1. W

    Yanmar front steering knuckles replacement

    Are there any rebuilt steering knuckles available to buy?
  2. M

    Replacing tilt steering strut

    After owning my TC34DA for 17 years my steering wheel is flopping up and down and not locking in properly. Have read this is a common problen with these compact New Holland's. Anyone on this forum already went through this and have some install tips to share?
  3. 2

    Massey 1528 steering cylinder tie rod end snapped

    The tie rod shaft snapped, and since it’s welded to the steering cylinder, you have to replace the whole cylinder. Has anyone successfully welded new one on? Maybe cut the broken one off, drill it out and put a threaded one on there? Any other ideas?
  4. R

    Mf230 power steering hose P/N

    My power steering hose at the cylinder split yesterday. I'm unable to locate a replacement. When I search I only find hose for 231,240. Can someone help me locate replacement hydraulic hoses for a MF230? I see that under the battery area I looks like the lines convert to metal going up into...
  5. D

    2010 CK27 steering box

    I was brushing hogging and making a turn, the steering wheel lifted a couple of inches, then dropped back in place. No issues after that. When I finished, decided to check and see if the nut holding the steering wheel had come loose. Popped the cap, the nut was tight, lifted slightly on the...
  6. M

    Increasingly slow steering response on my 422

    I know that with just the 1 steering cylinder that the 422 probably does not respond as quickly as other models with dual steering rams, but lately it's becoming less and less responsive. Seems I am turning the steering wheel much more than needed to get to get a response. This is esp...
  7. E

    Steering sector shaft ford1710 powersteering

    Where can I find a steering sector shaft for a Ford 1710 tractor with power steering?
  8. TractorsRuleCarsDrool

    Belarus T40A Super steering EXTREMELY difficult, as if all of the sudden

    Hi, everyone. I have a Belarus T40A Super tractor that I've been working on repairing this year. Finally changed out the oil and it seemed ready to start but now the steering is EXTREMELY difficult, it's like wrestling with the steering wheel. We poured new hydraulic fluid, it lifted more than...
  9. K

    310 steering lever

    I recently purchased an old 310 skid loader. Runs well and hydraulics work as they should. However, the right hand steering lever is VERY stiff and it seems as if the clutch is not engaging correctly. The left side works as it should. It can only be operated by "cheating" by steering...
  10. B

    F2690 steering issue

    Good Day, I replaced ps hoses on my f2690 and where they attach to the lower steering control valve the fittings that go up into control valve came out and so did a little metal plate and a steel ball. I put the steel ball and plate back up in and put hoses on and now I have no ps ,does anyone...
  11. Duke103169

    Need help adjusting steering arms to go the same speed.

    Hello. I am new to Bad Boy mowers. And since I got mine the left steering arm has been faster than the right. So, I disconnected the right steering levers under the seat and lengthened it. Well that worked. Now it’s faster than the left. lol. So I went and adjusted the left and now I am about...
  12. C

    Welding JD 1275 Hay wagon front right weld on steering linkage

    I took my borrowed cousin's jd 1275 hay wagon to a field to be be filled by towing behind a kick baler. The jersey extended the tongue all the way and cranked it at 90 degree angle ripping the shearing the main pin and breaking off the arm bar that steers the wheel. I can't weld it unless it's...
  13. T

    Looking for Dash and Steering housing for ST ( 40, 45, 55 ) Series Compact

    Hi looking for steering housing and a dash for an ST45 , but think all the ST are the same, if you have one great or any info on where I might track one down. I have and need this for an MF1165 but they are the same machine. I posted in the MF form as well Message me or reply here thanks
  14. T

    ISO MF 1165 ( 1999 to 2004 ) Dash and Steering Housing - Mine rotted in sun :(

    Looking for dash and other plastic housings for a MF1165 compact tractor, if you have anything please message of respond here. Thanks !
  15. B

    MT 3 Owners (steering issue)

    I have a 2022 MT 357 with 190 hrs. I was driving across town to mow some property and I notice the right front tire moving in and out from front of tire to back of tire. It was very subtle, not a violent wiggle or shimmy and could not be felt in the steering wheel. The left side was also moving...
  16. A

    1983 case 480d steering issues after complete rebuild

    i have a construction king 480d/ll front loader/skip drag. i have pulled the control valve and had it rebuilt at local hydraulic shop because there was fluid coming up through the steering wheel. i had the steering rams rebuilt, they do not appear to be leaking. also replaced the power steering...
  17. kwolff

    Replacing Honda Harmony 1011SA Steering Worm Gear?

