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  1. J

    John Deere 2305 Compact Tractor Transmission and rear PTO failure

    I have continued this posting from a previous one that was getting quite lengthy, the purpose of this thread is to share and gather information on a John Deere 2305 rear PTO failure and...
  2. J

    2305 with 47" 2 stage snowblower question

    Do any one you 2210 or 2305 owners have a 47" front snowblower attachment on your tractor? Any feedback on it? I have listened to one running and cannot believe how loud it is! The same blower...
  3. B

    Can't decide X748 or 2305

    Really stuck here. I have aquired a few small farm/estate properties to cut. I want the best built 60 or 72" mid mount mower/tractor I can get with a diesel, 4WD and some versatility to run a...
  4. archerynut

    JD 2305 vs. BX24

    Currently in the market for a SCUT. I have narrowed the field to the JD 2305 and the Kubota BX24. Have tried both models and liked both. Just wanted to have some others weigh in on the issue...
  5. Henri88

    2305 engine needs to be rebuilt

    Well, my girl is apparently very sick. :( Brought it over to my dealer yesterday to replace the tranny fan on the warranty and I mentioned to them about a few issues I been having lately. One of...
  6. H

    New 2305! I'm an idiot...

    Well, I bought the 2305 TLB w/ 62" deck today. They said it would be a couple weeks to get the tractor/loader/mower ready but the BH may take 4 weeks or so. Everyone else around said about 10 days...
  7. Mayor

    New Green 2305

    Just want to show off the new tractor. JD 2305, FEL, 62in MMM, iMATCH, 4ft Box Blade, Weight Box, and upgraded lighting. Just wanted to say thanks for the tractor reviews on the 2210 and 2305. It...
  8. B

    thinking of upgrade to 2305

    I have an x320 which I bought last year. The tractor has been nothing but trouble and they are picking it up tomorrow to fix it once again. I had a carburator issue, then it threw two belts and...
  9. R

    Purchased 2305

    Hello, just signed on the dotted line for a new 2305, 62mmm, CX200, loader, Woods BH6000 Backhoe. Will probably be delivered Tuesday.
  10. O

    Comparison JD 2305 vs JD 2320

    Hi, I have 10.5 mostly flat acres of property - with about 6.5 acres being forested. The rest is about and acre of cleared land for building (barn, house, vehicle turnaround etc.) and then there...
  11. J

    Interested in 2305 or 2520

    Hi Gang I am currently in the market for my first mini tractor. I have narrowed it down to a 2305 or a 2520; the 2320 does not seem worth it next to the 2520, is this true or am I wrong in this...
  12. M

    2210/2305 Rear PTO broke.

    Heads up for 2210/2305 owners. If you run a brush hog or any other attachment that may shock load the PTO make sure the slip clutch is functioning or shear bolt is the correct softnness. I have a...
  13. chipsndust

    2305 Curtis cab

    I plan to be a lot more comfortable battling the lake effect snow this winter. Just left my dealer after ordering a cab and heater for my 2305. According to Curtis, they are "negative 13" with my...
  14. fdmars

    3-Point Hitch 2305 or similar sized and the northern tool 3pt 13 ton log splitter

    thinking of getting the northern tool 13 ton logsplitter for a jd 2305 and a jd 4115, has anyone had any experience or comments on this set up? Thanks Fred
  15. Cidertom

    yet another 2305 vs xxxxx thread

    Background: have 4520 with most toys except mmm. have brand x riding lawnmower. Riding lawnmower is on last legs. Wife wants new, and wife wants smaller version of 4520. I'm thinking 2305...
  16. B

    JD 2305 wont start

    Hello and hey. First post, long time lurker though. I've searched and while some of the results have been helpful (pics of parts, schematics, etc) have been helpful I've not been able to fix this...
  17. E

    Brand new JD 2305

    Just bought this machine last week. Never owned a JD before or any tractor for that matter. I got mine with the loader and box blade. No mower deck though, I have three TORO commercial mowers...
  18. jsygrovehpi

    'New' John Deere 2305

    Just thought everyone would appreciate a picture of my 'new-to-me' JD 2305 TLB. Picked it up last weekend in Mass. I also have a JD 425 with a 54" mmm and 47" 2-stage snowblower sitting in the...
  19. B

    Bobcat CT120 vs Deere 2305

    After looking all winter and spring for used tractor. I am unable to find something with low hours or in decent condition. So it looks like it will be time for a new CUT. I have been unable to...
  20. yelbike

    Upgrade from JD 2305 to 2320 then too ???? or am I crazy?

