ford 2000

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    1974 Ford 2000 front end loader

    I have a 1974 ford 2000 tractor and I’m looking for loaders that will fit. I saw that the Ford 771 and 772 fit. But, I was wonder if and other brands or series will fit?
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    Looking for a Ford tractor 711 one arm loader

    Good evening all, I am not sure I am in the right forum, but here goes. Several years ago, I purchased a Ford 2000 Tractor, with a Bush Hog and a Ford 711 one arm loader, non manuel dump. While the tractor was in being serviced and repaired, the Hog, Bucket, and Front End Loader were stolen...
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    Ford 2000 3 Cylinder Gas Fuel Lines

    Is anyone able to share photos or drawings of the correct path for fuel lines? I have acquired a 1974 Ford 2000 with a gasoline 3 cylinder engine. Someone has cut the original fuel lines and connected directly from fuel tank to carburetor. I bought some steel tube and would like to bend and...
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    Need help with ford 2000!

    I was bushhoging with my grandpas 1973 ford 2000 diesel last summer and the back tires went down in a little ditch and the bushhog stayed up on the hill so I was stuck until I raised bushhog. Well after that the high pressure line going into the hydraulic pump blew out. So we pulled it up to the...
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    Ford 3000 3-point lift lever

    My 3-point lift lifts OK and will hold anything i lift up as long as the lever is all the way up, even when shut off. The problem that I have is that only the last couple of inches of the lever control all the motion. How do I get a full range of the lever? Is there any adjustment? Something broken?