john deere 2320

  1. C

    JD2320 transmission range lever engagement stalls engine

    jd2320 has been idle for a month or so. Starts good, run’s smoothly, but when I try to engage the transmission range lever into either high or low range the engine stalls and quits, Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and/or corrective measures. The range lever will engage the drive, so...
  2. A

    John Deere 2320 Fuel Cutoff Stuck

    Hey all, I’ve got a JD2320 that won’t start. I had a friend stop by who checked a few things and when he pulled the fuel cutoff solenoid found that the fuel cutoff is stuck in the off position. The solenoid works but the valve (or whatever that’s called in the governor) is not springing back. My...
  3. N

    FS: NOVA - JD Front PTO Kits (2) for 01- JD 2320 and/or 2025R and 02- JD 4100 and/or 4110

    01- LVB24900 John Deere Front PTO Kit 2000 Series Power Takeoff Kit used to transfer power from mid PTO to front implements such as a rotary broom or snow blower. Compatible with: 2025R & 2320 John Deere Tractors, Brand New never used, list $350, for sale $200. 02- BM18695 John Deere Front PTO...
  4. M

    Deere 2320 pto shaft turning slowly ?!

    I recently replaced drive shaft and output shaft for second time from dreaded u joint failure. All seemed fine after. Today using brush hog… all good, but after period of time cutter was slowing and see that pto shaft slowing to crawl. Lift cutter and wait and ramps up again. Engine...
  5. JDinVT

    Time to sell my JD 2320, Considering a 3039R or 4052R

    Hello all, It's been a LONG time since I posted on it. I am selling my 2011 2320 (which I think I have sold already for $15,750) which includes a 54D mower deck and a 200CX loader with a 4' Bucket. It has 376 hours, and I have taken really good care of it. I started looking at the 2022...
  6. D

    JD 2320 steering cylinder

    Does anyone have info on replacement for the steering cylinder on JD 2320. I can’t believe John Deere said it’s discontinued.
  7. J

    John Deere 2320 For Mowing and Snow Blowing

    I was wondering if anyone uses a JD 2320 for snow blowing and mowing? I just purchased a house on 8 acres with about 3 acres of mowable yard and a 572ft paved driveway. Does the tractor have enough power to snow blow Northern PA winters and is it compact enough to mow a flat and pretty open 3...
  8. B

    Jd 2305 vs jd 2320

    Any suggestions
  9. T

    Replaced alternator for my John Deere 2320

    I replaced my alternator on my 2320 and the new alternator that was compatible doesn't have a wire coming out the back. It has the female connector built in the back causing the male in connector wire to be too short. I tried to cut zip ties and pull on the wire to make the connection but...
  10. J

    Cab build: Deere 2320

    Finally got around to replacing the Original Tractor Cab soft cab that came with my 2320. Used 1-1/4 square tube for the frame, safety glass from and rear and lexan on the sides. Retained the top and wiper motor.
  11. R

    Universal joints J. Deere 2320

    I have a Deere 2320 tractor. I'm wondering why the U joints are all non sealed unit's? When was the last time we had to grease the U joints on an automobile? This tractor also has a U joint that is almost impossible to get at. In fact it is so well hidden Deere forgot to mention it in their...
  12. J

    Oil & Fuel  JD2320 won't run after starter stops.

    I started my JD2320 this morning and it ran fine. Went away for a couple of hours and now it fires but won't run after I stop the starter. I've checked all fuses, hoses, fuel filter, etc. I have good fuel all the way to the fuel injection pump. If I shut off the fuel and keeping trying to start...
  13. T

    Mid-Mount Mower  2008 John Deere 2320

    I purchased this tractor last summer without a mid-mower. This summer I purchased a 2015 model year 62D mower deck. I purchased the linkage system and installed the mower deck. It all seemed to connect correctly, no issues. The mower deck had a PTO shaft attached. When I tried connecting...
  14. KennyG

    JD 2320 Driveshaft U-Joint

    Under the principle that you should share your mistakes in case others are as careless as you, I just did a little unexpected work on my 2010 JD 2320. Those of you who have these machines know about the infamous engine driveshaft universal joints. I have been scrupulous in greasing mine and the...
  15. kvjohndeere

    2007 John Deere 2320 For Sale 285 hours Virginia

    Hi All I have A John Deere 2320 For Sale Here is A Link Facebook Marketplace: 27 John Deere 232 compact tractor 4x4 Hydrostatic only 285 Hours - Garden Items - Church Road 27 John Deere 232 compact tractor 4x4 Hydrostatic only 285 Hours - farm & garden - by owner - sale I'm Looking down...
  16. S

    2013 John Deere 2320 - Questions and pricing

    Looking at a 2013 John Deere 2320 with loader - no other attachments - no mower - It has less than 80 hrs on it and it very clean and well kept. Ive done my research and see the front u joint can cause issues with lack of grease. When I asked the seller about this they questioned the dealer...
  17. BillBinNH

    Please help - Deere 2320 short to ground

    Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me. About 5 weeks ago I went to start up the 2320 to mow my lawn, but when I turned the key, I was met with no dash lights and no response from the tractor at all. After a ridiculous amount of searching, I found the fuse block and replaced a blown 10...
  18. N

    JD 2320 200cx loader hyd quick connect leaks only when not running

    I don't see a leak when operating but when I put it away I get fluid on the floor from one of the connectors. I ordered some Pioneer O rings which may solve the issue. My question- Why would a connector leak only when not under pressure?? When I park the tractor I release all the pressure from...
  19. R

    John Deere 2320 Power Beyond

    Hello I'm sure this has been discussed numerous times on this forum but I can't find it. I want to install a power beyond for my tractor. Deere wants over 500 dollars for a kit. Just the kit, install is more. Just a simple hydraulic outlet and return for a small back hoe. Any ideas for a less...
  20. Hope Caper

    JD 2320 four wheel drive light won't shut off

    I wonder if anyone out there has had a similar problem? The john Deere was bought second hand and has no books with it. I'd like to hear from someone who has had to change the sensor for the light. I'd like to know where it is located and what is involved with changing it. Reason for asking...
  21. S

    John Deere 2320 modifications

    Here is a link to a short video of a few modifications I made to our 2007 John Deere 2320. Also just testing the new Garmin VIRB X camera I received for Christmas. We have not received very much snow so far this winter so I haven't been able to record any snow blower action with the new camera...
  22. W

    3-Point Hitch  Deere 2320 3 point hitch won't go down

    Morning all. Tried to hook up the box blade yesterday, I couldn't get the 3pt lever to move. Messed with it and got the lever to move but the hitch itself won't go down now. Messed with the knob under the seat to no avail. I have the mower deck on, does this make a difference? Thanks
  23. A

    JD 2320 - rear locker wont engage

    This past winter while removing snow from the driveway I noticed the rear axle locker stopped engaging. I could depress the locker pedal, but no dice as one wheel spins freely. I致e lived without it for a few months now and have decided it痴 time to tackle the repair, it痴 just simply a necessity...
  24. T

    3-Point Hitch  Towing a RV with a John Deere 2320

    I am considering purchasing a 27' airstream that weights 6000 lbs, and I was looking for thoughts on using my John Deere 2320 to move the trailer around in my yard. The hitch weight is 791 lbs for the trailer and the specs on the JD is 1150 lbs. The lawn is flat, and I would have to tow it about...
  25. B

