1. B

    Add Rear 3-point control to Subcompact?

    I just figured out how to add a rear 3-point lift control to the back of my RK25/TYM T25. I think this may work for most tractors: if you like it, please comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!
  2. Torvy

    Branson expansion

    Saw a new video today from Mike at LSE in Nashville. They sell Kioti and added TYM about a year ago. Now he has Branson, too. I guess this gives us some indication of how TYM feels about Branson.
  3. C

    TYM HST330 SCV (Secondary Control Valve) Mahindra 3510

    I have a 2005 TYM HST330 which has mostly served me well. Made by TYM, it was also sold as the Mahindra 3510 (so you Mahindra owners might have a suggestion here). I bought it used in 2010 with 191 hours on it and recently passed 700. It has an SCV (secondary control valve) and its control...
  4. B

    New Turnbuckle

    Anyone know where I can find this turnbuckle? RK 25. It vibrated off when I was grading a big drive. I would like it to match if possible. The turnbuckle length itself is 4" bolt measures about .5" across.
  5. PuddingTader

    What is this part called

    I need help identifying what this is called. It activates the lift arms from the exterior of the tractor.
  6. C

    TYM T264 Hydraulic fitting sizing

    Hello everyone; Just bought a used TYM T264 and am thinking of installing a third function, as Tony's Tractor Adventure Homestead Shows in his video and getting a grapple for logs/brush/etc but I'm having trouble finding what the hoses/connections/fittings sizes are. Call the nearest dealer...
  7. lgnxytr

    TYM T353 HST Won't Turn Over

    hey there folks, first post so lets try and make this simple as possible. So, i know it is winter and freezing temps so already conditions aren't on my side. well i went to start the tractor a week or so ago and it started up just fine. Ran inside to grab some tools to take with me and i come...
  8. saxon11

    TYM T474 vs John Deere 4044M

    I'm buying a new tractor and it's between the TYM T474 ($35k new) and John Deere 4044 ($52k new). They are similar in specs, but about $17k price difference. Obviously JD has better brand, more dealers, and sounds like when I talk to folks, a better tractor. I'm trying to warrant spending...
  9. TYM394HST

    Rodents Chewed Main Engine Harness 🐁⚠️😫

    Hello everyone, The other day I went out to start the tractor and noticed multiple check engine lights on dash. I immediately shut it down and begin to inspect the engine. Well to my horror I found a giant rodent nest. So after cleaning everything out and inspecting I found a few spots where...
  10. B

    T25 (RK25) PTO Electrical short

    This was the first weekend that I have really used the PTO - couple hours and I was mowing. I stopped for a little bit and then started it up again at which it wouldn't do anything even though the dash light was on. I opened the fuse box and found the 5 amp blown for the PTO. I put another in...