    If anyone has replaced the 1011 steering worm gear (or has the shop PDF) I'd greatly appreciate any info. The schematic is not very helpful and I'm not sure what would be the most efficient way to access the tight area and replace the worn parts. Thanks!
  18. Marcle

    Wanted please, Steering box for TX21** series

    Wanted please, Steering box for TX21** series, probably the same as many other models. Can anyone help please, or links to someone who may be able to help? I'm on the Herefordshire/Gloucestershire boarder UK. Thanks in advance to @everyone. :)
  19. S

    Mahindra 3525 power steering filter

    How do you change the power steering filter on Mahindra 3525
  20. 650gSatoh

    650G Cracked steering box

    Hi All, Just like it states...the old girl has some major cracks in the steering box. Short of having the box welded up I'm wondering if anyone knows of a steering setup from another tractor or aftermarket supplier that would work? I haven't been able to find a replacement and I imagine they...
  21. C

    Century 3035 Steering Fluid

    I have a Century 3035, the same one that I just had the PTO issue with. After getting it going, I was brush cutting when a steering hose popped apart at the crimp. After a couple of weeks of waiting on a local hydraulics shop to make a new hose, it is back together again. I have a separate...
  22. P

    steering pump

    kioti dk 35 hse The steering pump is leaking from the top. The dealer cannot find a part please help it is a 2009.
  23. V

    New Holland TC45DA tilt steering broken

    I really don't adjust my tilt steering very often, as evidenced by the fact that I recently tried to pull up on the lever to adjust and it was frozen solid. I sprayed it with penetrating oil and waited about 24 hours before trying again. Guess I tried a little too hard because something behind...
  24. Flemo

    Ford 4000 power steering

    Gday I am working on a Ford 4000 with a power steering assist Ram on it the owner pulled it off and took it to the local shop to repair leaks when he got it back it didnt leak but oil gets very hot within 30 minutes too hot too touch! I have played around with adjustment and it all works well...
  25. T

    MT 160 Steering Assembly

    The steering on my MT 160 is getting a bit sloppy. I've read some threads about rebuilding the assembly and am not sure if this may be beyond my capabilities. I've tried to locate some complete assemblies but haven't had much luck. Some threads have mentioned that the same assemblies were...
  26. frj777


    Looking for advice as how to proceed, steering loss was after repairs to front axle. Had leak(s) at front axle, left side was seal at “knuckle.” Right side replaced: knuckle seal, final drive outer bearing and seal. Job went well, even for my experience level; no stranger to busted...
  27. C

    Shenniu SN25 steering parts

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to find out information about where I can get steering and king pin parts for a Shenniu SN25 2wd tractor. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  28. A

    Steering issue

    Power trac pt 425 2002 Problem is have to turn steering wheel alot with sluggish or no response to wheels to turn Can any one help with this issue?
  29. R

    F935 Steering Cylinder Rod End

    Is there an aftermarket or automotive replacement for the tie rod end for the end of the steering cylinder? I think Deere wants around $235 for it. I didn't know if anyone cross referenced it to an automotive one.
  30. Melancholy Bear

    How do you quiet a steering wheel squeak?

    My RK55HSC has developed a pretty annoying steering wheel squeak. Everything in the cab seems covered with plastic and inaccessible. I've greased what zerks there are below the tractor. The noise seems to be inside near the steering wheel. Does anyone know how to get to whatever linkage and what...
  31. T

    MF 230 steering is not working

    I have a 230 that has a small cyclinder on each side to steer with. I recently changed fluid, filled with hyd 46 fluid. Now no steering at all. Do I need to bleed> If so, where> I cracked a hose at small steer cylinders and it squirts a little fluid here and there, not a stream. What am i doing...
  32. JDGreenThumb

    Steering wheel spins freely - normal? or problematic?

