kubota b3200

  1. Forest_Man

    How bad/critical are these leaks? Kubota B3200

    I am trying to gauge and better understand what is acceptable leakage from critical leaks. And also how complicated are these repairs and whether some of the repair I should be able to do it myself. This is for a 2011 Kubota B3200 with about 900 hours. I noticed the back of the right hand side...
  2. Forest_Man

    [KUBOTA B3200] Grader Blade / Box Blade Recommendation for Driveway Maintenance

    New to TBN as well as to Tractor life. Happy to be here. I'm shopping/researching a grader blade or box blade - are these the same? - for maintaining and repairing a muddy driveway with a Kubota 3200. plus lots of loads of gravel. The market seems to be filled with different brands. Just...
  3. R

    B3200 Rear third function

    I bought a used B3200 Kubota with backhoe and front snow blower. I need to use my FEL and forks all winter so I am selling the front blower and plan to buy a rear one. What is the best way to add hydraulic function in the rear to use for things like hydraulic chute deflector? Thanks.
  4. G

    B3200 hydrostatic surge

    Hot or cold engine, hydrostatic surges I’ve changed filters, etc. B3200
  5. Tjaltz

    Kubota B3200 Power Beyond Flow

    I have a B3200 with a power beyond port installed for a backhoe. I recently had a WR Long 3rd Function installed by my dealer. Now I’m adding (on my own) a two spool manual control valve for rear remotes. I have the piping laid out and just want to make sure there is no problem with my design...
  6. SammyLove

    Kubota B3200 Shut off while idling/ won't start back up

    My tractor was idling, I got off of it and was hooking my boat up to it to move it, it shut off and will not start back up, I checked the neutral switch, the seat switch seems to be working, any ideas?
  7. Tjaltz

    Kubota B3200 tiller stops PTO

    I have a well maintained B3200 with 300 hours on it. It has hydrostatic drive with three ranges. I recently added a 50 inch Bush Hog tiller that has a PTO shaft with a slip clutch. I made sure to slip the PTO shaft clutch by following the directions to loosen the bolts, turn it on and make sure...
  8. Hazzy

    b3200hsd 3 point wont lift

    hello i just bought a used b3200 with 2000 hrs on it and 3 point wont lift it has only had a backhoe attached to the back previously and i just bought a brush cutter for it. i opened the valve under the seat a bit and lowered it then guessing it should go back up ? my first tractor ?
  9. Y

    Overheating B3200

    I have a B3200 (2010) with 1075 hours. This is my fifth Kubota. All have susceptible to overheating. This tractor is no different. However, it is worse. I've replaced the rad. cap and the thermostat with Kubota part numbers. I am questioning the pressure cap. I've lost the original so I...
  10. N

    Jacking a B3200

    I would like to jack up a rear tire (or both simultaneously) to install snow chains on my Kubota B3200. I have both a floor jack and a bottle jack as well as jack stands. What I DON't have is any idea where a good jack point might be. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  11. MattN03

    Kubota B3200 Leaking Rear Remote

    I noticed the factory installed rear remotes, specifically the detent one, has a minor leak on my Kubota B3200. How do I go about repairing? Is there an o-ring behind the bottom cap shown in the pictures?
  12. W

    Grinding noise in mid gear only- B3200

    Hi all, I've been running a B3200 since i bought it new in 2009. It has just under 1,000 hours on it. Recently i get this click, click, click noise when in mid gear. It does not happen in high or low gear, just mid gear, all the time, in both 2 and 4 wheel drive. It still runs in mid gear but it...
  13. W

    Need help trouble shooting a Kubota B3200 transmission issue

    Hi all, I've been running a B3200 since i bought it new in 2009. It has just under 1,000 hours on it. Recently i get this click, click, click noise when in mid gear. It does not happen in high or low gear, just mid gear. all the time. It still runs in mid gear but it makes that annoying sound. I...
  14. Tjaltz

    Kubota B3200 adding remotes and 3rd function

    I have a B3200 that has a BH-76 backhoe sub-frame and rear power beyond ports for the backhoe installed. The backhoe is not normally installed on the tractor, and I want to add 2 rear remotes for use with 3 point implements. Since the backhoe and 3 point implements can’t be installed at the same...
  15. Y

    B3200 Hydraulic fluid dipstick/sight glass

    My B3200 tractor has been sitting for a few years as I have been away. I noticed a small leak in one of the bucket hoses. I would like to top fluid off before snow gets here. I cannot find dipstick, but there seems to be a site glass below the filler port. Of course it is behind the rear...
  16. D

    value of a B3200

    I have a tier 3 Kubota B3200 with a FEL and 2018 5' rotary mower. About 400 hours on the tractor [I bought it with 300 2 years ago] and about 50 hrs on the mower. How do I value its worth? A buddy wants to buy it and I really don't need it. Thanks
  17. L

    Kubota B3200 Hydraulic Leak

    Hello, I have a hydraulic leak and I think the culprit is the shaft which is used to open and close (what I believe is) the hydraulic lines. Something has caused the shaft to have an oblong rotation and it also seems like it has more wiggle than it should. I've included a couple pictures. I've...
  18. Tjaltz

    Installing a MMM Deck on a B3200

    I purchased a used RCK60-27ba mower deck for my 2009 B3200HST. The deck came with all the brackets and hangers, but no installation manual. My tractor also has a backhoe subframe installed. Does anyone know where I can get an installation manual for this deck? Does it require drilling the...
  19. W

    B3200 Clicking/grinding in mid gear only

    Hello. Im looking for some help diagnosing an issue. I suddenly started hearing a clicking noise while driving the tractor, almost as if it wasn't all the way in gear. It happens in mid gear only, doesn't matter if Im in 2WD or 4WD. High, Low and reverse all work normal with no noise...
  20. W

    Grinding noise in mid gear only- Kubota B3200

    So yesterday I suddenly started hearing a clicking noise while driving the tractor, almost as if it wasn't all the way in gear. It happens in mid gear only, doesn't matter if Im in 2WD or 4WD. High, Low and reverse all work normal with no noise. Hydrostatic fluid is topped off. Im in a 2009...
  21. C

    Will a 2008 L2185 front mount Snowblower (72") fit on a 2013 Kubota B3200?

    Does anyone know if the L2185 72" front mount snowblower will fit and operate ok on a 2013 Kubota B3200? I found a listing that states it fit a B2910, L5030, L5040, L5740. Thanks in advance.
  22. J

    Kubota B3200 safety switches - a thank you and some quick info on the HST / foot pedal switch.

    A quick thank you to all the people who have posted their experiences and knowledge about Kubota safety switches; really appreciated as info found here saved the day for me; my 2012 Kubtoa B3200HSD quit on me yesterday (first time ever in almost 9 years) when I left the seat. I assumed I had hit...
  23. MattN03

    B3200/BH76, rear remotes and adding 3rd function kit?