    JD2320 MFWD rear output shaft broken

    Anyone ever have to replace the rear output shaft for the MFWD on a JD2320? The front looks pretty easy but the rear may be more difficult.I have alot of mechanical and electronic experience.(Just means I'm kinda old). Getting ready to order the CD service manual but just wondering if I can get...
  26. mcald62

    JD 2320 HST loss of hydraulic power

    A friend asked me to diagnose his tractor that he let migrant workers use on his property. The tractor starts, runs and moves but it has no hydraulic power to the FEL or the 3 pt. hitch. He believes that they may have overloaded the FEL. He has no manual for the machine, and I'm not familiar...
  27. N

    Box Blade/Scraper size for JD 2320/2025R

    Debating 48" or 54". Leaning toward Everything Attachments or Land Pride. Some previous threads touched on this subject but I thought I would post since 54" blades are becoming more widely produced by manufacturers. My 2320 is 48" wide to the outside of the rear lugs-50" to the outside of tires...
  28. N

    Oil & Fuel  Number of magnets in JD 2320 oil strainer?

    Changed my hydraulic/transmission oil today. The manual said I would find 4 magnets inside the strainer. There were only 2 and they were stuck together. Checked inside the cavity to see if they were in there but no. Strong magnets so unlikely they would leave the strainer. How many did you have?
  29. N

    JD 2320 3 Point hitch questions from a rookie

    I am now the owner of a 2008 JD 2320. 1 owner with 98 hours. came with a CX200 loader and 5' blade. I will use it for driveway maintenance, hauling firewood, making trails with the use of my brother in Laws 4' bush hog. I will probably leave the loader on all the time. Question #1- Quick Hitch...
  30. G

    JD 2320 trans problem

    Morning guy's the output shaft to the front wheels just snaped off the transmission on my 2320. Anyone have this happen and have any repair info? thanx Greg:mad:
  31. nyen0004

    JD 2320 3rd and 4th SCV valves

    Hey Everybody, I am in the process of installing a two spool valve on my JD 2320 so I can have two sets of coupler's at the rear of my tractor for attachments. I know that I need to attach the new SCV to the auxiliary plate just behind the loaders SCV, but the thing I need you guys help for is...
  32. G

    John Deere 2320 Manual

    Folks I am trying to find a John Deere 2420 manual. The manual number is OMLVU16740. I purchased my unit used and it did not have one. It used to be available on line from deere to look at but not any more. Does anyone have an electronic copy or know where I can find one. Thanks.
  33. L

    Best weight synthetic oil for john deere 2320 compact tractor?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Just wondering what weight and brand synthetic oil everyone would suggest to use for my john deere 2320 compact tractor? I live in North Carolina. Summers are hot, Upper 90s and Winters can get very cold Lower teens and even below zero sometimes. Thanks in advance...
  34. M

    Posthole Digger  I have a JD 2320 and hard ground with rocks WHAT PHD do I get for pasture fencing?

    We have two properties and one JD 2320 tractor. We want to remove our t-posts and put in wood posts for a electric fence. One property has sloped ground in places with hard pack and rock. The other has nice clayish soil no rocks, gentle slope. I want to get a PHD that will last, do the job...
  35. D

    Tire Selection  John Deere 2320 Tire Question - Bigger Tires

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to purchase a set of fairly new used turf tires and wheels off a John Deere 2720. Would these work on my tractor. I know the clearance my be close, but I have measured it a ton and think they will fit. I have the opportunity to try them first to see. My real...
  36. S

    John Deere 2320 Broken Drive Shaft

    I have a JD 2320 with 400 hours on it. Purchased in 2008. Recently the drive shaft U joint failed, snapped the drive shaft off inside the rear end. John Deere and my dealer don't want to know anything about it. Worse case estimate from the service department is $6,700.00!!!!!!!!!! When...
  37. S

    JD 2320 Won't Start

    Looking for some pointers if anyone can help... I've got a 2320 tractor that won't start. It had overheated earlier in the day when the grille plugged up and I shut it down to let it cool off. Everything was fine the next time I started it, but after I shut it off a few minutes later it...
  38. The Suburban Farmer

    Deere 2320 Hydraulics Have Gotten Weaker... any suggestions?

    I've just noticed that this spring my 2013 Deere 2320's hydraulics seem weak. I noticed it first when I was moving some dirt, but just thought maybe the dirt was wet and heavier than it was last fall, so I ignored it. But today I went to move a pallet with my pallet forks that I put in the...
  39. The Suburban Farmer

    Deere 2320 PTO HP -- anyone actually test it?

    I'm looking at getting a new PTO-driven wood chipper (probably one of the Wood Maxx chippers) and I got to thinking about the PTO HP of my Deere 2320. On a lot of the pages, there is a "Claimed" versus "Tested" rating for the PTO, and frequently the tested figure is higher...
  40. T

    Need Measurement - John Deere 2320 snow plow

    I'm building a custom plow for my 2320. I have the quick-tach hitch that I will fab a bracket on the plow to mount on the hitch. I need to know how high on the plow the bracket I fab will need to be. If anyone has a 2320 (or similar) plow setup, could you make a quick measurement and reply? The...
  41. T

    Snow Attachments  Need Measurement - John Deere 2320 plow

    I'm building a custom plow for my 2320. I have the quick-tach hitch that I will fab a bracket on the plow to mount on the hitch. I need to know how high on the plow the bracket I fab will need to be. If anyone has a 2320 (or similar) plow setup, could you make a quick measurement and reply...
  42. F

    Snow  john deere 2320 front quick hitch id

    Hi everybody. I found a front quick hitch and plow on craigslist. The owner can't find any model numbers on the quick hitch. He bought it for a 455 and said it doesn't fit. The only info he was able to provide is that "the opening is 9.125 on the top of the quick hitch". Is there any way to...
  43. yelbike

    JD 2320 front quick hitch bracket question.

    Couple questions. 1. Does anyone else leave the quick hitch mounting "box" on the tractor during loader use? Or mmm mowing? 2. Do I have to remove my quick hitch mounting "box" to mount my front mower brackets or am I missing something?
  44. K

    Can relays be tested?....John Deere 2320 electrical issues!!!