    After a catastrophic case failure on my JD 2305, I bought a JD 2320. I love it but now I'm starting to wonder if I need something larger yet. The only chore the tractor struggles with tilling with...
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4.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Model Year: 2008

I was set on the 2520 or 2720 until I went down to the dealer and ran all of the 2000 series tractors. Once I did, I realized the 2305 would do everything I needed, and much cheaper than the bigger units. I'm not running it through the woods, so the transmission fan issue is pretty much irrelevant to me. If you go through a lot of brush, you might want to think about this, but if your primary use is over lawn and driveway, it doesn't matter much. Like many say, the hydraulics (on the loader) are slow, particularly at low RPM. This sometimes annoys me mildly, but if you're really in a hurry w/ the loader, crank up the RPMs to 2500 or so, and things move a lot more quickly. At 2900, really things move too fast in my opinion. 62d mower deck rocks. 47 blower rocks, especially w /the new solid driveshaft retrofit. Curtis cab on the thing makes it a whole different machine. I can't recommend this enough. All in all, I'm pleased with it. It's been a lot of fun, and completely trouble free so far. Drive one before you decide to go bigger.

Pros: Low ride height, cost, stabiity, power
Cons: Lack of some fancy up model features, slow hydraulics, vulnerability of the trans. fan.

5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Doesn't know the meaning of "Can't"
Model Year: 2008

I have great confidence in the construction of this machine, reinforced by the long heritage that went into its design. Most of the features and attachments are well thought out and well documented. Year round in the northeast, our 2305 maintains 3.6 acres of land w/ 1 acre of sloping lawn and many trees as well as 300 ft of paved driveway. Our attachment inventory keeps growing but currently consists of: JD 200CX loader JD 260 backhoe JD 54" mower deck w/ mulching kit JD 14 bushel bagger system (not such a well thought out bagger-to-tractor attachment design) 48" box blade, King Kutter 60" landscape rake, Land Pride JD 48" 413 rotary mower (monster!) JD 46" snowblower w/ chute angling kit JD Ballast box The tractor has no trouble or hesitation operating any of these attachments and is limited only by its own weight. Hydraulic flow rates can sometimes feel a little slow, but for this size machine it seems fitting. I'm always saying that I couldn't imagine owning our property without this tractor (or maybe a slightly larger one someday). Sometimes the 2305 is a little small for our needs and once in a wile a little big so it's a good overall balance with having just one machine for everything. I take comfort in believing that, with proper maintenance and indoor storage, our 2305 will still be going strong in 20 years. I haven't gotten as strong an impression from what I've seen of the competition.

Pros: Perfect all around machine for our four season estate needs. Very good purchase experience. great salesman.
Cons: Wish you could order parts factory direct instead of inefficient dealer bucket brigade (aka middleman). Not enough inner competition.

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5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
2305 Review
Model Year: 2009

I researched sub-compact tractors for most of 2 years before actually purchasing one. I really only considered JD and Kubota, mainly because the dealers were within a reasonable distance. The new Cub Cadets came out, but I did not really consider them because I was close to a purchase and did not see them in my area until spring/summer of 2009. I decided on the JD 2305 because it appeared better built than the Kubota. The hydraulics were originally installed by the factory as opposed to an after market add-on. The Kubota also appeared to be just a lawn tractor with an FEL, the JD looked like a "tractor", to me anyway. It didn't help that one Kubota dealer was ridiculously overpriced, even though a buddy bought an identical tractor for $4000 less, on an original quote. All in all I'm very pleased with JD. I purchased the 54" MMM, the FEL (200CX) and the ballast box, for just under $15,000. It cuts grass (about 2 1/2 acres) in about an hour and a half, compared to just under three with the old White tractor I had before. It has plenty of power. I have pulled logs much larger than I thought possible, even on hills. I've pulled fence posts with the FEL like they were coming out of butter. I've also pulled a 175 Bass Tracker with no problems uphill in grass with ease. I certainly haven't put this thing through its paces yet, but so far I'm impressed.