    Hello all, I have a B3200 with a BH76 and factory installed rear remotes that the previous owner ran a stump grinder off of. What is involved in using a 3rd function kit, like WR Long, and plumbing into my current system? I'd like to be able to use a grapple with my backhoe is...
  24. S

    Backhoe  B3200 w/ BH77 ideal weight for excavation

    Howdy y'all. I'm currently running a B3200 w/ a BH77 hoe / 12" bucket. Soil conditions here are somewhere on the order of caliche and claypan. If I take my time and do a lot of light scratching and flaking of the soil around 1-2" at a time, I can usually get about 30" deep before I'm just...
  25. S

    B3200 won't crank

    Let me preface this post with the fact that I did search the forum and ran through some troubleshooting steps previously provided. I wanted to create this thread to document all of the troubleshooting steps required and hopefully include some photos if they help. Issue: 2013 Kubota B3200 won't...
  26. mjw357

    B3200 axle pivot leak

    Noticed this today, looks like it has been leaking for a while. Seems to be leaking at the joint here (arrow) Is this a DIY fix? I’m fairly handy.
  27. Y

    box blade for my B3200

    I have B3200HST. it is 4wd with chains all around. I measure the back tires and about 60" of track width I will be using to maintain my driveway. Driveway is about 1700' 12' wide hard pack. A guy in town has a County Line BB5 from Tractor supply. It is a 60" blade and weighs 395lbs. Would...
  28. 5


    Helped a friend install a soft side cab yesterday on his B3200,he bought a heater for it that runs off the battery, looking for ideas of where to place heater.Any and all suggestions are welcome.
  29. W

    Wheel Spacers and Tire Chains- Kubota B3200

    Anyone have experience with wheel spacers? Im looking to put a pair of tire chains on my Kubota B3200 to get me a bit more traction on packed snow and ice and I don't have a lot of clearance between the tire and the fender wall- maybe and inch or so. I have a FEL and a 60" snowblower on it in...
  30. Teikas Dad

    B3200 - where do the shims go for increasing hydraulic pressure?

    OK, I'm confused....but that's not a hard thing to do. I bought the pressure testing kit from Bxpanded to check what kind of pressure I was getting on my loader. It's low, so I want to add one or more of the shims that came in the Bxpanded kit. This is where it gets confusing. According to...
  31. quarencia

    Loader  B3200 Loader mounting bolt torque

    Does anyone know the correct torque for the various bolts used on the LA504 loader frame? A snap shot of the relevant pages from owners manual would be great. Why? I'm the proud new owner of a B3200 with a loader, front snow blower, mmm, and pallet forks. It's a 2014 with only 61 hours on it...
  32. G

    Rear Chains For B3200....

    Needing some input on rear tire chains for my B3200.... I've never ran chains on it in the 12 winters I've owned it but given the hill ground here I probably should break down & buy a set for the rear... Is there any brand that stands out? What chain design should be considered? Also, who uses...
  33. quarencia

    B3200 Engine Torque?

    Looking at a used B3200 and wanted to know if anyone knows/has/can find the rated engine torque for the B3200? I'm trying to decide if the extra vibration of the 4 cyl V1505 is worth the power or if I should keep looking for a used B2650. Would probably prefer the B2650, but in the used...
  34. G

    B3200 Mishap......

    Pulling my Landpride 6' core aerator when all **** broke loose... Lift arm came off at the tractor & swung into the axle hub, gouging a small hole in the hub.... I'm at the mercy of the dealer on this one because I'm neither welder nor mechanic (I'm strictly shade tree, lol)... Pic isn't the...
  35. M

    B3200 3 point hitch woes

    My b3200 has an issue when the hydraulics are warmed up , it gets jerky and feels like it's fighting against it's self when I try to lift my tiller, I changed the filters still no difference. I'm guessing valve that needs to be adjusted or a blown o-ring or cracked hydrologic valve bank. Anyone...
  36. E

    Thoughts on a 2013 B3200 HSD?

    After owning a 2001 L4301 long ago that I sold, we've moved to a new place with just under 2 acres to fix up. Looking for belly mower, ground leveling on an acre in the back and some gardening on some soft red clay (for a spot that had about 1/2 acre of garden long ago, so getting it going...
  37. D

    B7800 vs B3200 and other questions

    Hi everyone, new member here and first post. I'm in the market for a compact or maybe a subcompact tractor and have been reading a lot on this forum trying to learn all I can. Of all the tractor brands Kubota has always been my favorite and I always wanted one (although I am also still...
  38. F

    Tires  Can I handle changing rear tire on B3200

    Went out today to do some work with my B3200. It was parked in a bunch of leaves so I didn't notice right rear tire flat. As soon as I started to move it, I could tell something was wrong and then I heard the rim spinning inside the tire. I don't know how much of the liquid fill I lost but I...
  39. P

    B3200 Glow plugs and temp guage dead?

    Just noticed today that my glow plugs light does not come on with the key held over and the temp gauge is not working. Checked the fuses on the firewall and none were blown. Where do I go from here? Is it likely for the two issues to be related to a common cause?
  40. Stoweski

    B3200 vs 8?10 tree branch - insight on issue, please

    A year ago I was out working in my woods. Went in for lunch. Left the tractor outside. While I was inside, a storm kicked up and a branch fell off of a tree and onto the loader of my tractor. A 10 inch diameter branch. Normally this would probably result in a bent bucket but I unfortunately left...
  41. TroyR57

    Buying Advice  Back in the Tractor Market, after a few years of enjoying a B3200

    Well, the tractor fever has hit again, after buying up property around me, I have went from 10 acres to 25, so doubled my land, and therefore need more tractor. The B3200 TLB set up has been a great little machine, bought it used from Barlow's back in April of 2011. The other thing I am...
  42. J

    B3200 where to install 3rd function valve.

    I have a Kubota B3200 with LA504 loader. I want to install a custom 3rd function valve for a grapple. I do not see any obvious convenient place to mount the valve. The B3200 has the loader joystick at the side of the seat and under the fender rather than up next to the instrument cluster...
  43. M

    Kubota B3200 hydraulic flow rate

    Does anyone have any info on the pump flow for the Kubota B3200? Tractor data says it's 6.7 gpm with 9.7 gpm total flow but it also says 3.2 gpm steering flow so something doesn't add up. The pump flow for the newer B2650/3350 is only 5 gpm so I find it hard to believe that the flow would drop...
  44. Teikas Dad

    What size land plane for a Kubota B3200?

    I searched the forum but couldn't find the answer..... I've got a 350 foot long gravel driveway that I want to maintain. From everything I've read her on TBN I want a land plane rather than a box blade. My driveway is relatively flat so I won't be going up or down any steep hills. The B3200...
  45. Teikas Dad

    Tire chains on B3200 with R4's?

    I've searched and couldn't find what I was looking for. I read somewhere online that using snowchains on a B3200 with R4 tires is a problem as supposedly the chains hit the fenders. Has anyone with a B3200 had this problem or do the tire chains work with no issue? Thanks
  46. J

    B3200 turfs to R4

    My new to me B3200 has turf tires. For my uses (mostly loader work) I think R4 are a better choice but the price on the tractor was too good to pass up so here I am with turfs. Any opinions, what about just getting chains for the turfs? Can the turfs handle heavy loader loads ok. Can...
  47. J

    Woods BH70-X to Kubota B3200 hydraulics connections.

    I have a BH70-X backhoe which I want to mount to a Kubota B3200 tractor. On the B3200 the loader power beyond port goes to the 3PH. To mount the BH70-X I need to re-route the PB port to the BH but then I need a PB port on the BH to go to the 3PH. Anyone know how to configure the BH70-X to have...
  48. J

    B3200 power beyond?

    I am upgrading my tractor to a used B3200 with FEL. Its in transport so I have not seen it yet. I will be transferring my Woods BH70-X backhoe to the B3200. The person I got if from says I will need to install a rear remote to run the backhoe. My B7610 which the backhoe is now on has a power...
  49. L

    Kubota B3200 Stalls While Bush Hogging and Won't Restart

    I was operating a B3200 in fairly heavy brush with a LandPride Rotary Cutter. Sometimes when doing this, the cutter gets bogged down and the tractor starts to stall, so I raise the implement (or quickly disengage the PTO) and everything catches up again. When it does stall out completely (I...
  50. S

    B3200 hydraulic fluid amount.