    John Deere 2320 .....300hrs But had a battery go bad awhile back. After that ....the gremlins came out!!! The tractor doesn't keep battery charged and the glow plug light stays on. Now I have money...going to try and fix. After many many hrs reading and searching the forums......... Pretty...
  45. J

    JD 2320 drive shaft repalcement

    The front u-joint on my 2320 main drive shaft is failing, and needs replaced. Has anyone done this before or can give helpful hints on how to dissemble and replace the u-joint? I can see it with a flashlight from below, but nor enough room to reach it through the opening, let alone get tools in...
  46. KennyG

    JD 2320 Coolant Change

    My next maintenance task on my 2320 is to change the coolant. Looking at it I can't see a radiator drain plug or petcock. Looks like I just have to pull the lower radiator hose. Am I overlooking a drain?
  47. M

    Looking for a tree spade for a JD 2320

    Anyone have suggestions? Everything I find is for a skid steer and I don't have tools to make one. Pics wound be great
  48. H

    JD2320 PTO lever pops out of gear

    I don't have a service manual and local JD dealer has no idea when they can fit tractor in shop for repairs. When cutting grass with belly mower , the PTO select lever pops out of detent whenever thick grass encountered. Regardless of rpm, speed. Must turn PTO yellow switch off , engage PTO...
  49. D

    JD 2320 Safety switch won't allow to crank w/mid pro selected

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I purchased a used 2320 with 700 hours on it last fall. To say the least I got screwed. While tilling in the fall the rear pto stopped working...after opening it up and finding the JB Weld where the bearing used to be I took it to an actual JD mechanic. One...
  50. johnamon

    Not Starting - JD 2320

    This past Sunday, after mowing the lawn for 3.5 hours, letting the tractor cool while I did some trimming, I blew the grass and dust off. When I tried to start the tractor to put it in the barn, nothing. When I turned the key to run the glow plug light came on and faded to nothing right away, no...
  51. T

    Mowing  Adjusting cutting height for John Deere 2320 Onramp 54" mid mount mower

    I have a 2010 John Deere 2320 with a Onramp 54" mid mount mower. I am having problems adjusting the height of the mower. The max cutting height is 3 1/2" when the mower is all the way up in the locked position. When I put the 3pt mechanical lever down on the highest setting on the mower deck...
  52. W

    John Deere 2320

    Can my compact tractor pull a 14" two bottom plow through very loose soil?
  53. A

    JD 2320 Leaking at shim on top of gear case. Grinding noise when spindle turns.

    Hi all, just picked up a new to me single bottom plow and was plowing up my garden spot when I heard some popping noises coming from the front left wheel when going backwards. Took a look at the gear case and found the back of it was covered in oil. Took it to the barn and pulled of the front...
  54. S

    jd2320 coolant leak

    HELLO ALL i have a 2011 jd 2320 175 hrs on it i noticed a small coolant leak under the fan, hard to tell were it is coming from,mite be from a allen head cap screw i tried to tighten it but it was tight. any ideas were it could be coming from? tu
  55. H

    John Deere 2320 - hydraulic fluid

    Help! Just changed the fluid & filters - according to the manual it said it holds 3.9 gallons - first I couldn't see it in the window, and now it looks over full??? Any ideas? Should I drain some out? I put in the 4 gallons I purchased from the John Deere dealer, but also spilled some so it...
  56. P

    Oil & Fuel  JD 2320 Hydraulic Fluid Check

    HI All,, I need some help with understanding my tractors transmission needs this winter. When cold, 20s or teens my sight window shows no fluid at all. If I operate it for a while it returns to the 3/4 level where it should be. My question is ; if I operate believing the level is ok, but...
  57. B

    John Deere 2320 3 pt hitch problem

    Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving, Has anyone had a problem with the 3 pt hitch on a JD2320 . Mine won't go down. Worked a week ago when I dropped off an attachment! The lever won't even move! I backed way off on flow control, no help! Any Ideas????
  58. W

    Replacing the RPM cable on a JD 2320

    Is there an "easy" way of replacing the RPM cable on a 2023? Me hands seem to fat to fit in behind the fan to get to the cable end. Thanks for any info/help, WiskeyJaR
  59. K

    Newer JD 2320 - *big* radiator leak

    My newer 2320 (only 275 hours) developed a huge antifreeze leak, my big mistake. Engine overheated while I was mowing some tall grass with the 62D belly deck for about 20 minutes. Radiator screen (in back of the fan) was meanwhile getting caked with grass, no with dummy came on that I...
  60. R

    John Deere 2320 Battery

    My battery has failed after 4 years, so time for a new battery. The JD battery is 600 CA, side flange mount with vent tube - 22NF group. All the local auto stores and Tractor Supply have the 22NF battery series but less cranking amps at 470 CA. The JD battery, which no local supplier has in...
  61. T

    JD2320 Home Made Cab

    I've had requests for pics of my home made cab.I pretty much used these idea's for my cab. It was on my 2320. When I purchased the 2720 I installed the cab on it. Front mounts had to be reworked for the 2720 I did some changes to keep it narrow at the top. I also did the back a little different...
  62. K

    JD 2320 squeaking sound, sluggish and almost dies under any kind of load

    Hello all. I am brand new to the forum, and this is my first post. I bought a used JD 2320 2 years ago at about 225 hours from a JD dealer, with bucket and 62D belly mower. Tractor now has 357 hours, and all has been fantastic, until today. I have been using the loader to move lots of...
  63. B

    JD2320 LED Lights and LED Lightbar on ROPS

    I don't think I have posted here much; if at all; but, I wanted to put this up as my way of saying thanks to everyone for all the info you have posted here on the forums. The ideas for the finished product came from here and you all have my thanks for the great ideas. From properly adjusting...
  64. S

    Buying Advice  JD 2320 vs Kubota B3200

    I can get both of these for about the same price. I have a 10 acre horse property and would use the tractor for pasture mowing, manure spreading and moving stuff around. Both should meet my needs but I wonder if the JD benefits, such as easy off/on front loader and better designed pedals, are...
  65. P

    2010 JD 2320 electrical fire-disaster

    Hi all-I purchased my 2320 in April 2010. At 195 hours last week I just did oil, transmission/hydro fluid, all filters and full lube on machine, bucket and 62" Mower. Mowed my lawn once-2 hrs and just mowed the neighbors field last evening-2 hrs. On the way home via my back trails as I got out...
  66. R

    Buying Advice  2010 24 hp HST Deere 2320, 200cx loader, 47 inch snow blower

    Hello Dealer is selling this combo for $16000 which includes 7% sales tax. I drove it around the lot and every thing seems to be working. Is this a good(reasonable) price? Thanks
  67. K

    Mowing  New 2320 Owner/Thanks to the Forum

    Hello and thanks, I am not only a new forum member but also a new tractor owner. Since moving to this amazing piece of property here on the Tennessee River, my wife and I have labored to improve and update it to the level that it deserves. It became instantly apparent that the LT 38 wouldn't...
  68. G

    Chipper  DANUSER 18P chipper on JD2320??

    i have found a Danuser 18P chipper for about $2k, but can find very little info about it. seems to be set up for a cat-0 3pt and has the shortest PTO shaft i have seen, barely 2ft colapsed. I would need to modify it for my quickhitch, both the top and the width, and buy a new PTO shaft. Knives...
  69. R

    Add ons to my new to me JD 2320

    The best add on was the easiest. I found an old drill and stole the handle off it. It really helps when getting up from the seat to get off. This is the best mod by far and easiest. Now I just need to shorten the range selector. I also added some 1/2 inch black iron pipes to the bucket. We...
  70. K

    How To Adjust Brakes, on JD 2320

    Good Day, Would like to adjust the brakes on my 2320. Where and how do I do this? anyone have details? any pics? procedure? Thanks in advance...
  71. R

    New to me JD 2320.

    Hello and good day to all. I joined because I just purchased a JD 2320 with a 54D deck, 200cx loader and quick hitch on the rear. It only has 117 hours but was kept outdoors. The PO hit something and cut a front tire a couple years ago and just parked it. I was able to get it for 10K. So far I...
  72. K

    John Deere 2320 and 46 Backhoe

    Good day , hoping you all with your vast knowledge can help me with sourcing some items... looking for a thumb for my 46 back hoe... looking for cheap place online to ordwer parts for my tractor like filters etc.... wondering if i can get a larger bucket for my loader? has anyone had good...
  73. I

    Price Check  Need your help: looking to purch. JD 2320

    I am currently looking to purchase a 2007, JD 2320 with a 200CX FEL and a 64D MMM. It has 418hrs on it. It is in excellent shape with manuals, service records and extra blades. It's owned by an individual who has already purchased a larger model. The asking price is $14,500. Is this a fair...
  74. yelbike

    Need help mounting Jd2320 quick Hitch.