Pros: Powerful, easy to use. FEL on/off in less than 5 minutes
Cons: Not ecstatic about the traction of the R4 tires

5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Just got it and it should do well for my needs
Model Year: 2008

Handy and plenty power

Pros: good
Cons: hydraulic whine

Photo Uploads:

5.00 star(s)
Radio Mark

2305 John Deere
New owner
Model Year: 2010

This is the 1st CUT I've owned and have already cut and graded 1200ft of driveway and started on the grading of the landscape from last years garage project. Trying to work it a little to hard on the landscape with a 72" backblade but if I take it slow it seems to do a good job. Got the FEL,62MMM and 54"snowblade with it and got the Woods RB72 and LR72 with gauge wheel kit last week. So far this tractor has lived up to my expectations.

Pros: Compact and goes anywhere
Cons: Hydraulics are a little slow

5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Used Deere 2305
Model Year: 0

I bought a used 2305 with 80hrs on it last year. I have been using this unit to move/dig dirt and gravel. Mow 1 acre of weeds and approx 1/3 acre of lawn grass. It is a very powerful unit and can fit into small places. Overall, I am happy with it. It is very expensive to keep the unit up at the dealer which what I don't like. It failed on me once which I had to have the dealer fix out of warranty. It was an electrical issue. I have issues with the 3 point lift for the mower deck. It is not very well thought out and is mostly difficult over time with that deck lift. I am considering a independent deck lift. Don't get me wrong, this is a great tractor. One just has to be ok with what things cost for it. It digs well (loader) and lots of power for its size. Mows great. Good on fuel. Easy to use. Only Kubota has a unit on the same level with the 2305. It has been a big help around my small ranch.

Pros: Power, lots of attachements available, good support.
Cons: Cost

5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Glad I choose a Deere
Model Year: 2010

Granted I haven't many hours on this yet but I have to say it is one great machine. I bought the 200cx loader and 54 inch mower deck. The loader is fantastic and handles any chore I can find on our 2.5 acre plot. Picked up a small Load Hog trailer and filled it with rocks to dump elsewhere...not even a hiccup from the tractor. I'm amazed at how much power There is a sizable incline in front of the house (see picture) that this puppy takes on like no ones business. Great tractor...perfect for my needs.

Pros: everything
Cons: nothing

Photo Uploads:

4.00 star(s)
D33r3 6r33N

2305 John Deere
2305 w/200cx loader
Model Year: 2009

This is my first tractor purchase and so far I am very happy with it. I didn't give five stars because that leaves no room for improvement, everything can always be improved on. I have found no glaring issues so far. It is very handy to have move dirt, rocks, snow ect. I remember the smile on my face the day it was dropped off. I moved some dirt with the FEL to fill some holes in the yard. When I filled the bucket with dirt I thought, "How many shovel fulls, wheelbarrow loads is that?" I wish that I would have purchased the bigger bucket sometimes, the 49" seems a little small, but it's not a big enough issue that I am going to run out and get the big bucket either. I put a 6' blade on the back to push snow. Really need a 5', as it would be built for a smaller tractor. I bent the top link, I must have hit a snow pile fairly hard. Like I stated before this was my first tractor, I have operated skid steers before but not a SCUT. The biggest thing you have to remember is that it is a small tractor. You can do the things the big boys do, it will just take you a little longer. Which, by the way there is nothing wrong with a litte more seat time. I didn't buy the Kubota after reading negative comments about seemingly the same issue.

Pros: Small tractor
Cons: Small tracto

5.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
JD 2305
Model Year: 2008

Nice little tractor, hoe & mower. Good value & easy to use.

Pros: Very easy to hook & unhook attachments
Cons: Seat when using is hard to turn

4.00 star(s)

2305 John Deere
Good for small acreage
Model Year: 2008

Bought for 5 acre property. Also purchased mid-mount mower, bucket, box scraper and a used Bear Cat Chipper. Basic tractor is a price performance compromise Bucket capacity and lift are lower than I would like, a bigger hydraulic pump would have been nice. No folding ROPS Otherwise a bullet proof machine so far

Pros: Price/performance
Cons: Hydraulic pump is under powered

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