    You can't find my service manual. Can anyone tell me how much hydraulic fluid the B3200 takes and is there a screen/strainer that needs to be cleaned? Thanks, Scott
  51. mjw357

    Brakes dragging on B3200 ?

    Got the tractor out tonight to do some mowing. I kept getting the feeling that something wasn't quite right. Felt like something was dragging, or had a low tire. I noticed that it didn't quite 'coast' as smoothly as it normally does, just felt heavy. The pedals both seem to return fully when...
  52. W

    B3200 cramped for big people?

    I have a chance to pick up a 2014 B3200 for a good price. It is 5 hours away so I don't want to waste a trip if its the wrong tractor. I'm 6'4" tall and weigh 250. Is the work station going to be too cramped for me? I've driven the new L series and found them to be quite comfortable, but...
  53. P

    B2791 Quick Hitch Mounting on B3200/B3300

    Hi all, I purchased a used quick hitch for my B3300. I'm interesting in the mounting of the plate that holds the pin for the rear of the mount. I have two brackets, but the pin looks to align with the bottom of the loader mount...I have found pics for just about every other arrangement...except...
  54. MattN03

    B3200 Relief Setting?

    Can anyone tell me what my 2011 B3200 relief valve should be set at from the factory?
  55. C

    B3200HST oil drain location and filters....

    Newbie here and just did a service on my friend's B3200HST with 109 hrs. I was not finding the answers I needed here or anywhere (including a dealer :sarcastic:). So for anyone doing oil and filters on their B3200HST with LA504 backhoe, here's the deal. Engine oil pan has two drains; very...
  56. jodebg

    Is a 2014 B3200 a Tier 4 tractor?

    Looking at a 2014 B3200 and would like to know if it has any new emissions equipment or if it is Tier 4?
  57. B

    Kuboto B3200 engine rattles like crazy

    Kuboto B3200 engine rattles like crazy--UPDATE: It stopped Hey, folks. I own a Kubota B3200. It is 5 years old with about 100 hours on it. I mostly use it to cut a large area of grass (belly mower) and haul heavy stuff around my lot. Occasionally push small (6") fallen pine trees and brush...
  58. Jeff F.


    Just purchased a new to me B3200. I already put 4 hours on it today. Now my search begins for a front mount snowblower. I'm looking for opinions on the 63" blower. My brother in law bought my BX2660 with all of my attachments so now I start over. The B came with a FEL with bucket and forks, a...
  59. Teikas Dad

    b3200 with FEL and BH77 backhoe on 16' trailer?

    I'm shopping to get a trailer to transport my B3200 with the FEL and BH (BH77) mounted. Will a 16 foot flatbed trailer handle this OK or do I really need to go to an 18 foot trailer? I prefer to keep the trailer size as small as possible keeping safety and load distribution in mind. Any...
  60. C

    Dump Trailer with b3200?

    Was looking to see if anyone here has experience using dump trailers with CUTs. I'm picking up a 6x10 dump weighing in at 2500# and would like to pull it sometimes with the tractor rather than hauling the truck around to pick it up. Loaded it would be over the max GVWR, but I'd be pulling on...
  61. A

    b3200 how to bypass all the safety switches to get started when in woods

    i know that you are not suppose to bypass the safety switches on a tractor and i am glad they are all there. a couple of days age i was about two miles from the house at the end of county road at a neighbors shed (which i was supposed to be. since i have had a stroke, i always shut the tractor...
  62. K

    B3200 Fuse Block Question

    As shown in the attached pic, 4 fuses (shown vertical) are clearly marked for their purpose. The 3 horizontal slots are filled with the appropriate size fuses, but no purpose shown. Are these spares? Thanks.
  63. G

    Need Land Pride Snow Blower Input For B3200.........

    Talking to my local dealer about buying a snow blower for my B3200..... Never owned/operated one, so I'm hoping some members may be able to chime in...... Dealer is suggesting their Land Pride SB1064 for my tractor... Blower is going to run about $2975.00, manual, no chute adjusters.... From...
  64. Racenh

    New to me 2013 B3200HST

    Hello all, Just picked up this 2013 B3200HST and trailer from a private seller. Tractor only had 110 hrs on it. It was just the size I was looking for to do some landscaping work around our new home and also maintaining some gravel roads on other property that I have. Currently I own a 753...
  65. K

    B3200 Rear Wiring Connector?

    I have a 2010 B3200 and would like to install a 12 volt power plug at the rear for sprayers, etc. I've searched and read many posts about an available unused connector on the BX series. I've looked on the B3200 and can't find one. Yeah, I've probably spent more time looking that it would have...
  66. W

    Snowblower  Snow Removal with a B3200

    Hey All, I'm looking for some input on snow removal with my B3200. I live in the Catskills and have been using the FEL to clear my 1000 ft gravel driveway and pathways to the animals/wood pile. There has to be a better way, I probably spend at least 2hrs each snowfall of 6 inches or better...
  67. Y

    Need to add weight to front end of my B3200

    I have a B3200 with a large Woods back hoe. I want to add some weight to the front to counter balance. I'll be shoveling snow this winter so want to add chains to front tires as well as rear. I would like to know if there are kubota part numbers for bracket and weights. If I can get part...
  68. I

    Loader  Mismatch loader on B3200?

    Went to look at a slightly used 3200 today. Tractor had 97 hrs with belly mower and looked fine. But it had an off-brand loader on it. The guy painted it Kubota orange, but the tag said Challenger. Looking at the pictures again I see that it does not have the curved loader arms like the...
  69. G

    Oil & Fuel  B3200 Oil Consumption Issue........

    Bought my B3200 new, some 6-7 years ago & have compiled about 360 hours on the clock, most of that mowing.......... First diesel tractor I've owned, so please bear with me........ My question........ About every 75 hours or so, it will be low (6-8ounces) on oil. I'm using Kubota's 15w40, but I'm...
  70. Y

    Snow  Ag and chains on my B3200

    I have the Ag tires on my B3200. I find it a bit difficult getting up my driveway when on ice. Will chains be a good investment for this winter? I am wondering how much of a difference between the two. Thank you.
  71. dirtymartini

    Comparison  Kubota B3200 HSD

    I currently have a Massey-Ferguson 1230 with a Bush Hog 1846QT FEL. My local Kubota dealer just got a 2012 B3200 HSD with 1 rear remote, 241 hours and a FEL. My question is I have been looking to move up from what I have now and looking at the specs of the B3200 compared to what I have now it...
  72. R

    Kubota B3200 / LA504 FEL SSQA/Grapple Question

    I have a Kubota B3200 with a LA504 FEL and pin-on bucket. I am planning on adding a Grapple. Landpride makes the SGC06 series Grapple that will pin on to my loader, but my first impression is that it isn't as strong as some of the root rake grapples out there. I believe that I would prefer...
  73. S

    B3200 headlight busted by semi blind operator, need a replacement lens.

    this weekend I managed to stab my left headlight lens cover in the eye with a limb. I broke just the clear lens cover. I looked at Messicks but all they show is the whole headlight assembly package for $217. I called them this morning and that's all they had. The lens is marked Knights...
  74. D

    Did Kubota dealer build B3200 with inferior 3 pt hitch?

    I lost one of the check chains on my B3200 and ordered a new one from the dealer. It matched the one in the diagram in the B3200 Operator's Manual (part # K12500), but not the one on the tractor. In researching, I found that it matches the ones on the BX series tractors (part # K11700). The...
  75. W

    Kubota B3200 Injector Timing / Vibration

    I look forward to meeting all of you, particularly Kubota B3200 owners. I have one and have been reading some of the information on the injector timing and I am looking for all the information I can get. So please contact me if you have any information to share. I am particularly interested in...
  76. A

    HELP!!!! Can,t start B3200 and need to move it.

