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5.00 star(s)

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
Workmaster Review
Model Year: 2010

A great tractor for the money. Handles all the chores to feed the cattle as will as work in the hay feild. It is a light weight tractor but this makes it do 95% of the work as a 90hp tractor in the hay field because it does not have any extra weight to move around the field. I have worked mine very hard in the first year I have had it. Put 800 hours in the first year. The only thing is to make sure all the bolts and filters and such are tight when the tractor is delivered.

Pros: Very good value for the money.
Cons: Not for everyone because it is a bare bones tractor. Not really any options for it.

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
Model Year: 0

Been pretty happy after 5 months. Got the 4WD version and wonder how we managed to work on the clay that we have. Some minor issues that dealer fixed. Couple of electrical problems and lost a few bolts off the 3 point hitch that never were tightened properly. Changing gears was a bit sticky sometimes, but dealer adjusted clutch. Compared to our previous 50 year old tractor, this is great.

Pros: Good power, easy to operate. pretty reliable.
Cons: Yes check the bolts as previous reviewer suggested. Lost a few.

5.00 star(s)

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
WM75 Year 1
Model Year: 2012

So far so good. Wife loves bombing around the yard through the snow in 4WD emptying manure. Wife happy = me happy!

Pros: Starts great in cold, plenty of power.
Cons: Bucket slow, have to figure out response-time adjustment on valve.

2.00 star(s)

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
Model Year: 2013

I work for a small rural community. This tractor is a royal pain. It spends more time in the shop than in the field. At 3 years old with just shy of 600 hours I would expect an issue or two but this is plain crazy. The brakes work but make a high pitched squeal, far in excess of what would be considered normal brake noise. The hydraulics work, albeit slowly, and make a considerable amount of noise. It runs through batteries. The neutral and clutch safety switches are regular replacements. None of the lighting or accessory systems function. The gauge cluster will occasionally work. I should not have these issues on such a young tractor. This machine is outworked by a 30 year old John Deere 770 despite the differences in horsepower. If there is anything good to be said about this machine, it is that barring electrical issues it does start easily. I like the adjustable stabilizers. The power take-off is the only system which I can say has not given me an issue.

Pros: Adjustable stabilizers on the lift arms
Cons: See my review

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
Review After Intensive Use
Model Year: 2014

I've owned this tractor for 3 years now, and it will likely have 2,000 hours by the end of the year. Honestly, this tractor is the economy model, and it was never designed to work the way I've used it. I grow 180 acres of row crops with this as my sole tractor for tillage, planting, and spraying (not to mention odd jobs). That being said, it's definitely a good tractor to hold up so well under hard usage. I've never abused the tractor. I meet every single service interval with dealer certified lubricants and filters. No premature mechanical failure will happen if you maintain this machine. The weak points are mostly superficial. The paint is super sloppy. Looks like an apprentice gave her a single coat one handed in the dark. The seat should immediately be taken off and thrown away. It looks super robust and pretty, but it has little to no suspension. It will kill your back! I'm only 27, and even I think it's too rough. Buy a cheap suspension seat, and modify it to fit. The brakes are noisier than a HAM radio. Don't panic they work just fine; the dealer took a look at them and reassured me that they are indeed mechanically sound. The electrical system will give you trouble, especially if you're like me and you have no shelter. Don't get discouraged though, troubleshoot the switches and fuses, and you're good to go (it's usually the neutral position sensor). If you know your stuff, buy the technical manual from your dealer. It's like $27 downloaded on a flash drive. The strong points are oh so obvious. It's basically the best value in the business. The engine runs smooth, and she's got power to spare. For its size and weight, you'd be hard pressed to out pull it. You can't get the thing stuck. If you have at least some soil under the tires, you can pull a trail type disk (I have the 4wd option). The transmission is just the right speed to work. The shifts are easy, but the top speed is kinda slow for a newish tractor. All in all, she's been tough as nails. I'd expect to get 10,000 hours out of one easily.

Pros: Lightweight, powerful, economical, durable
Cons: Aesthetics, electronics, slow top speed, slowish hydraulics on the loader

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

WORKMASTER75 New Holland
Doesn't Get Better Than This
Model Year: 2011

I bought this tractor used with around 150 hours on it. It has done everything I have asked it to do and it is very fuel efficient. The only problem I have had with it is the neutral sensor, which is located in a lousy spot, and the fuel system fuse blows sometimes for unknown reasons. Mine is the 2-wheel drive model and I am very happy with it.

Pros: Lots of power
Cons: Top speed is slow, and the seat could be bette

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