    I just bought a new to me (front mount)47 snow blower with quick hitch. How do I mount the "box" part of the quick hitch to the tractor frame. Obviously I'm missing a mounting kit. Part number anyone? Also a pictures are worth a thousand words.
  75. K

    JD 2320 oil leaking on front tire?

    Noticed this oil leaking down on left front rim. The pic is the inside part or rim. It apears to be clean motor oil from what I can tell. Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this? I noticed it a couple of times before since I sometimes have to put air in tire from slow leak. Didnt think...
  76. Sven_SITE

    Snow  Jd 2320

    i have a 2320 and am preparing for the storm that we are going to be getting in the north east tomorrow. I have a 200cx loader and jd backhoe attachment. I was planning to remove the backhoe tonight because the outriggers prohibit me from getting close enough to building edges but if i have...
  77. M

    JD 2320 and 3tnv76

    Just Curious, I have been doing some looking at the specs of the 2320 and have noticed that JD list the engine at 24.1 HP. When you look at the Yanmar site for details on the 3tnv76, it lists 25HP at 3200 RPMs? The 2320 specs list the (rated) RPM as 3000 RPM but the max operating at 3170 RPM...

    Yanmar Diesel " Tick in engine" / John Deere 2320

    Has or does anyone hear a slight ticking sound in their Yanmar diesel engine. Almost like a valve lifter noise. I always wear hearing protection when running the tractor. Recently I have been walking beside the tractor as my daughter wants to help out and run the tractor all the time. I haven't...
  79. M

    Re: JD 2320 Idle

    Re: JD 2320 Idle For those 2320 owners out there, when you pull the throttle back to the idle position, what RPM does your machine idle at? Cheers,

    Bucket Grapple Project Deere 2320

    I would say the hard part of the fabrication work is over. Lots of little details left to do. I have the cylinder mounted and the rest of the work is cross supports, gussets, cylinder guard, hydraulic lines and things of that nature.
  81. M

    JD 2320 and 3pt Snow Blower

    I have been looking at the possibility of going green with a 2320 for my property and have 2 different JD dealers selling me a 2320 package with one having a 54" Frontier Rear Blower and the other a 64" Gut feeling is that a 64 is too large for a 2320? Looking for advice.... Cheers,
  82. T

    JD 2320 Wont Go Up a Hill After Warming UP

    Re: John Deere 2320 Hydrostatic Tractor w/loader and backhoe. After being run for 15-20 minutes, the tractor will no longer go up a moderate slope in 2 wheel drive in either Lo or Hi range. (It goes up okay the first couple of times before it warms up.) It goes up okay in 4 wheel drive...
  83. T

    JD 2320 Wont Go Up a Hill After Warming UP

    Re: John Deere 2320 Hydrostatic Tractor w/loader and backhoe. After being run for 15-20 minutes, the tractor will no longer go up a moderate slope in 2 wheel drive in either Lo or Hi range. (It goes up okay the first couple of times before it warms up.) It goes up okay in 4 wheel drive...
  84. J

    JD 2320 fuel flow issue

    Hello to all, I'm new here and am sure glad this forum exists. I own a 2008 JD 2320 and have had no problems with this machine untill yesterday. I was mowing and the engine quit. My fuel gage registered 1/2 full, so I didn't suspect a fuel issue, but I opened the cap and I was nearly out of...
  85. T

    New here and just bought a JD2320

    Found this site by researching the JD 2320 I just bought. This is the first tractor I have bought that wasn't a project.

    John Deere 2320 Modification to 54" snow blade

    Some features of the JD 2320 sold me over the Kubota model in the same catagory/ price range, JD is truely lacking a snow blade that meets my standers for a tractor with this power and size. Kubota offers a much nicer beefier front snow blade built with work in mind. In my opinion the mold...
  87. K

    JD 2320 floor board plastic gets a face lift! (Pics)

    I bought this product on ebay, just search Renew Blak if ya interested. (I orderd the Blak and the Satn from seller. he sent me the Satn and Glos, I emailed him and he quickly sent out the Blak, I got a free bottle!) I live in Florida and the tractor has spent alot of time sitting...
  88. E

    John Deere 2320 Electrical/starting problem

    I have a 4 yr. old 2320 with 120hours on it. I've owned it since it was new and have never had a major problem with it until now. This morning I fired her up for the first time in 2 weeks. I was turning the compost bin with the FEL. After about 5 minutes I shut it down to do some shoveling...

    Wheel spacers / John Deere 2320 / Front and rear

    I recently made some wheel spacers for my JD 2320. The front spacers were needed for tire chain clearance. 1" aluminum with pass thru holes for the lug bolts gives good clearance for the chains. longer 14mm bolts were required. HD 2 link ladder chains "fit" on the rear of my 2012 and clear the...
  90. K

    John Deere 2320 Mid PTO length

    I recently traded in a 4100 for a 2320. My mid pto shaft to the front quick hitch is two short. Does any know the correct length from end to end. I was going to have lengthened and add a cv joint like the 2210s have.
  91. T

    Looking for info on John Deere 2320 independent mower lift

    Just received my independent mower lift kit for my John Deere 2320, but the installation instructions were missing from the box. I have an idea as to where it goes, but looking to see if anyone has any photos of the hydraulic cylinder installed, or maybe the actual installation instructions...
  92. purpony

    WTB: JD 2320 rear grass pickup/bagger

    looking to buy a rear bagger for my 2320.... if you are selling one, please let me know- thanks!
  93. yelbike

    JD 2320, Can it lift round bales????

    I have JD 2320. I was woundering if I can move round bales with it. I was looking at a bale spear for the tph. It would be on a small scale, enough to feed a couple of head. Next option would be to purchase an older tractor to do that job. This is what I get from tractordata:Rear lift (at...
  94. Z

    Oil & Fuel  JD 2320 engine oil?

    What's the right Engine oil for this tractor? It's a 2011 with 58 hous on it and of course it is a diesel. Thanks.
  95. M

    JD 2320 Questions

    I'm looking to pick up a JD 2320 and have a couple questions. Here's what I'm looking to pick up: 2320, 200cx FEL, 54D MMM, R3 Turf tires. First, my thought process and needs are as follows: I have a fairly small yard (1.5 acres), so don't feel I need the 62D deck, nor do I have that many...
  96. K

    WTB - Mid Mount Mower for JD2320

    I am looking for a mid mount (belly) mower for my JD2320. I would prefer the 62D but would also consider the 54D. I am in the Houston, TX area. Thanks
  97. J

    Oil & Fuel  JD 2320 Maintenance

    JD 2320 floorboard and accessories removal to access power shaft front u-joint zerk
  98. J

    JD2320 Park Brake

    Hi All, My JD2320 has a park brake indicator (idiot light - named after me), that seems to hide behind the steering wheel, at least when I need to see it. To make matters worse, the brake does not seem very firm when latched and I invariably end driving with the brake on without really being...
  99. K

    john deere 2320 3 point hitch

    hey, my 2320 has a hitch set up for a model 46 backhoe, this changes the set up for my other attachments. since i do not have one solid pin going thru with the turnbuckles. can someone show me an image of how it should be set up with the spacers etc....
  100. E

    Forks on a JD 2320?