    My b3200 won't start this afternoon. worked it yesterday no problems. today wont do anything. has 12.7 volts and will crank long time jumping the starter solenoid but the fuel must be cut off from one of the safety switches along with the starter relay. I have checked the rear and mid PTO...
  77. J

    Size difference between B50/B3200 & B01/B20

    I've been a lurker here for awhile, but now I need some advice. I'm going to upgrade my BX to either a B2650 or B2601. Performance wise, either will work. The 2650 may just do it a little quicker. Most of my work is in the woods, so size is what's really important. I've seen the physical sizes...
  78. T

    Help! B3200, bucket wont curl down! (dump)

    All other loader functions work fine. Almost feels like there is binding in the valve, but I may be wrong. Any ideas? 150 hours on the tractor...easy hours mowing and snowblowing mostly.
  79. SOwens

    Grapple  grapple for Kubota B3200?

    I'm considering a grapple for my Kubota B3200. I've spent considerable time with Jeremy at Everything Attachments discussing options. I want a grapple to remove Autumn Olive bushes and brush and then transport to piles, as well as a variety of other moving chores. I'm considering 2 options: 1)...
  80. SPMMD

    Snow  Dead B3200

    Tarted up to clear 6 inches of fresh snow. Front blower working great! Moved 10' forward clearing snow, dropped back blade and backed up 10' with loss of power and despite engine running great at PTO speed, tractor now won't move. Found hydraulic hose behind seat on right rear of tractor (line...
  81. 7

    Snow  B3200 HST rear PTO stopped working

    I have a Kubota B3200 HST which I purchased in 2009 and now has 200 hours on it. When snowblowing recently for some reason my rear PTO stopped working, however, all hydraulics are functioning properly as is the transmission in that I can drive the tractor and use bucket and three point hitch...
  82. A

    Price Check  Kubota B3200 with Front Loader and 60" Mower Deck

    What would you consider a fair price on this tractor? 168 hours, good condition. Also included a 3 pt plow and loaded turf tires. Thanks!
  83. N

    Any B3200 owners ?

    I just picked up a 2013 B3200 with 72 inch mower and LA504 loader. I have been driving all day in rain sleet and snow so to tired to fight manual. I thought you guys may have quick answer. The belly mower does not seem to go very high in lift position ( less than my BX ) . On a quick look...
  84. N

    Tomorrow I may own 3 tractors ? 2013 Kubota B3200

    I am going to get a B 3200 2013 100 hours tomorrow. Loader 72 inch mower and blade. Anything to look close at ? Sold farm property ( kid going to college ) Will sell BX 2200 and Kioti 45 when weather turns. B 3200 seems to be best choice for mowing 5 acre commercial property and working around 3...
  85. Y

    Snow  B3200 - sloppy chain install???

    Today I put the chains on rear of my B3200. there doesn't seem to be enough clearance between the tire and the inside of the fender. The chains are binding on the fenderwell and making quite a racket. It looks like about 3/4" of clearance and chains look like 7/8" Could this be a sloppy...
  86. H

    B3200 pricing

    Hey guys went to my local kubota dealer for a couple of parts for my BX. On the lot he had a b3200 brand new that looks like it has been sitting awhile. I asked him the price he said 19k. The tractor has a just a front loader and mother else. Do you guys know what a good price for that...
  87. B

    Hydraulic Fittings For B3200?

    So I bought a skid steer style mount plow for my FEL, I also have the 3rd function valve so I can adjust the angle of the plow. But I have to come up with the hoses and fittings to plug into the 3rd function ports. What kind of female/male connectors do I need? I measured the current sizes of...
  88. L

    Increasing lift capacity 3pt hitch of Kubota B3200

    Hello, I've got a B3200 and bought a woodsplitter with a weight of 820 kg. My 3pt hitch has a lift capacity of only 750kg whereas e.g. the B3030 (a lighter model) has even a lift capacity of 970kg. Does anybody know if I can increase the lift capacity? I read something about shimming the...
  89. K

    B3200 HST Won't Start, Safety Interlock? Please Help

    2010 B3200 HST with <200 hours, has always been a dream to operate. I mowed saplings a few hours Saturday with the rear brush mower and when driving it back to the house I noticed the Battery icon illuminated. I did not see it on when I cranked the tractor to go to the field, and I'm not sure...
  90. Stoweski

    Upgraded to a B3200

    Well, after 8 years with the B7610 I decided to upgrade. I had been thinking about going with the 2650 but the dealer had a 3200 for a similar price so I went that route instead. I couldn't justify the $6000 difference jumping up to a B3350 - and I didn't want to deal with the DPF nonsense. Only...
  91. J

    Correct 60" mid-mower deck for B3200?

    I've got somebody local to me who is looking to sell a Kubota RCK60-27B mowing deck. I can't seem to find any information on whether or not this deck will fit my Kubota B3200. I've found a few references saying this deck will fit the B7800 , B2910 - etc. - and I saw another reference saying...
  92. N

    B3200 HSD hydraulic leakdown and lifting capacity

    I recently purchased a Kubota B3200HSD. I've only got a few hours on it, so far, but I've noticed a couple of potential problems. Maybe they are normal, but maybe I need to return it to the dealer for some servicing. First, I notice that if I park it and turn it off with the front bucket not...
  93. S

    B3200 won't turn over, battery not dead.

    I have checked the connections for the rear and mid PTO and they are making good contact when disengaged. The seat switch if fine. The HST petal has a lot of play in it put I usually just fiddle with it to find the sweet spot for the tractor to turn over. For some reason the tractors starter...
  94. S

    Mounting a 60" mid mount mower to a FEL equiped B3200 help help!

    Help help I'm being repressed by a crappy manual! I bought the B3200 tractor new with a FEL (504). I just bought the mower deck and waited over a month for it to show up. Now that I have it home with what is supposed to be the correct kit, the manual has got me confused. As I waited so...
  95. T

    B3200 - First issue at 25 hours

    Hopefully not a sign of things to come... loader control arm suddenly went limp from side to side. After removing the plastic cover behind the floorboard, I found that one of the tiny clevis pins that secure the arm to the actuator on the valve had disappeared. Looks like an easy enough fix on...
  96. Teikas Dad

    Need trailer guidance for Kubota B3200 TLB

    I want to get a trailer to haul my B3200. From what I can tell, the whole unit would weigh in about 3500ish lbs. I'm looking at a car/equipment hauler with a wood deck. I'm trying to figure out if I can use a 16 foot trailer for it or should I upgrade to an 18 foot trailer. I've found 5000lb...
  97. T

    B3200 vs B3300SU and mowing

    If I go with the 3300SU I'd have to use a rear mount finish mower correct? For those with experience how do the MMM and rear mount mowers compare? The tractors are close in price at my local dealer. Just bought 10ac outside of Portland and need to mow about 5ac, half of which is pasture...
  98. T

    JD 2032R vs B3200

    New to the forum and appreciate any help Just bought 10ac outside of Portland. Heavily wooded with trees and brush to clear, about 5 ac to mow. land is sloped. We plan on a garden and small orchard. Theres also a lot of grading to be done. Will pull more fence with some livestock. Based on...
  99. S

    B3200 3 point leak down

    Should the 3 point on my B3200 leak down when in full raised position with a finish mower on it and shut off or should it be able to hold it in the raised position?
  100. B

