1. B

    30 Second tractor canopy!

    I just made a canopy that can be put on and removed in about 30 seconds. It seems to work well and very inexpensive! Let me know your thoughts if you watch! thanks!
  2. SteveRockhill

    Approx value of CC 127 tractor?

    I'm helping my parents clean out the garage. My father has a CC 127 tractor, along with mower deck (approx 50-55") and rear mount tiller attachment. Not sure the last time it was run, or if it turns over currently. Any idea how much it's worth? Ideally I'm curious for value both running and...
  3. C

    TX25H Photos

    Creating this thread to provide folks with a place to upload photos.

    BTR FUEL UP Deal

    We're offering an amazing deal to save 20% of our fuel tank when you order an Ultimate Rack and fuel tank together. These two are an awesome combination to have on your property! Very simple and easy to use products that will save time and make working out on the property a dream. This is a 58...
  5. R

    Bobcat Ct2025 fl7 aftermarket bucket curl cylinder size?

    Let's just say things happened, just can't have nice things and now I need a new bucket curl cylinder for a bobcat ct2025 with the fl7. I'm not sure how to measure to get an aftermarket but if I can figure it out I know it would be about 1/4 the price of bobcat, also my local dealer isn't great...
  6. M

    Massey Ferguson 1760M

    60hp 532 hours Power Shuttle Transmission 12F/12R (3 ranges, 4 speeds) DL135 Quick attach loader Skid Steer Quick Attach 4 in 1 Bradco bucket 72” Titan finish mower Loaded rear tires 3rd Function hydraulics 1 rear hydraulic remote Heat/AC cab with radio Soft start PTO Front and Rear...
  7. B

    Install Winch to Compact tractor

    I'm looking for ideas to attach a 3500 HF winch to my tractor (RK25). I was wanting to put it on the front but maybe it would be best on the back? I was thinking permanent on the front somewhere. Removable would be fine for the back. 3-point? Hitch receiver mount? What gauge of wire to bring...
  8. B

    25 HP Tractor operate 6' Tiller?

    I went to my local Ace rental place and they didn’t have a 5’ foot PTO tiller available to rent. they said they had 2 - 6 foot tillers. It turned out that I got the Woods 72.40 and it’s heavy! I wasn't sure I should even get it with comments I had read online about larger pieces of equipment on...
  9. B

    Branson site gone?

    I went to the Branson tractor site - I know they were bought by TYM - and the site is completely gone. Is it just me?
  10. Cătălin2105

    Iseki TA230, I can't find the cab support bushings.

    Hi, I have an Iseki TA230, and I can't find the cab support rubber bushings. I've attached some pictures below with approximate dimensions, but I'm curious if you changed these bushings and where you bought them. An approximate size would be: ∅16x∅60x50 mm. Thank you in advance and I wish you...
  11. R

    New to owning a tractor and looking for a tiller!

    I am new to owning a tractor and I have a shuttle shift 1626. I am looking to start a garden this year and I would like some wisdom from the community on PTO Tillers. I would like to purchase a 5ft tiller that will hold up well to dirt, clay, and rocks. I don't want to spend too much since this...
  12. D

    Kubota L405, looking for a V1902 engine.

    Hi, I own an older 4wd Kubota L405 (I believe this is a New Zealand / Australian model number). I'm probably looking for a replacement engine or a rebuild and I wonder if anyone has any helpful suggestions for me in NZ. I believe its a v1902 engine.
  13. N

    How to flush / unclog Kubota L3301 fuel system

    While working the other week I had my Kubota L3301 died while running. When trying to restart it turned over but would not fire. After letting it sit for a few mins it would restart and have the same issue intermittently. After investing, I found out the fuel line from the tank to the petcock...
  14. J

    Case-ih 485 injection pump parts

    Hi everyone I recently added to my project list a pump rebuild on a 1985 case-ih 485. Project started as someone else's good idea and I'm left trying to get it to back together and running again. I either need a reasonably priced good used injection pump or a parts pump. Does anyone here know...
  15. O

    Which cable part number is the proper replacement for my worn BCS tractor / tiller control cable?