    Have a JD 2320 with 200cx loader, need to move some ledge stone and logs. Frontier has pf10 clamp on forks, but saw pfl20 forks that appear could be used in place of bucket/clamp ons- forks with high back in one piece. I like this better- but seems no clarity on this from dealers. Any...
  101. E

    Forks on JD 2320?

    Have JD 2320 with 200cx FEL, but need to move some ledgestone and logs. Any experience with clamp on forks (frontier PF10) vs frontier PFL 20 or something in lieu of the bucket? sounds like the clamp on forks twist if you dont hit your target straight... I like the idea of the forks with...
  102. I

    JD 2320, 2520, or 2720???

    Here's the scoop. My dad is looking for a new tractor. This is most likely going to be the last one he buys. So he wants to get something special, even a bit overkill. The primary function is going to be mowing (2-3 acres, flat), basic landscaping, and snow removal on a 400 ft driveway...
  103. JD230511

    MY NEW 2320 IS HERE!!!!

    I got my New tractor today!!! Man was I susprised!!! I didnt think I didnt think i would get it till the first of next week. Dealer didnt have the hood guard in stock but he said I could come and get the tractor and he would UPS it to me, said it was just a couple bolts and it was done...
  104. JD230511

    New 2320 Coming my way!!!

    Well I did it. I bought a new tractor today. Dealer is going to call me when its ready to be picked up. I bought a 2012 2320, 200cx loader, hood gard, 62D drive over deck. Should be ready on Monday or Tuesday. Traded the 2305 in on it.
  105. K

    What size RFM for a JD2320

    Hello! I have a JD 2320, and I am shopping for a rear finish mower. I already have a rotary cutter (Frontier 2048). I found a used Land Pride FDR1648 on criagslist for $500 OBO (so I could pick it for under $500 I am sure). It looks like it is in great shape. It seems like a great deal, but...
  106. 3

    Kubota 2360 vs John Deere 2320

    I have a Kubota 2360 and looked at John Deere 2320 really liked John Deere for many reasons ground clearance and better 3 point hitch that would better suit my needs over what i have. I would appreciate any insight anyone may have on John Deere 2320 as far as dependability durability. trying to...
  107. C

    Price Check  Price Check on Jd 2320

    Hi, Is $11,500 a reasonable price for a 2008 JD 2320 with FEL and 80 hours? This is a private sale in Maine. Thanks, Jason
  108. yelbike

    Need to replace the block heater on my JD 2320

    I need to replace the block heater on my 2320. Is there a way of not draining all the antifreeze or am I SOL? :confused:
  109. B

    New 2320 Pricing Guide

    What is a really good price that I should try to get a new 2320 with 200cx FEL and 54Dmmm for? I would be buying it in either Georgia or Alabama, and would be financing it through the 0% 48 month promo.
  110. B

    2008 JD 2320 200CX Loader Question

    Hey Everybody, I'm thinking about purchasing a used 2008 JD 2320 with a 200cx loader. My only question is if this loader has the quick attach/detach capability? Is there anything I should be worried about purchasing this used tractor? Everything appears clean on the outside, and it only has 80...
  111. V

    john deere 2320

    My 2320 is losing power under load dropping to a low rpm that would fluxuate between 1500-2500. If i would stop the mower it would recover but would act up again when i begin to drive. If i would have the mower on and not in drive, it seems to recover, It seems like it becomes starved for fuel...
  112. B

    Tires  JD2320 Tire pressure

    I am fairly new owner of a JD2320. I have done some modifications (rear spacers) recently to put chains on the rear wheels for the upcoming plow season. I only have 24hrs on the machine and so this is the first time I have checked the tire pressure since receiving the machine. According to...
  113. J

    JD 2320 with MMM

    Is there anything left hanging down after the deck is removed?? I'm looking hard at this tractor and trying to decide on a MMM or finishing mower. Thanks
  114. L

    (UPDATE) JD 2320 tire & rims R4

    After looking all over Internet for good pricing for R4 tires an rims to fit my 2320, I talked to a very helpful JD Dealer in Vermont. This guy named Scotty I believe explained to me what I was looking for could not be found in JD-parts that it was sold in bundle numbers thru the JD salesmen who...
  115. J

    Price Check  JD 2320 alternator and block heater pricing

    Hi All. This is a first post after some weeks of reading good stuff here. I must say I am impressed with the quality of exchanges in this forum. I just completed the financing of a new 2320 with mmm. A few weeks back I picked up a used 200 CX loader so in a few days I hope to be playing...
  116. 1

    attaching woods tgs50 to jd2320

    fellow members i have a jd2320 with power beyond that i want to attach a woods tgs50 to but the dealer says that i will need a special valve to do this and want 1700.00 for it. what will i need to attach the tgs50. thx:confused:
  117. L

    John Deere 2320 Rim's

    Does anyone know where I can find front and rear rims to fit my 2320 compact tractor other than John Deere dealer, their price is unGodly. Looking for an extra set for AG tires.
  118. lost in wisconsin

    Electric Actuator for Spout Control (JD 2320)

    In response to Deere 2520's post last week regarding installation of a rocker switch for an electric actuator, I thought I would finally post how I handled this task. I completed this task in January of this year. This is by no means an original idea of my own but instead my plan after reviewing...
  119. L

    Took Delivery of my JD 2320 yesterday

    Hello all, My big little tractor arrived yesterday, right now she's hanging out in the garage with the car until the barn gets built. We've got two acres to work with here in NC and I think she'll be up to the task. Brand new tractor, but a big issue with the CX200 loader not wanting to raise...
  120. M

    Strange JD2320 electrical problem

    Tractor running fine. After approx 2 hours i shut off and got no crank on restart. No lights either . .just a weak whine behind the instrument panel. Thought maybe alternator died and somehow battery drained (but how with no lights running??). Tried boosting from truck . . got lights but...
  121. critter986

    John deere 2320 starting

    I was just operating a 2320 yesterday. The machine ran great however when starting, it jars the whole machine once it starts and then it stops once at idle. This isn't a very big concern however it doesn't seem like it should do this. Does anyone know why it's doing this or have the same problem?
  122. S

    JD 2320 Electrical Problems

    2320 starts fine but is running off the battery. Alternator output voltage is correct at low and high idle. Battery ground connection is clean and tight. Battery voltage is 12.8 running or not. Battery is not charging at all. Battery is new. Old battery was boiling over on one cell when in...
  123. N

    John Deere 2320 pto questions

    Just got a PTO Chipper for my JD 2320. Problem is, I can't keep the tractor running with the PTO on unless my rear is in the seat. I'm tired of putting a 100lb sack of feed on the seat to chip all the windfalls this constant train has given us. My last JD had a metal bail you put over the seat...
  124. B

    What is the Difference Between the 2011 and 2010 JD 2320?