    Kubota b3200 rear remote install with bh77 hoe

    Hi im installing rear remotes on my b3200 with backhoe and was wondering uf anyone has any pics on the hydrulic lines set up the install instruction are not very clear when it comes to that. I have the valve with the pb port assuming that now runs into the back hoe connection. But were does the...
  101. J

    Loader  Trade 54" bucket for a 60" bucket B3200

    I was wondering if anyone wanted to trade a 54" bucket for 60" bucket for a B3200 Loader. I have two 54" buckets and would like a 60". Let me know, Thanks
  102. S

    B3200 & L3200 Bucket

    Are the B3200 and L3200 buckets interchangeable?
  103. S

    B3200 3pt lift hesitation

    My B3200 3pt has a hesitation at the top couple of inches. When you pull the lever to lift the arms it lifts fine until a couple inches from the top and than it feels like the lever is being pushed back to neutral. If I let go and pull a couple times it will top out as it should. This is...
  104. S

    B3200 MMM

    Can anyone let me know approx the clearance of the 60" MMM at its high pt for transport Or trying to use FEL with MMM attached? Dealer has tractor but needs to order MMM so I can't See one. How difficult is MMM removal? Probably want to remove it every few weeks for ground work.
  105. N

    Buying Advice  Tiller recomendation for B3200; I've narrowed it down to 3 candidates

    Hi, I finally bought my Kubota B3200 HSD. So far, I am very happy with it, although I have not had a lot of time to work with it. I am now looking for a rototiller for it. Since it only has 23 pto hp, I figure I should not go larger than 48 inches on the tiller. But, since the wheel width is...
  106. T

    Resale pricing/value for Kubota b3200 HST

    Hi all, I am in the process of evaluating whether I want to upgrade from my current B3200 to the heavier L3301. I recognize that the performance characteristics vary little between the two in terms of HP and overall lift capacities. They are similar in size (dimensions) however the L3301...
  107. P

    Tractor Sizing  Difference between B3200 and L3200

    Is there a comparison list between Kubota's B and L offerings?
  108. N

    Tiller  Finally bought Kubota B3200HSD. Now I need a tiller. Suggestions?

    I've been shopping for a new Kubota tractor for a few months. I finally bought one, just in time to still get the 0% financing. I bought a B3200HSD with FEL and BH. Now, I need to buy a rototiller for it. I definitely want a reverse rotation tiller. At the present time, I don't have a huge food...
  109. R

    My New B3200

    I've been looking to upgrade my John Deere 2305 and I have been needing (wanting :D) a loader. Tried 3 times to buy a 2720 from the JD dealer 3 miles down the road from me but they didn't want my money. Stopped by the local Kubota dealer and looked at a B3200 they had. Nice... It was late...
  110. W

    New B3200 Owner

    Hello everyone, I'm a new owner of a 2010 B3200 / FEL with 144 hours. I purchased it used from a guy about 90 minutes from me and just towed it back home. I think I got a great deal on it, so the extra drive was worth it. I just wanted to say hello, because I'm sure I'll be asking questions...
  111. 1


    Hey Everyone, Just sold my B3200 for a really good deal and buying another one probably identical. Because one I need another tax write off next year and two this will probaly be my last tractor and wanted a new one before all the emissions BS comes out so this is what I am getting: 1. la504...
  112. 1

    B3200 TLB

    Hey Everyone, Just sold my B3200 for a really good deal and buying another one probably identical. Because one I need another tax write off next year and two this will probaly be my last tractor and wanted a new one before all the emissions BS comes out so this is what I am getting: 1. la504...
  113. I

    JD 2032R TLB vs. Kubota B3200 TLB comparison

    So theres the question, I am looking to compare the two listed above. I own the Kubota setup but recently received a flyer from JD saying they would give me 2000 on top of my trade in on a brand new JD setup. Many will ask why well the JD dealership is 6 miles from my property, and the Kubota...
  114. 1

    B3200 and a RC60-82 h mower

    Hi I have a B3200 can anyone tell me if a Kubota RC60-82H Mid Mount Mower Deck will work on this machine. If not what machine will it work on. Thanks
  115. J

    B3200 started up, ran for bit, died - and now won't even turn over

    So a couple of weeks ago - in the middle of the last big snowstorm we had - I went out and started the tractor, was letting it run to warm up , it ran for maybe a minute, then it died, I tried to restart it - and it wouldn't crank, and that was pretty much it. More details: the tractor has...
  116. N

    Buying Advice  Kubota B3300SU vs B3200HSD

    I have narrowed my search down to either a B3200HSD or a B3300SU. There is virtually no difference in price, but the B3300SU has 25 pto hp and the B3200HSD has 23 pto hp. Given that fact, I lean toward the B3300SU because of the higher pto hp and a slightly lower price. But, The B3300SU does not...
  117. torrin

    Snow  off kilter front mount snowblower (BX1500 and B3200)

    Good Morning; This may be an off the wall question, but I own a BX1500 and work on a B3200 (new, 90 year old father-in-law). Both have Front mount snow throwers, and both lower one side to the ground before the other. Is this normal? I say this is strange because this is my 3rd winter with...
  118. R

    Advice for a Potential Buyer of B3200

    I am seriously considering buying a B3200 for general utility use on my 25-acre property (not a farm) - for plowing snow, hauling wood, brush cutting, mowing, etc. From what I can tell this tractor is adequate for my needs and it is the one I most prefer in this size/category. My only question...
  119. T

    Buying Advice  Kioti CK35HST vs. Kubota B3200 and L3200 types - Price and power?

    Hello everyone, First of all .. i'm a newbie in the Farm world. :) My Wife and I just recently built a house on 10 acre lot in Northern Indiana (Middlebury), I'm looking to get a nice reliable compact tractor that will help with some of the things we do and plan to do. We have a pony that my...
  120. D

    Hydraulic leak on a B3200,tube at back of bell housing

    My tractor is about 200 miles from my dealer but seems to have developed a slight hydraulic leak. Always a little mess on the shed floor. There is a tube that comes out beside the drive shaft at the engine (bell housing area). This tube does not appear to be fastened, but rather just goes...
  121. Teikas Dad

    b3200 injector shims

    Does anyone have the instructions on how to remove/add shims to injector pump to adjust the timing? My B3200 smokes like crazy when it starts up. From what I've read on the forum adjusting the timing on the injector pump fixes it. I tried the dealers in the area to see if it could be done...
  122. N

    To Tube or Slime? (Leaking Front Tire on B3200)

    I have a B3200 (now out of warranty) and one of the Front Tire (Industrial) continually leaks down. When I brought it up to my dealer while the tractor was still under warranty he acted like it would not be covered under warranty and that they send all of they tire work out to one of the big...
  123. frogfish

    B3200 Hydraulics question

    I recently bought a Kubota snowblower (used) for my B3200. I installed the blower and discovered I had no place to hold the handle for the chute, so I decided to install a hydraulic motor to rotate the chute. Kubota wants about $900 for their kit, I decided to buy the pieces separate and put...
  124. G

    Chains  B3200 Chains......

    Did the search, but a couple questions remain....... NE Kansas winters are very unpredictable......... Some mild while others seem they'll never end...... This will be the fourth winter for my tractor & thus far I've avoided using chains, but I'm thinking I should consider investing in chains...
  125. S

    Need help on pricing my B3200

    Just finished building our home and I've run out of projects for my Baby. My Baby is a 2013 B3200 with FEL and Kubota Backhoe & thumb with 100 hours. Minor wear and tear (scatches) from 100 hours of use. I know what I paid, but I need to get some idea on how much my Baby has depreciated. Any...
  126. B

    B3200 Backhoe Subframe and 3pt Hitch incompatible????

