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5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Love my New Holland
Model Year: 2005

I've had it for nearly 5 years and not had one problem with it. I have a front bucket and don't know how people with out one get by. I've scraped roads, driveways hauled tons of boulders for landscaping, cleared snow filled driveways and parking lots plowed gardens and used a single bottom plow to dig potatoes. I can honestly say if I had it to do over I would get the same tractor. It's a tough little tractor. I have a friend with a JD and his bucket is warped and if the paint weren't worn of my NH it looks like new.

Pros: I love everything about my NH
Cons: I might move the headlight knob somewhere else it hits my knee when I dismount.

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
TC30 Manual Transmission 9X3 4WD
Model Year: 2006

Excellent tractor for the money. This is the second TC30 that I have owned. It is a very tough tractors for the size. The biggest problem that I have had is that the rear wheels were too close to the fenders to put chains on the tractor. I reversed the rear wheels and now the chains are not a problem. It appears that the wheels were turned the wrong way when the tractor was delivered. The starter does not engage sometimes when the tractor is cold (below freezing). Have not determined the cause of the problem.

Pros: Does not break easily.
Cons: I wish the roll bar would fold down so I could drive it into my garage.

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Great 1st Tractor
Model Year: 0

Couple of minor problems. Middle injector worked loose and fuel pump connector had crud in it. I sometimes think maybe I should have bought something bigger, but then I look at all the work I'm getting done!

Pros: Tough! Handles easily
Cons: None

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Great tractor
Model Year: 2007

The TC30 is fine tractor,4wd makes it more versatile.Plenty of power,handles well,great on fuel use.The front end loader is a must as 4wd,mine has 9x3 transmission.

Pros: Price, dependability, ease of maintence
Cons: Weight, could be heavier.

4.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

TC30 New Holland
Model Year: 2001

Although others have listed problems with clutch housing / transmission cracking, not sure if this is a later year problem or if limited to standard transmissions, as I have the HST model. Over all has been a real workhorse. Only real complaint is the outrageous over-priced parts if you want to factory fix a problem. $84 for a replacement fuel gauge that lasted just past warranty and measured maybe 1.5 inches by 1 inch. After market fuel gauge and sender $28 and is more accurate, go figure. All in All though, it has been a solid investment.

Pros: Reliable, easy to maintain, durable

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Model Year: 2007

I've been very please with my New Holland TC30. It is used to primarily mow, brush hog, and move snow. In addition it is called upon to do occasional light bucket work and haul fire wood. It has done everything I've wanted with no problems. At the time of purchase I considered Kubota, John Deer, and Mahindra. Comparing 30HP, 4WD, HST tractors - New Holland had the best price.

Pros: Value.
Cons: Fixed roll bar.

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Great tractor!
Model Year: 2003

I use the 4wd a lot. Did my own add-ons.

Pros: Does great and I work it hard!
Cons: No rear light, no tool box, & expensive add on's.

5.00 star(s)
Jim eagle

TC30 New Holland
Only Ban Feature
Model Year: 2008

With the loader the TC 30 is weak. Rear mounts of loader mounts to flywheel housing that is very thin around the mount. My tractor broke into at housing. Bell housing broke and engine tabs broke where bell housing attaches. Thank God that tractor was still under warranty. The dealer repaired by replacing bell housing & engine. New Holland should have beefed up bell housing or used a sub frame. Other than that, this is a great & powerful little tractor!!

Pros: A great deal of tractor for the money.
Cons: Weak design for loader mounts.

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Everything is extra $$$
Model Year: 2003

Great tractor, but not knowing it didn't have a toolbox ($150)and needing front weights would have been nice. Also it did have a way to mount a ball hitch. My friends Kubota had a tool box and hitch with it. It's a mowing machine though. Has the HST transmission, so if you can push the pedal, anyone can drive it! I bolted a my toolbox on the fender, added a rear light, front weights ($200 including shipping, and a FEL three years later.

Pros: Great Tractor!!
Cons: You should finance the FEL, Weights, Etc on the day you buy.

5.00 star(s)

TC30 New Holland
Good Solid Tractor
Model Year: 2000

This is a nice tractor. I'm the 3rd owner. Despite poor upkeep, it run s great. I'm always surprised at how tough it is. I've cleared snow, spread gravel to make a 300' drive, moved gravel fill for a culvert, moved 4 chords of wood in the bucket, bush hogged 12 acres, etc. I've changed the fluids and greased it, and used it. 4wd + 2wd. Starts right up. The tires are 10 years old- Ag tires. The front tires might be a little light for the bucket- but they are holding up. Great tractor. I would buy another.

Pros: Powerful.
Cons: None really.

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