sold, B2920, Mahindra eMax 25
started pricing the JD 2520 because of the quick change bucket (FEL) and other quick attach implements, tractor with R4, 62" MMM, 200CX loader is $18,500 (before any taxes).
Then of course I had to look at Kubota (have owned two), so I priced B2920, FEL, 60" MMM and was at $18,500, then looked at the B3200 because of loader and quick attach bucket like JD 2520, tractor, FEL, 60" MMM was $19,250.
Plan on using it for mowing mostly, and driveway clearing (450' +), but first will be using it to excavate for an addition to my house, I used a Kubota B1750 years ago to level off the same area for a above ground pool, now need to go down another 4 ft., so 23 HP to 32HP with B3200 should work fine.
I will be adding other options later like a tiller, box blade and front blade, but t the initial purchase done as priced above.
I understand the B3200 doesn't have the deluxe options of the B3030, but not worried.
Does anyone know if old B1750 or Grand L3010 had position control or quater inch valving?
because I know the Kubota's would be quarter inch and JD position control, and I owned the B1750 and L3010 before.
What are your thoughts?
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I don't know anything about JD. Is the JD the same HP as the Kubotas? Kubota has B2320 and a B2620 if the JD is 25HP which would probably be the closer comparison and a few thousand dollars cheaper on the Kubotas.
You may also want to call/contact Barlows for a comparison of an actual bottom line delivered price to your home of any/all of the comparable Kubotas.
Barlow Equipment - Home of the Kubota Tractor Package Builder
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Barlows is the source of my Kubota prices, JD is 26HP, B2920 is same price due to $1000 available from John Deere, will always go with more HP.
John Deere is larger than B2920, so looked at B3200, surprised by price vs B3030.
With B3030 and B2630 being replaced, looked at B3200 because was $1000 to $2400 cheaper than deluxe B's.
John Deere two speed rear became a sticking point, Both Kubota's have 3 speed.
I guess I just stumbled on the B3200 price and it looks too good to pass up for the HP and the size, I sold my L3010 because it was physically too big and unstable on slopes.
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I've had a 2920 for about 2.5 years now. I like the 3 speeds and most of the time it is in the mid range. It is pretty seldom I need to go to low. It has the suspended mower deck and is a drive over so it is pretty easy to R&R. The 3200 uses the deck that rides on the ground as does the 3030. I use it to clear a similar length driveway with a FEL and rear blade. I would prefer a front blade, but hard to justify the expense for the amount of snow we typically get in a winter. The engine is very smooth on the 2920 as it is a 3 cyl. Before you pick a 3200 you would want to test one and make sure you get it to near PTO RPM's and decide if the vibration of the 4 cyl is an issue for you or not.

Clearly the 3200 is a bigger framed tractor with stronger hydraulics, so the better excavator, but frankly I think that would be a good job to hire out or rent something more suited to the task. If you do decide to attack it, you will probably want to go ahead and get the box blade as it would help break up the soil and add a counter balance to the loaded FEL. I was using mine to remove some dirt in the pond on our other property when the pond was down and spent a lot of time and made a lot of trips and still didn't get that much done. If I was really serious about it as if we built on that property, I would bring someone in to do it.

As for the 1/4" valve, it does not bother me when using the box blade or rear blade and in fact I think it works pretty well for them. You can bring it up or down in small increments or slow and smooth or quickly. The only problem for me in using it is with the brush hog. It will not hold it at the same height, requiring you to readjust it every so often. I now use chains on mine to keep it at the height I set it.
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I really like the B2920, but the lack of position control on any tractor is a deal breaker for me. I dislike the one on my BX2660, but position control is not available on that model. In using position control and quarter inching on sometimes a daily basis, I can do much better work with position control.

As mentioned, for some it is an issue and not for others.
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My knowledge of the B3200 is limited, but I guess it does not have a drive over Mower deck?

Does anyone know if the older Kubota's B1750 and L3010 were quarter inch valve or position control (back when I owned them they seemed the same, and would guess from explanations on this site they were quarter inch - so that would be fine, had no problem with it)
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As far as I know only the B2x20 series has a drive over deck in the Kubota product lines. The mowing height is set on the B2x20 by raising the deck, adjusting a knob to whatever height you want and then lowering the deck and it is suspended at that height. The wheels are anti-scalping wheels and are not normally riding on the ground. The deck on the B3200 & Bxx30 tractors are set for their mowing height by adjusting the wheels which ride on the ground more like an RFM.

In the Kubota B series only the Bxx30's offer the position control currently. I don't know about previous models. Perhaps someone with experience will help you out on that.
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Really, I'd call it more appropriate to compare the JD 2520 to the Kubota 2620. Those are the two similar tractors. So...... does the JD offer anything worth the $1000 difference? Perhaps having position control would be that important? Or having the brake pedals on the left?

I think that if finish mowing were the priority, I'd be looking toward the 2520 or the 2620 / 2920. If dirt work were the priority, I'd be looking at the B3200. A 3200 will handle implements a foot wider than the other tractors, but it's extra wheelbase and slightly heavier weight would be a negative when finish mowing.
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Regarding the L3010 and B1750 tractors,both have position control.Good Luck!
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I'm new to tractors. Can someone elaborate what position control is?