    Hello, I got my first tractor a month ago (B3200 with removable, a couple 3 pt hitch implements, and top and tilt) and discovered that the backhoe subframe interferes with the 3 pt hitch. I've been running in circles with the dealership who had never seen a similar problem and I and am not...
  127. frogfish

    B3200 Quick couplers

    I took off my FEL for snowblower season :( , i'm adding a hydraulic motor to rotate the chute. I'm at the point of adding the hoses from hydraulic motor to the valve bank but don't know what sort of quick coupler I need to ask for. One guy said to look at the existing couplers and ask for the...
  128. T

    B3200 Clutch Housing drain plug?

    Mates, By chance, does any one have a photo showing the location of the clutch housing drain plug, for water removal on a Kubota B3200 Your help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tobyone
  129. DiggerDog

    Buying Advice  Kubota B3200HSD

    Am looking for some advice on purchasing a tractor. My father has a 200 acre property, which is about half wooded and half old farmland. He is looking for a smaller tractor to do some loader work around the horse barn, driveway maintenance, and to haul a wagon with his yearly firewood. He is on...
  130. S

    3-Point Hitch  B3200 Mower Match

    I have a B3200 TLB and need a bush hog mower to help get a 10 acre parcel under control. What size mower would be recommended for this size machine? Thanks for any recommendations. Steve
  131. D

    B3200 turf tire sizes

    hi folks, i have a b3200 with r4's and i'm looking to get some turf tires and rims. can anyone tell me what size these would be for this tractor? i also have a friend with a similar size john deere who is looking to get rid of his turf's. would the rims be interchangeable if they are the proper...
  132. Y

    B3200 Service cost

    The dealer quote me $575 for service on my machine. He told me hydrolic fluid is expensive. Does this seem a tad high for service? regards, Yzordderrex
  133. TroyR57

    3-Point Hitch  Got new equipment for my B3200, new tiller and cutter.

    After looking around for two years, and with Prices all going up, found a new salesman at Ruston Tractor, that was really trying very hard to get my business, although, after I called him back, and told him I would take it, he realized He may have been a little to low. He advised that he needed...
  134. C

    Kubota B3200 Remote Hydraulics Kit

    I'm attempting to install the remote hydrauilics kit from Kubota. The instructions and pictures are pretty vague. I was wondering if someone has installed this kit and has a picture of the hose connections to the side of the transmissin behing the rear wheel. Looking at the picture, I need to...
  135. T

    Kubota B3200 HSD Owners........

    I sent a posting a few days ago in regards to purchasing a almost new 2012 Kubota B3200 HSD w/LA504 FEL turf tires and 60 inch mower deck ( 25 hrs use) I am still interested in this tractor and If purchased I would sell the mower deck to buy R-4 tires. However, I have not heard from anyone that...
  136. T

    Kubota B3200 HSD Owners.........

    I sent a posting a few days ago in regards to purchasing a almost new 2012 Kubota B3200 HSD w/LA504 FEL turf tires and 60 inch mower deck ( 25 hrs use) I am still interested in this tractor and If purchased I would sell the mower deck to buy R-4 tires. However, I have not heard from anyone that...
  137. T

    Kubota B3200 HSD

    Good Afternoon, I am a new member to TractorByNet and this is my first posting. I have read man of your reviews over the past few months and I have quickly realized there is a lot of tractors owners that area very knowledgeable. I am looking for your assistance and your expert opinion's on the...
  138. G

    Oil & Fuel  B3200 kubota hst filter and hydraulic filter

    I am looking to change the hst fiter and the hydraulic filter on my b3200 kubota .Is there a trick to getting the filters out seems like back hoe frame is in the way. The same goes for the strainer no way going to get that out .I was told the strainer is about 8 inches long and all the space I...
  139. Stewie1

    Resisted the temptation...... B3200 safety switch maintenance

    Started the evening off going out to do some woodwork in my shop, but couldn't resist a little seat time clearing space for the chicken run. Dug out a small bank of earth and then got off the tractor to put some rocks in the bucket and it stopped. Got back on, wouldn't start. Jiggled...
  140. R

    Kubota B3200 bucket curl problem.

    My B3200 is 4 years old and yesterday I ran into a problem. I was moving a lot of dirt and and my curl control starting sticking. Up and down on the lift is fine but when I go to the right or left the controller stays there unless I move it back. It also is much more difficult to push side to...
  141. S

    Buying Advice  JD 2320 vs Kubota B3200

    I can get both of these for about the same price. I have a 10 acre horse property and would use the tractor for pasture mowing, manure spreading and moving stuff around. Both should meet my needs but I wonder if the JD benefits, such as easy off/on front loader and better designed pedals, are...
  142. C

    Kubota B3200 with 3pt County Line Log Splitter from TSC

    Hi all, Looked many places and could not find much information on what splitter would work well on the back of my B3200. Ended up going out on a limb and buying the County Line 3 point splitter offered by Tractor Supply Center. Only glitch was that I had the outlet and return on the...
  143. H

    Kubota B3200 LED Lighting Addon

    I always see people asking about adding LED lights on their equipment so I thought I'd post how I did mine. I originally purchased some lights from my local Wally World and it helped some, but in the end it was not what I needed to help me see when I mow late in the evening. I added these LED's...
  144. Teikas Dad

    Attaching and dropping BH77 on B3200 question/issues

    I got a new B3200 last fall with a BH77 backhoe. When I dropped the backhoe for the winter I had a great deal of difficulty getting one of the pins that holds the backhoe to the subframe out. I tried raising and lowering the boom, raising and lowering the outriggers all in an effort to get the...
  145. Fireball573

    B3200 Backhoe/Mower questions

    I have been reading and learning for some time here and thank all of you for the education. I have a few questions if someone can contribute their experience. I'm tractor shopping and these are my particular needs: I have a two acre yard in N.E. Ohio that I need to mow. We do get a fair amount...
  146. K

    Kubota B3200 hydrostatic jerks when parking brake on

    Hello everyone, I have a B3200 (140 hours) and have owned it from beginning. I don't know if its always had this issue or not, but recently in the last year or so, I've noticed that when its idling with parking brake on the tractor will jump. I'm fairly certain the issue is related to the...
  147. kozman

    Kubota B3200HST 50 Hour Service

    I've poured through pages trying to find some directions with the 1-year 50 hour service. Everyone says it's very important, but there's discussion on whether to do-it-yourself or have the dealer do it for you. I'm pretty good at doing things myself, but never on a tractor. Some say that this...
  148. wcampbell47

    B3200 HST stops running intermittently

    Tractor is a year and four months old with 510 hours on it. 400 hour service performed. Oil touches transmission dipstick. Well maybe I need to confirm that. Running tractor pressing HST forward pedal. Occasionally the tractor starts to die - let off the HST pedal it comes back to RPM. Today it...
  149. TroyR57

    Cat 320b Visits my place, putting my little Kubota B3200 to shame.