    Service bulleting 210 This PDF lists all the correct cable part numbers for all of the different BCS tractors broken out by tractor model AND serial number range...
  16. K

    new holland workmaster 33 short to ground

    Hey guys and gals I have been trying to get my brothers new holland workmaster 33 working My issue is when I start it-Shuts off 3 to 4 seconds later Fuel shut off solnoid is getting postive current to ground-I can apply a ground to it and it will run but at high idle when i turn the key on-my...
  17. siccboost

    John Deere 110 TLB cranks but wont start

    so she cranks but wont fire! I found she isn't getting fuel because after some testing without luck I finally decided to put gasoline on a rag and cover the intake with it and she fired right up. This tells me it is getting everything but fuel. I noticed I wasn't hearing the click as usual from...
  18. Gittyup

    JD X739 for Sale

    2017 model. 540 hours. 3pt hitch. 54" snow blade and quick hitch adapter. 54" mower deck. 4WD and 4 Wheel Steer. Tow-hitch included. Nice, well maintained tractor. Pickup only at zip code 21784 (Maryland). Price is $8500 firm.
  19. D

    G350 lifted tires in air/contols wont work

    So my dad just bought a tractor, and when getting it off the truck the bucket came down and lifted up the tires. The controls no longer seem to be working (possibly because a bunch of hoses i ripped off). Is there a way to lift the bucket up so the tires will be on the ground? Any ideas? My...
  20. F

    Need older tractor recommendations for round baling.

    I currently own a Kubota L2800, which obviously doesn't have enough horsepower for round baling. My partner in the round baling equipment has a JD 4640 that I can use to run the equipment that we own together. But, I just don't like borrowing and possibly breaking somebody else's stuff. So, I'm...
  21. R

    Mowing yard, tractor dies and wont start

    I was mowing the yard, got off the mower to pick something up and it died (have never had this issue before). The only way we got it to start was to jump the solenoid while someone was sitting on it, which it stays running but will not move. It won't go forward or backwards. Park brake is off...
  22. A

    New 5155 synchro grind

    Hi. Just recently bought a new 2022 Mahindra 5155 4x4. I’ve put 12 hours on it so far. About 1 out of every 4 reverse shifts on the synchro lever it kicks out of gear and horrible grinding sound. Hasn’t done it in forward at all only reverse. I messaged the dealer I bought it from and he says “I...
  23. K

    Zetor 6340 engine oil leak

    Hi, I’ve noticed some oil in the side of the tractors engine after about 30 mins work, don’t know where its coming from, I’ll attach a photo. 2006 Zetor 6340
  24. T

    John Deere 855 Loader??

    Hey guys, I have an 1989-90 John Deere 855 which I love and would love to buy a used loader to add to it. I do not want a new one as they cost as much as the tractor is worth! My question is..... What loaders will fit on it? Will a John Deere 48 loader fit? There is one here about 8 hrs for...
  25. S

    TiltPlow design - Looking for feedback

    I have updated my TiltPlow design and would like to hear your thoughts on it. The TiltPlow allows the operator to change the blade angle, without the expense of plow hydraulics. Hydraulic control of the blade angle is a luxury, but if you want to save some money, the TiltPlow is ideal. The...
  26. EverythingAttachments

    WICKED Toothbar will Transform Your Bucket

    Wicked Toothbar has been on the market for about 1.5 years now, and because of the bucket strengthening and enhancing design, it has accumulated over 200 reviews on our website to back up this thread's title. When you're purchasing something that's 100% composed of metal, you should know what...
  27. schutzfarms

    100 Plus Years of Progress

  28. annakatschner

    Darke County Steam Threshers Association

  29. annakatschner

    Pioneer Engineers Club of Rushville, Indiana

  30. C

    Clutch pedal not returning to top position

    I'm new to large farm tractors, so please go easy on me. I bought a Ford 8600 back in August of this year. One of the rear remotes hydraulic line busted and gallons of fluid spewed out. I had to move it approx 50'-60' to get it out of the way from where the hose busted. I got sick and it...
  31. D

    LS Mitsubishi Diesel 12 speed 4x4 Tractor Backhoe Loader with Skid Steer Quick connects asking $24k or best offer

    My LS Backhoe Loader 4wd Mitsubishi Diesel engine Tractor has had all services kept up. Has just 170 hours with 2 years left of 1500 hour factory powertrain warranty. Asking$24k or best offer. text: six three six 492 one two three one This is not a toy, it is the bigger XG series of Compact...
  32. B

    2020 MX5400 for sale - Like New Condition

    2020 Kubota MX5400, 54 HP, 4WD, Hydrostatic Drive, ROPS, 72" bucket, R4 Industrial tires, 80 Hours, Accessories: 3rd function valve, filled rear tires, custom grill guard, steel sunshade/roof (not shown, never installed, Kubota orange), chain hooks on bucket, improved tool box. This tractor is...
  33. Skramps

    BCS 720 engine stop lever cable

    Hey everyone. My father has had a BCS 720 Harvester with a sicklebar mower sitting in his yard outside for 5 or 6 years. I finally picked it up last week hoping I can get it back running. Ive stripped off everything I could and oiled and greased, changed out oils, cleaned the carb, etc. I have...