    I am considering buying a used 2010 2320. How much should i expect to pay for this tractor? Also, What are the differences between the 2010 and 2011 models? Thanks!
  125. B

    I need Help Buying a New JD 2320

    Hi, I am trying to get a new 2320 within the next couple of days. I want to also get a front end loader and 62 inch belly mower. My dealer is saying the best he can do with a 18% discount from the American Quarter Horse association on the list price of the loader and tractor is $16,313 without...
  126. J

    JD2320 What Box Blade size

    What size box blade to get for a JD2320 4' or 5' ? Found a good deal on a 5' Woods box blade but wondering if thats to big for the JD2320.
  127. A

    New Jd 2320 cooling line looks rusty

    I was washing the tractor down with the garden hose when I realized what looks like a rubber coating on the cooling line in front of the radiator and also just below where the battery sits has came off and is rusting. Tractor has less than twenty hours on it. Seemed like something I should bring...
  128. A

    Jd 2320 cooling line looks rusty

    I was washing the tractor down with the garden hose when I realized what looks like a rubber coating on the cooling line in front of the radiator and also just below where the battery sits has came off and is rusting. Tractor has less than twenty hours on it. Seemed like something I should bring...
  129. JDinVT

    JD 2320 Price Check

    Hi all! Looking at a JD 2320 (might buy tomorrow) with a 200cx fel and a 54" drive over mower deck. Dealer is adding filled tires and a ballast box. Best cash price I have got was $15,964 + 7% VT tax. (using 1K special going now) Seems good to me..what do you all think? :thumbsup:
  130. S

    New 2320 coming next week...

    Finally took the plunge and got a 2320. Looked at Kubota, but after driving 2320 and 2520, I much prefered the Deere for quiet smooth operation. Did some shopping in So. NH and No. MA and got the best deal at North Country Tractor in Pembroke, NH. Tractor, loader, ballast box and RB2060 rear...
  131. G

    JD 2320 Front PTO

    Hi, We had a late season snowstorm, and i wanted to reattach my front mount blower. However, I am finding it very difficult to reattach the front PTO inside the quick hitch mount. It was also very difficult to remove the front PTO, and i found that I needed to loosen some of the bolts attaching...
  132. S

    JD 2320 in my shed, will floor support it?

    Will be getting a JD2320 with FEL and ballast box shortly. I'm estimating it will be around 3000 lbs total. Wondering if it's a bad idea to store it in my shed (8' x 16'). Floor is framed with 2x8 16" on center spanning 8 feet. It's decked with 2x6. I'm sure this exceeds the 40 lbs/sq foot...
  133. A

    Had a blast on my new 2320 today

    Mowed the yard, moved a fallen tree to the burn pile, graded a low spot and dug a hole. Oops! Time to pick up the kiddo from grandmas.
  134. Dale1995

    JD 2320 Mirrors

    I just bought some mirrors from Curtis Cab, and want to mount them on my JD 2320 tractor, which has a curtis soft sided cab.I am wondering how to mount these to the tractor cab, so that in the event I hit a branch while using my rotary cutter or get to close to something I won't destroy the...
  135. bill in ny

    jd 2320 price

    does 16,000 sound like a good price with 200cx loader and 54d mmm with independent lift?
  136. A

    Price Check  Buying a JD 2320

    Price with 54 inch mower deck, 200cx few, and frontier box blade for $18,325. Seems good? 0% 48 months.
  137. N

    Buying Advice  John Deere 2320 pricing US vs. Europe

    Hi, I'm going to buy a new compact. My first choice is a JD 2320 with FEL, MMM and snow bl. But in Europe this one is far to expensive. I think I'll pay appox 22000 US$ for this one in US, but in Europe it is the double! Over 40.000!! Then I'll have to buy an other brand. Are anybody familiar...
  138. T

    Buying Advice  JD 2320, 2520 OR BOBCAT CT225

    I am looking at my first and only real tractor for my house. I have 5 acres. Will be mowing, tilling, snowblowing and maintaining lane mostly. i need some advise on what the better tractor for my needs and price would be. Here are my purchase options i have narrowed it down to. All are used, as...
  139. B

    JD 2320 on the way

    Hello All, Wanted to say thanks to all who helped me make the decision, looking forward to getting to work or playing around not sure which.
  140. 7

    Price Check  New John Deere 2320 vs Used 3320

    I went shopping for a new tractor. I like the size and looks of the 2520, priced a new 2011 it with 200CX FEL and JD46 Backhoe at $23,500 ($6700 for backhoe WOW!) Anyway dealer called me and he just got in a on trade a used 2006 3320 with 300CX FEL (with 62" bucket-- same bucket as 2520) and...
  141. dmay


    With thanks to Kennyd's post and links provided here to posts from lt220, jimgerken and lincolnvt (thanks all for sharing your knowledge) I am thinking to mount a valve oriented like...
  142. H

    JD2320 or 2520

    Thinking about buying a JD 2320 or 2520. Leaning toward 2520 for an additional 2 Grand +/-. Will mow about 4 acres and raise large garden. Your thought on weakness or advantage on both Please.
  143. dmay

    JD2320 DIY PB kit

    The John Deere power beyond kit for my tractor lists for $304 CDN. Looking at the kit and reading and gathering knowledge from the expert members here I think one can build their own PB kit at substantial savings. I'm hoping this thread (with the help of others) will become a DIY PB Kit shopping...
  144. SullyInMA

    JD 2320 Pricing

    For any 2320 owners out there. I received pricing from a local dealer. Any input if pricing listed below sounds too high or not? I haven't tried haggling with them yet. They listed options on the mower and snow blower which adds quite a bit to the base price for those implements. I'm not sure if...
  145. dmay

    JD2320 - split SCV hard lines to both mid and rear remotes?

    Hi all hydraulic experts. I've searched and not found a direct match to my idea to split the SCV hard lines. My thought is to remove/somehow use/replumb the factory JD 2320 SCV hard lines through electronic diverter vales so that you end up with both mid and rear remotes that utilize a toggle...
  146. lost in wisconsin

    JD 2320 w/ Heavy Hitch and Hitch Haul

    Here are a few pics of the Heavy Hitch my CFO had delivered as a late Christmas gift:
  147. HammA5690

    Price Check  price check on jd2320 with 62" mmm, BH, and FEL

    Just a price check on a jd 2320 with a 62" mmm, BH, and a BH. I live in upstate ny about 20 miles from binghamton. Also can the 2320 run full size implements like a brush hog or post hole auger or would I need to buy smaller implements. The tractor will be used for mowing 2 acres weekly and 5...
  148. HammA5690

    Price check and questions on jd 2320

    I am debating between the kubota bx 25 and the jd 2320. The kabota is nice because it comes with a FEL and BH for a good price. The only thing holding me back is the ground clearance and that the bx can not use full size implements. I was wondering if anyone could give me a price range for a...
  149. E

    Trailering JD 2320

    My new 2320 with FEL- and advice about type, size and methodology of trailering and transporting?
  150. E

    From JD170 to JD2320

    New to the forum- my new 2320 is coming next Monday...feel like an excited kid who can't wait to play with his new toy!
  151. B

    Owner review of Kubota B2920 v. Deere 2320

    Well, I mentioned in another thread that I'd outline the reasons why I traded my B2920 Kubota in for a Deere 2320. And at the risk of criticism, I'm writing this up to save someone in my position the expense of making the same mistake... I believe the more you learn from other's experiences...
  152. dmay

    Snow  John Deere 2320 winter shots

    Here are a few shots of my 2320. I've got 9 hrs on it so far. Just finished blowing snow in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A beautiful sunny cold day at -21 Celcius.
  153. G

    Buying Advice  John Deere 2320 / 2520 ??????