    Local Library, is getting a new location, that is only one block from my place, and the crew doing the dirt work there, took my offer to make a little Money on a Side Job, or I took advantage of not having to pay transportation cost, ether way it worked out for both of us. So a few weekends...
  150. J

    Upgrading 3pt hitch components on a B3200

    I know I have seen this topic covered before here on TBN - but I can't seem to find the threads. I've got a B3200. I've seen a number of people here giving very good reviews to the Stabilworks telescoping stabilizers. But reading about those jarred loose some memories - don't some of the...
  151. I

    B3200 3 Point adjustable right side link

    Hello all, I posted this in the general forum, thought I was in kubota forum so excuse the duplicate post... Looking for advise. I bent the adjustable bottom link of the right 3 point hitch. I was using my back blade and it bent the threads on the bottom right above the link. I checked with...
  152. I

    B3200 adjustable link for 3 point hitch

    Hello all, Looking for advise. I bent the adjustable bottom link of the right 3 point hitch. I was using my back blade and it bent the threads on the bottom right above the link. I checked with Kubota, the part number is 6c070-65240 and the price for just the bottom threaded link is...
  153. I

    ken's bolt on hooks on b3200 bucket

    hello all, i purchased kens hooks that i found here on TBN. My question is how did you guys mount the on the kubota bucket? There is the unsupported lip in the bucket which i bent already (before hook purchase) which is posing the problem... Does anyone have any pictures of how they mounted...
  154. D

    B3200 first Workout

    I hauled my new B3200 up to camp on the weekend. I knew from loading it on an icy driveway at the dealer that it was not going to be too good in snow\ice. Anyway I made the best of it making sure to clear snow on the down hill runs. Seems the B3200 was not designed for winter work because one...
  155. I

    B3200 TLB / 22ft enclosed trailer?will it fit?

    Hello all, I have a b3200 TLB and was considering picking up a used 22 foot enclosed trailer. I was wondering will the TLB fit in the trailer? has anyone done this? I was figuring I could store the tractor in the trailer as well until I get my pole building built at my camp. I would only be...
  156. D

    New B3200 Owner

    Picked up a new to me, 2011 Kubota B3200. It has 78 hrs on the clock and as it was used by a dealer, I got it as a demo model with full Kubota warranty (IE powertrain to Feb 2016). It priced out the same as a 2013 Mahindra Max28XL Shuttle (gear), but the HST will be better for the wife and I...
  157. J

    Rear 3pt snowblower for B3200

    Has anybody bought one of these recently? From what I've been reading the Kubota rear blowers for the B3200 are available in 51" width or 64" width. I would be looking at the 64" model. I would like to get the hydraulic chute rotate and deflector adjustment - but I may just add it later also...
  158. S

    Taking delivery of my B3200HSD tomorrow!

    Should be delivered in the afternoon, which is good because I have quite a bit of dirt to move. Purchased with R4 tires, LA504 loader and a bh77 backhoe with thumb. The dealer won't get the backhoe in for about 2 weeks so they are going to deliver the machine now for me to use and then pick up...
  159. gregfender

    Comparison  Kubota B3200 or Kioti CK30... What to do, what to do...

    It looks like my JD 1070 is going to be sold so now I have to figure out what the replacement is going to be. I had narrowed my choices to 3; Kubota B3200, Kioti CK30, and Massey Ferguson 1529. I drove the Massey today and ruled it out...the ergonomics were just all wrong for me. The B3200...
  160. gregfender

    B3200 implement size advice

    I am selling my JD 1070 and am looking really hard at a B3200. I need something a little smaller for the property now that the heavy work is done. The problem I have is all my implements are 6 foot. I am sure the B3200 can handle my finish mower and my landscape rake, but how much of a strain...
  161. J

    B3200 smoke-out on cold start

    I bought a B3200 earlier this year - after having a BX23 for about 7 years. One thing I've noticed with the B3200 is that the thing smokes like crazy on startup when it's cold. I don't recall having this problem with the BX. Both tractors are kept in an unheated fully enclosed garage. Neither...
  162. tc18ny

    Pulled the trigger on B3200HSD

    Thanks for all the help by TBN users in helping me decide how to spend my money. I dropped the check off today and checked in on the new tractor. They had it all dolled up inside the shop with the new factory 60inch MMM, rears loaded and rear remotes installed. I asked what they would charge for...
  163. tc18ny

    Buying Advice  B2920 vs B3200HSD vs Max28XL - I'm stuck

    The good news - been tractor shopping and have the green light from the other half. The problem if you want to call it one - a big price difference. The Bota's are from a local dealer who has been around for years and known for their good customer support. The Max from a dealer about 35 minutes...
  164. D

    Wood splitting with a B3200

    Hello all, 2 questions. i would like to put a 3 point wood splitter on my tractor and was wondering if this tractor has the capability to support remote hydraulics on rear of tractor, and what would be the flow rate. If not, can anyone recommend a good 3pt hitch splitter with and without PTO...
  165. D

    B3200 steering issue.

    I've noticed on my tractor that if you make too sharp of a turn, the tie rod will cross over the tie rod end and lock up the wheel. It seems that it is a poor design not to have a steering stop to prevent this. Does any one else have this problem? thanks for any info, Dave
  166. SPMMD

    Kubota B3200 clearing snow!

    Christmas week came our first real snow! Last year was such a disappointment! Now, with the front mount Kubota snowblower, and the box blade on the rear, our first real snows have been little challenge. With the blower skids on the highest setting, I still occasionally throw gravel, but once the...
  167. T

    Kubota B3200 Vibration

    I have seen read all the previous post on this but still have some questions. I am in the process of purchasing a B3200. When I checked it out on the lot with it parked it had a pronounced vibration at about 1900 RPM and could feel some high frequency vibration 2000rpm and above. Not too sure...
  168. R

    Loader  Using B3200 QA from LA504 loader on B2620 LA364 loader

    Hi, I understand from some previous forum posts that the B3200 QA from the LA504 loader can be used on the B2620/B2920. I am wondering if the QA can be bolted directly to the LA364 loade from the B2x20, or if the entire LA504 needs to be purchased. Also, it looks like the smallest QA bucket is...
  169. Teikas Dad

    Question on B3200 (or B3300SU) TPH lever position with backhoe

    When I got my tractor the TPH lever was held in position by an L shaped metal plate and knob/bolt. It looked like it was in roughly the neutral position on the fender. The manual states that when the backhoe is attached the TPH lever must be in the down position to avoid damage to the valve...
  170. J

    Rock bucket for B3200 loader?

    I did some quick searching and nothing popped up on this - so apologies if there's another thread out there that already covers it. I am thinking seriously about getting a rock bucket (tined bucket for sifting rocks out of dirt) for my B3200. My property is infested with rocks - and I have a...
  171. Teikas Dad

    Had a visit from Santa Claus...I mean, Marvin today....it's finally here! B3200

    Well, after two years reading every post on this forum and driving dealers crazy with all kinds of questions I finally pulled the trigger in mid October and ordered my tractor from Barlow's. It took a couple extra weeks to get it delivered through no fault of Barlow's. We had to wait out...
  172. SPMMD

    B3200 parking brake failure

    I went to put on the parking brake after leveling a pad for my son's basketball backboard, stepped hard on the brake, and as I pushed down on the lever it suddenly gave way. I don't have a shop manual but assume either the cable snapped or came loose at a connection point. Any hints or...
  173. D

    Security & Theft  B3200 Wiring diagram

    Some thieves tried to relieve me of my tractor and made a real mess of the wiring. My manual doesn't have a diagram. I found one site that says they have one but want an obscene amount of money.:shocked: As I am one of Romney's 47% and live on a very limited income, free would be nice.
  174. Teikas Dad

    B3200/B3000/B3030 vibration update anyone?