    Hello all, Have a 755 JD sitting in barn of recently purchased home/property. Planning to move it into shop to begin working on it soon. Tinkering with it the other day found that the steering wheel spins freely. Haven't started it yet, still need to get a battery for it...plan to do that this...
  33. H

    YM1510d Tank return for Power Steering and FEL with Power beyond

    Hi from a German Yanmar Owner, I've been reading here and at the Hoye forum for a couple of years now. I own a YM1510d since 2020 and I'm very happy with this little powerful tractor. I bought the tractor from a dealer who mounted already a FEL. Back in 2021 I updated the maual steering to a...
  34. C

    Power steering Ford 545

    I have rebuilt power steering pump and steering column and still will not turn what what could be my problem? I have not put a pressure gauge on it yet. Ford 545
  35. jkk04

    John Deere 410 backhoe steering cylinder seals replacement

    Quite simple to replace the seals.
  36. S

    Any help with a power steering pump seal? RTV it? 2120

    Power steering pump is leaking between the rear plate and the housing. The seal kits are discontinued. And it's an odd shaped seal. Any chance some good rtv on the flat bit will work? I have attached pics of where it's leaking in the yellow circle and a pic of the plate off and the seal.
  37. C

    Nor trac 254 steering issue

    my north track 254 tractor the steering is hard, one way and then eases up in power steers properly. When you go to steer back, it locks up again. I’ve changed the oil clean the screen have flow to the piston. I took the diverter valve apart and cleaned it everything seems to be good there. all...
  38. Devin 420

    Power steering issue on a 1970s Massey Ferguson

    So me and my neighbor use a 1970s era Massey 31 industrial logging tractor it has a new power steering pump (gear drive off the front gears of the engine) new hoses and cylinder, it steers fine when you first fire it up and take off but once the engine and pump get warm you have to lift the nose...
  39. M

    Yanmar FX42D Steering Box Rebuild Kit and Power Steering Pump

    Hi all, my first question and post here so sorry if I'm not posting correctly. I've got a Yanmar FX42D that is loosing steering capability and am thinking it either needs a steering box rebuild kit and/or a new power steering pump. I checked with my go to folks at Hoye Tractor and they said...
  40. W

    GR2120 Steering Problem

    Was mowing along a few evenings ago, things were going well, made a pass and turned left and the steering only went about 75% as far to the left as usual, it actually steered about like my BX or a little worse. I tried it to the right and the same thing happened. I could feel the glide steer...
  41. KilroyJC

    (Does this count as an attachment?) Who uses a speedball on their steering wheel? Any recommendations ?

    I was plowing/harrowing in some tight quarters today, lots of forward-and-reverse over short distances. I think I need a speedball when backing up my 1962 Case 430. What is a quality unit? And reasons why I should NOT use a speedball? thank you!
  42. L

    Steering ball joints

    I have an older Massey Ferguson 20C that I am replacing the drag link and steering cylinder ball joints. In both cases, I feel like the tapered shaft is too short, and the dust boot is being crushed. I haven't even tightened them all the way yet and the boot is totally squashed. If I steer with...
  43. tallman8251

    2440 Hydraulic Woes

    Annnd I am back... Ok got some strange things afoot with the 2440...When the PTO is disengaged, center lever down, I am having hydraulic issues. The Power steering will only work intermittently with High RPM's, and the rock shaft will do the same it may or may not go up with the higher RPMS...
  44. D

    Wheels turn but tractor doesn’t

    Broke the hydraulic lines to left front steering cylinder. Fluid drained out and of course the wheels didn’t turn. Had to take the lines and cylinder off and have lines made. Put it all back together and now the wheels will turn right and left but they seem to slide in the dirt and the tractor...
  45. Z

    1835M Power Steering Concerns

    I have an 1835MHC that I bought this past spring. It is used 80% of the time for mowing. I generally leave the loader off for easier trimming next to objects and only attach it when I need it. I have noticed that with the loader installed that my power steering loses quite a bit of power...
  46. K

    Zetor 6211 Power Assister Ram Leak

    Hi, I have a 1989 Zetor 6211 for a few years now. I have done a lot of work to it over the years. the problem I am having is when the tractor is running there is quite a dropping leak of power steering fluid from the power steering ram. It leaks from the beginning of the ram from what looks like...