    I am in the process of picking out a new tractor either the 2320 or the 2520, I am trying to sell my 2008 Cub Cadet GT 2544 on craigslist but have had no bites yet.... I hate to loose that extra $500 on a trade in because I still owe some money on the cub. Anyway I was really leaning toward the...
  154. R

    JD2320 locked differential problem

    My 2320 is in the locked differential mode and won't release. That is the lever is down and won't rise to indicate unlocked. This is making it difficult to steer while plowing. Any ideas?
  155. Sven_SITE

    JD 2320 Grille Cover

    I found last winter while doing snow removal with my 2320 that the battery would get very cold and I would often have problems restarting the machine without jump starting it when going back out to do additional snow removal after a short amount of time. The battery is located right behind the...
  156. H

    Traction  JD2320 wider axle

    Does anyone know if making a wider wheel base on a JD2320 is possible ? I have many steep hills and need more stability. Any manufacturer/kit recommendations would be appreciated.
  157. kennyd

    Meyer's plow on a JD 2320

    So, A guy (named Joe) from this forum asked me to build a custom plow setup for his new 2320. As some of you know the 54" plow that JD offers for the 2x20 series machines is a joke on many levels...So Joe bought a well used Meyer 78" plow of CL, and wanted it put on his tractor before...
  158. F

    New 2320, I'm frustrated

    It's a really nice day so I figured I'd try to mount the 62" mower under my new 2320. I quickly realized I do not have the front bracket to mount the mower. The salesman told me all the stuff I need is there to mount it but he is WRONG, I need the LVB24899 bracket to get it hooked up. Then I...
  159. L

    Rubber floor mat for JD 2320?

    Just curious if there is any available rubber floor mat for a 2 series JD. My plastic "floor" is very slippery. Maybe it's the particular shoes I wear too but thought I'd ask.
  160. Lt220

    Installing a 2 spool SCV on a JD 2320

    Hey guys, I read nearly everyday topics listed here and enjoy it alot. I'm new to the site and hopefully someone here can assist me with a problem. I have a JD 2320 and I'm installing a 2 spool SCV to control a grapple attachment I'm making as well as other hydraulic attachments. I did not buy...
  161. K

    JD 2320 3rd scv or build my own

    I am thinking about adding hydraulic rotation and deflection to my snow blower for this winter. JD has the 3rd scv kit available now, but since I want to add both I need 2 sets of ports. I know I can add an electric diverter to do both, but then I got to thinking maybe I could just fab up my...
  162. L

    What does a JD 2320 weigh and a few other questions?

    Hi gang, First time poster here. I am a Lawn Care Professional and am strongly thinking of ordering a 2320 mostly to drag a Ryan 48" Lawnaire Core Aerator around my customers lawns. At some point I may add a slit seeding unit to my arsenal also. I have a Pace 20 foot enclosed trailer, and...
  163. 1

    Problems trying to install chains on rear wheels of JD 2320

    I'm having some problems trying to figure out how to mount chains on the rear wheels of my John Deere 2320 tractor. First of all, to clarify why I even think of chains, I live on the side of a mountain in Northern British Columbia. My driveway is about 500 feet long and there are a few sections...
  164. D

    John Deere 2320 problem

    I have a John Deere 2320 with about 220 hours on it. About 20 hours ago the hydro fluid started getting milky and not pumping correctly so I changed the filter and replaced the fluid. Everything went fine until the last hour of so of usage. The engine seems reluctant to hit full RPM. I have...
  165. lost in wisconsin

    Price Check  John Deere 47" Snowblower (for JD2320)

    I was at the dealer earlier this week picking up some supplies when I happened so see a 47" snowblower sitting next to the new ones still in the crate. When I inquired, the salesman informed me someone had upgraded to the 54". Dealer is asking $2400 for the entire setup including hydraulic...
  166. JDinVT

    JD 2320 vs B2320

    I was sold on green and yellow paint, but everyone I speak with tells me I should get something orange - mainly a Kubota that is orange. See - the people that are telling me this seem to know more about tractors than I do, and make me second guess my thinking. I assume I cannot go wrong with...
  167. F

    Price Check  New 2320 price?

    I'm thinking about buying a new 2320 with a 62" mower, a snowblower, and a tiller. I called the local JD dealer today and told him what I wanted and he told me they have a slightly used 2320 with loader,snowblower and mower for $23,000. I told him to check out how much a new one is anyways, but...
  168. O

    Comparison  JD 2305 vs JD 2320

    Hi, I have 10.5 mostly flat acres of property - with about 6.5 acres being forested. The rest is about and acre of cleared land for building (barn, house, vehicle turnaround etc.) and then there is a 1 acre meadow, and a 400' gravel driveway. I intend to use a small tractor for brush hogging...
  169. mcgill72143

    JD 2320 advice please

    I ordered the 2320, 200cx FEL , and the 54D but from what I read here its (54D) tight to edge with and some are advising to go with the 62D because it sticks out farther to get in tight around trees and things....does anyone have a pic of the 54D or 62D and rear tires... I got time to change the...
  170. KB9UDE

    John Deere 2320 and more!!

    For sale is a 2008 JD 2320 with less than 150 hours. It has a 2 range hydro tranny and R4 tires. Warranty until October 2011. Pics are avaliable. Package includes: 2320 tractor 200cx loader with 61" bucket 62D drive over deck 14 bushel material collection unit (bagger) Independant hydraulic...
  171. Pushing_Tin

    Resale value on a JD 2320 120 hours?

    For any tractor salesman or other experts out there, can you toss out a ballapark figure on a 2007 JD 2320, 120 hours, FEL and Land Pride 48" mower? I'm looking to get a bigger tractor and I need to see if trading it in is a dumb idea vs waiting awhile and selling private party. I paid about...
  172. dmay

    Kubota B2320 vs John Deere 2320

    I've been comparing a Kubota B2320 to a John Deere 2320. I felt this was a fair model match up. Here are some of the key differences I found: Kubota B2320 - LA304 loader has a pinned non quick connect coupler - 48in bucket size is mandatory which does not exceed tread width (~50in) - front...
  173. Rustyrat

    Woods BH70x too big for JD2320/2520?

    I had one JD dealer spec a Woods BH70x for a 2320/2520. Another told me it would be too big, he recommended the JD backhoe. Anyone with any experience with this combo?
  174. I

    JD 2320 pics

    They delivered the tractor today. Yippee! I may have to call in sick tomorrow. Teaser pics, click link below for the rest.. Tractor Stuff
  175. K

    Will a JD 2320 fit in a 6x12 dump trailer

    I have be thinking about purchasing a dump trailer for awhile now. I'm in the middle of a project where it would be really nice to have one. I have found a good deal on a 6X12, but I am wondering if the 2320 will fit in it. I have measured and without anything on the 3pt I think it will...
  176. I

    New 2320 owner

    Funny how it came about, really. Had my mind set on a used tractor and FEL. I'm really cheap. The 0% financing offers from all the manufacturers had gotten my attention though. I had actually settled on a new Kioti CK20 based on recommendations both from the web and personal acquaintances...
  177. C

    Need a favor, JD 2320, 2520, or 2720 owners near Denver

    Got a favor to ask if someone in the Denver Colorado area has a Deere 2320, 2520, or 2720 tractor. Drop me a PM or Email please. Chad
  178. scrivy69

    Buying Advice  2007 Kubota BX 24 or Brand new JD 2320

    I think I found a great deal but this is my first tractor. I was pondering between a brand new JD 2305 and JD 2320, then not a mile from my house a guy is selling a 2007 BX24 loader-backhoe, 60 in mow deck with approximately 30 hrs on the whole unit very clean looks like brand new for...
  179. P

    Snow Attachments  Alternative snow plows for JD 2320?