    In my tractor research (considering a B3200) I've read a bunch of posts about engine vibration with the 4 cyl engines. Several people indicated that the timing was set differently at the factory to meet emissions requirements and when correctly set the vibration was no longer a problem. All of...
  175. I

    Kubota B3200 FEL BH

    Hello all, This is my first post as I have been creepin' here for a while. Thanks to everyone for the great info here. So I have my tractor purchase down to a Kubota B3200 with the following options. 60 inch bucket with tooth bar, Backhoe 77 16inch bucket with thumb, Loaded Rear tires. So...
  176. kuboman

    B3200 dual speed PTO

    So the other night I was cruising the parts book like I often do for entertainment and I came across a 2 speed rear pto option. Does anyone have it on their B3200 or know if it can be added after.?:confused: I have not seen anywhere in Kubota literature about it.
  177. P

    Will B3030 factory rear remotes and levers fit on a B3200

    Like the clean install of the B3030 setup does anyone know if it will work on a B3200? Are they enough alike? thanks
  178. P

    B3200 Quarter inching Valve whine.

    On my brand new B3200 I adjusted my QIV to work as it should. After an hour or so of box blading I noticed that using the QI side of the lift caused quite a bit of whine each time I tapped or raised the handle. The full lift or lower side of the slot produced no whine. It did not matter how...
  179. sierradmax

    B3200 Kubota QA

    Anyone know what a good price is for the Kubota Quick Attach? How about a part # to purchase online? Thanks
  180. U

    Tractor Sizing  L2800 or B3200?

    OK, So here it goes. This is my first post, and it's a question, but I've been researching until I'm blue in the face. Sorry if I upset anyone. I am researching our first tractor purchase. Unfortunately, I am in Afghanistan right now, and the internet is horrible so it hasn't been a fun...
  181. R

    So far so good, B3200

    Posted a few weeks ago about the new B3200 I had just bought. Have only put 16 hours on it so far. WOW, I have been getting the work done with this machine and some. I laugh at myself, I have several different projects going in all area's of the property. I guess it's that ADHD thing I must...
  182. Stewie1

    Finding the limits of my B3200 loader.

    My elderly neighbour (92) had a large white pine come down in his yard and he asked if I was interested in the wood and if I could clean it up for him. As I bought the tractor for logging on my land, of course I agreed to help. I have a good friend who has just bought a sawmill and so he and I...
  183. B

    B3200 with cultipacker

    Hi folks. Looking for some feedback from anyone with experience using a cultipacker with a b3200. I am planting food plots. Most all seed products indicate the need of a cultipacker to achieve best results. I need a 5' 3pt hitch type cultipacker. 5' foot so it will cover my tire tracks, and...
  184. N

    b3200 and bush hogging with turf tires

    well my mowing season has hit an all time high this year with a few more customers then i had previous years. (i do lawn mowing/bush hoging as a side business, firewood too). gotten a 30 + acre field i just recently finished up with. b3200 which is new since late may is performing past...
  185. N

    b3200 50 hr maintainence manuel????

    my b3200 reached its 50 hr pm and off i went. figured it would be simular to my b7800. not so. book states that b3200 50hr only requires engine oil, engine oil filter, and hst FILTER be changed. b7800 was all oils and all filters. a lot has changed. the first time the b3200 gets its sudt2...
  186. Stewie1

    New Forks for B3200

    Came home from work today to find a surprise in front of the workshop - some forks and a Kubota QA that I had ordered a while ago. Dealer must have been in the area a dropped them off. Now I can move some logs around..... I have a great dealer. I asked him to order the QA and forks and...
  187. J

    Buying Advice  Looking for a toothbar for a B3200 60" bucket

    I recently picked up a B3200 with the 60" bucket - and one of the options I ordered from the dealer - was a toothbar. So when I go to pickup the tractor - they tell me that the toothbar doesn't fit because Kubota has changed something with the cutting edges on the bucket. The whole thing...
  188. mattoct3003

    2 quote comparisons JD 3032E and B3200

    Just wondering which deal you guys thought looked better. John Deere 3032E Tractor- 12,359.09 John Deere 305 Loader- 3,496.76 Frontier Grooming Mower- 2,100.00 Frontier 5' Tiller- 2,200.00 Total W/Tax OTD=20,760.00 With my $2250 down Payments=303.00...
  189. B

    B3200 or L3200

    Does anyone have any insight about the 2 models. I don't see a big difference in the capabilties looking at the spec sheet for each, they use the same BH. The FEL has a bit more lifting capacity witht he L. I do understand that the L series is a bigger chassis and has the option of a geared...
  190. H

    Kubota B3200HSD Hydraulic Fluid Question

    I have a 2011 B3200HSD with a Kubota FEL - Model #B1625. My question is this. What type of Hydraulic fluid does the tractor/FEL take? Does anyone know the specs or if another brand will work? The dealership only has large quantities of the Kubota Hyd Fluid and I just need a small amount, quart...
  191. J

    Comparison  BX 25 or B3200

    I own about 5.5 acres 2.5 acres field and 2.5 acres that need to be stumped and cleared, mostly old pine stumps thAT WERE CUT 4-5 YEARS AGO. Was looking at the BX25 because of the small backhoe that comes standard but the dealer says after the stumps are cleared I probably won't need the backhoe...
  192. J

    Buying Advice  60" FEL bucket on B3200/B3300 is "light duty"??

    The B3200/B3300SU come with two FEL bucket options - my dealer only has tractors on the lot with the 60" bucket installed - and I've noticed that every single one of them has a sticker on that that says "light duty". I am trying to decide whether to get the tractor with the 54" bucket - or the...
  193. L

    2 disc b3200

    I have a B3200 and want to know if it will pull a dearborn brand 2 disc tiller. I don't know the size of the disc { he is calling me back} I'm guessing 20" disc. He calls it a tiller, it looks more like a 2 disc bottom or turn plow to me. thanks
  194. J

    B3200 or 3300

    I'm inching my way closer to actually making a purchase. Spoke with a deal about the 3200. Told him it's mostly for woods work, making trails, clearing stuff. He suggested the 3300 might be better -- higher ground clearance, stronger structure and a little cheaper. But it doesn't have a...
  195. W

    B3200 rubber mat

    I am new to the site and getting great ideas and issues involving this great little tractor but some things just needs to be done better on a customizing basis, So one thing that has been driving me crazy is this thin and flimzy rubber mat held down with just tabs what a joke so I screwed it...
  196. J

    Differences between B3200 and B3030 - Buying comparison?

    Differences between B3200, B3030 & L3200 - Buying comparison? Note: I just edited this post - I went to the dealer today and sat on an L3800 (same size as the L3200) , and the L has me interested. It doesn't actually seem all that much bigger than the B3200 and the FEL capacity is a little bit...
  197. J

    Quick Attach & loader bucket options for B3200?

    I'm hoping to get the final go ahead from the wife on purchasing a B3200 with FEL and backhoe to replace my BX23. One of the major reasons I want to move to a bigger tractor is the ability to have a QA bucket on the FEL. Looking around I see there are a number of options out there now for QA...
  198. B

    3-Point Hitch  B3200 loud screaching noise

    Hi all. Purchased new B3200 and have 20 hours on it. After running garden tiller for approximately 30 minutes, the 3pt hitch quit lifting, and began making a very loud screaching noise when I pull on the lever. After letting the tractor sit for 10 or 15 minuites, everything works normal...
  199. T

    Comparison  B3200 or L3200

    I'm having a hard time deciding on a new tractor. (size and brand) What I would like is a tractor that compares to my current Mitsubishi MT250D. It weighs around 2000# and has a 5' FEL. I have 20 acres where I live which I'm always moving dirt, getting firewood, and mowing 3 acres of grass...
  200. honorbound

    B3200 pics

    Well I finally am able to take a few pictures. the toy with the tiller attached. Monday the Backhoe gets attached by the dealer. Been working on gardens all day with the tiller. Blueberries, black currents and elderberries all planted today.