    Hi all-looking at purchasing a JD 2320 with FEL and 62"mmm. The snow plow available from JD is a 54" front-mounted bade that many TBN'er's say is not wide enough when the blade is angled-the blade doesn't cover the back tire which then makes the job more difficult by compacting the un-plowed...
  180. M

    Price Check  John Deere 2320

    I am new to this but have viewed this site and found it very helpful with the information in concern of my future purchase it even swayed me from the 2305 to look at the 2320, I shopped at other vendors even Kubota which was about 1,500.00 more than John Deere when compared apples to apples. I...
  181. Wabiv

    Kubota 2320 / JD 2320

    Hi all, Have been lurking for awhile. I have been to all the local dealers and have decided it is between these two. I will have a FEL and RMSB to start. Eventually I will want a roto tiller. Any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance.
  182. G

    Help On Choosing Options On JD 2320

    I've finally decided on the 2320 over the 2520 (this site is great and full of great reviews BTW). Now I need to decide on the options/add-ons and would like some feed back. Here are the attachments I'm getting: 1) 200cx loader 2) 47" 2 stage snow blower 3) the grass/leaf bagger system...
  183. 8

    Mowing  JD 2320 72" Mower

    Will a 2320 handle a 72" finishing mower or would I be better off getting a 60"
  184. Gizmo2

    JD 2320 4WD Lever

    I really need to put a small bend in the 4WD lever on my 2320. The way it is now is driving me nuts and more so in the winter with a big set of gloves on. I will need to heat the lever and would rather not do this with the lever on the tractor. Anyway, can someone tell me the need for two pins...
  185. P

    B2620 vs JD2320

    First time on TBN, I just sold my BX2200 with FEL and mowing deck looking to get a little bit longer and wider tractor for stability and of course some more power wouldn't hurt either. I landed on these two models I loved my BX2200 the only things that is slowing me down on the new B2620 is that...
  186. rbutterfield

    JD 2320 Subframe For 46BH

    I am in the process of building a backhoe for my 2320. I would like to build the subframe as well and attach it to the tractor the same way as the JD subframe designed for the 46 BH on a 2320. Would any of you that have a 46 mounted on a 2320 be kind enough to let me know the installation...
  187. B

    JD2320 Leaking fluid around the 4 hydraulic quick-connects...

    Hi All, I noticed in the Fall that I had some red drippings coming from the 4 hydraulic quick-connects (not sure which one, or if more than one). The FEL was connected. Not huge puddles, just a couple of drips I noticed when I was parked. I didn't worry too much because I was taking...
  188. F

    JD2320 VS. Kubota B2620

    Finally got the ok from the wife to get a real tractor. Torn between B2620 vs. the JD2320. Tractor will be primarily used for mowing about 3 acres of lawn. Looking at the 60" MMM. FEL work will consist of moving compost, gravel, wood. Need a rotary tiller for 60x60 garden. And finally a box...
  189. F

    B2620 VS. JD2320 Little Help

    Finally got the ok from the wife to get a real tractor. Torn between B2620 vs. the JD2320. Tractor will be primarily used for mowing about 3 acres of lawn. Looking at the 60" MMM. FEL work will consist of moving compost, gravel, wood. Need a rotary tiller for 60x60 garden. And finally a box...
  190. J

    JD2320 Pulling power

    Does this seem right? My manual says the 2320 weighs 1,660 lbs. If you want to tow a trailer with brakes it can tow 4.5 times it痴 weight 7,470 lbs. Trailer with no brakes 1.5 times it痴 weight 2,490 lbs.
  191. N

    Price Check  JD 2320 Used price - ok ?

    Hi All, thanks for great forum. I am looking to purchase a used 2006 JD 2320, with a 200CX loader. Time is higher , at 550hrs. best price I can get dealer to is $9400 Is this a reasonable price ? Unit looks in good shape, no signs of abuse but I do not know for key items to look for on this...
  192. Dale1995

    Oil & Fuel  Breaking oil in new 2320?

    I just visited my local John Deere dealer, and wanted to buy a quart of oil for my 2320, After checking the level I found that it was down a little bit. It probably was never quite full when I took delivery. I only have 17 hours on it. So when I told the salesman I needed a quart of 5w-30 for...
  193. Dale1995

    john Deere 2320 noisy snowblower?

    Hi guys, well snow has finally come to northern maine, and I just took out my tractor and front mount 47" snowblower for the first time. I used to own a x485 with this same snowblower setup and it was very quiet even when you raised it to its maximum level. In the past I remember reading that...
  194. jdl

    JD 2320 vs NH T1510 race pics

    Racing against the boss with my 2320...
  195. C

    Does a JD2320 sound right for me?

    Hello all -- I will start shopping for a new CUT in the next few weeks, armed with the knowledge I've gained by browsing this forum for some time. Thanks for the resource!:D I think I have a good idea of what will suit my needs best, but I was hoping to bounce my thoughts off of anybody who...
  196. BlackRaptor

    I found a cheap enclosure for us 2320 2520 guys for winter

    Hey guys I found this seller on ebay. it might not be pretty but it would keep you out of the blowing wind in the dead of january. I might pick one up because it's not too expensive and i don't want a cab in the summer and this looks easy to pop off. HARD TOP CAB ENCLOSURE FOR JOHN DEERE 2320 -...
  197. J

    JD2320 vs. B2320

    I'm new to this and looking to purchase a nice CUT. I have about 3 rolling acres to mow with various landscaping, and snow plowing. I've got my choices down to a John Deere 2320 and Kubota 2320. I plan on starting out with a FEL and 60" MMM and maybe a front blade for snow removal if the...
  198. S

    Price Check  '07 JD 2320 Price Check?

    I'm looking at CUTs and this one caught my eye in MI. Drove it today, really liked the way it handled, controls, etc. I'm new to this but liked the machine. Anyway, here's the deal: a 2007 model JD 2032 w. 200CX Loader, 69 hours, looks = very light use (almost new), no Xtras except one eye...
  199. Timberman444

    Calling any JD 2320 owner with brush hog

    I am looking to buy a brush hog for my John Deere 2320, I was wondering how well the tractor handles a 4 foot rotary cutter, but I was also wondering if anyone has used a 5 footer behind a 2320 and if the tractor has enough PTO HP to run the 5 footer. I will be mowing relatively flat fields...
  200. H

    Homemade Cab for Deere 2320 CUT

    OK, so after the past winter using my 2320 with a rear mounted Farm King snowblower, it became very obvious that I needed a cab! When that ol' wind catches the stream just the wrong way and hits you in the face with it, it doesn't matter how bundled up you are, it's cold! I didn't like the...