1. K

    4400 compact utility

    The tractor has been sitting unused for a few years. I have fuel going in and coming out of the return on the injector pump. The fuel shut off solenoid clicks hard like it's working, but no fuel comes out of the injector line ports. Something is obviously stuck, frozen up with the fuel shut...
  2. Y

    Yanmar YM165D Transmission Dipstick part number?

    Hello I am trying to find somewhere to purchase a Yanmar YM165D Transmission dipstick for my father's tractor. Does anyone have a recommended parts supplier, or even the part number for that item would help a lot. I am in Australia, but if it can be shipped in to Australia somewhat cheaply, I...
  3. R

    Yanmar YM2000A-A pictures

    Hello all, now that I know what tractor I have thought I'd share some photos for reference. I know when I was trying to figure it out I couldn't find pictures that matched, so hope this helps someone. While looking at the pictures I noticed I have a check chain pin just about to fall out...I'll...
  4. R

    Yanmar 2310D pump issues / hydraulic in general

    Im in possession of a rather nice old YM2310D and it seems to have an issue with Hydraulics not having a pressure relief valve that can relieve pressure in steering or loading. The loader is a 4 way, works fine, but the pressure relief valve in the selector, does not seem to function as the...
  5. Y

    Yanmar SA325 newbie

    I have owned and operated hydrostatic tractors and equipment. This new Yanmar SA325 will roll on the slightest slope. If i take my foot off the pedal, I have to quickly hit the brake. I don’t think this should be happening unless it’s a Yanmar thing. Any SA owners comment please.
  6. wwrafter

    Yanmar front steering knuckles replacement

    Are there any rebuilt steering knuckles available to buy?
  7. sugarcreek

    yanmar 1500 transmission

    I own a yanmar 1500 with transmission problems, tooth missing on 3rd gear and bearing noise. I found a ym2000 parts tractor and was wondering if the transmissions are the same or completely different between the two. It only has 240 hrs and is a great little tractor with a loader, but it seems...
  8. Niji

    JD 850 (Yanmar) Internal Clutch Linkage Issue

    I was working my farm road on a hill the other day and I pushed in the clutch to let my tractor roll freely backwards. I heard a pop and the clutch disengaged. The exterior linkage to the clutch pedal is fine, so whatever went is inside the bell housing. The clutch presses and releases...
  9. T

    Iseki TM 3267 or Yanmar EF 235

    First time poster and hoping for some advise: Not a professional but looking for a compact tractor for primary use with a flail mower, in between trees. Although I will only use it for approx. 20 hours per year I decided to look for a used tractor with a limited amount of working hours. I will...
  10. E

    Yeah Yeah Yanmar!

    Near me several telephone poles were being replaced and I was able to get 4. The guy who asked before me got 6. My son and I used a car trailer I rented from U-Haul to move the poles. Two poles per run. Worked great. But what really impressed me was my YM2310 with the Bulldog 285 FEL. I had to...
  11. T

    Yanmar tiller

    I just purchased a I think rs 1202 yanmar tiller, previous owner made a extended 3 point. I pulled off the drive chain and it was snapped. The gear box is sealed except for a access plate. The chain is about 38 inches long, Looking to get a drive chain and some new bearings.anu help is appreciated
  12. wwrafter

    Yanmar 2210

    cost of rebuilding front steering knuckles
  13. C

    TYM T25 vs Yanmar SA325

    I currently have Kubota BX2230 but need a FEL. Looking at these two models. Neither dealer is close by but like the options of both. The Yanmark is $16900. The TYM $18200. I have not see either personally yet but intend to before I buy. I have a few question on these models I am sure I'll...
  14. Canuckz

    Yanmar YT3 Wheel Options

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I noticed that my Yanmar rear wheels seem different than some of the ones pictured online. Were there different wheel options to order the tractor with? Mine looked to be fixed while others seem to be adjustable. My wheels pictured below: Pictures of...
  15. S

    Classic Yanmar Tractors - Comfortable Road Speeds on paved country highways with tractor clubs in group travel

    I am considering getting a Parade Tractor that will also be used for group drive events with tractor clubs on paved country roads. Distances for the road group travel events can be up to 15 miles. Most of the clubs i know target a maintainable road speed minimum of 10 Miles Per Hour (MPH)...
  16. G

    Yanmar 1700 injector insulators and injector cavity nozzle questions

    Hello - new to this forum. I have a Yanmar 1700. It ran pretty well for 20 years, then stopped starting. Over the last few years I've slowly replaced many parts - injectors, injection pump, head (old one was leaking water into the cylinders), pistons, sleeves. With many attempts I can get the...
  17. Jtullis13

    Gear chatter Yanmar YM240d

    I am hearing what I think to be gear chatter when I push the clutch in while mowing with my bush hog. No noise at all when I’m moving and mowing, only when I go to push the clutch in while the pto is spinning the mower. Any ideas what this could be?
  18. mikee mc

    Yanmar ym2000 switch key

    Does anyone have a source for switch key 861570
  19. Y

    RSA1201 Rotary Tiller Seal and Bearing Replacement - Can I add a zerk?

    While I was replacing my axle seal on my F15D, the tiller sprung a leak. I replaced seals on both sides, and both sides the seals were in horrible condition. They were shredded. The bearing on the right side was shot, too. I updated the bearing with an 2RS series to help prevent the elements...
  20. C

    186d engine

    I have a 186D from my grandfather that I am working on restoring and unfortunately it’s sat out in the rain and the engine is seized. I am trying to find her a replacement but I have had no luck. I have contacted a couple yanmar dealers and they do not maintain those engines or will work on them...
  21. T

    Yanmar YM1500 clutch not fully disengaging

    I have a Yanmar YM1500. Ordered new brakes and seals to deal with the oil leaking into the brake drums, now I'm ready to tackle the clutch issue. The clutch doesn't fully disengage. I adjusted the pedal and there is still more adjustment to go, but when I push the clutch in it just keeps...
  22. K

    Yanmar 1500d loader hoses

    I had my loader cylinders rebuit and I didn’t mark my hoses because i thought it would be easy to tell which hose went where, but now realize the hoses are not right. Is there a diagram that shows which hose goes to each port on the cylinders?
  23. Y

    Yanmar RSA1201 Tiller Gauge Wheel repair

    First time poster. I have an F15D Forte with a RSA1201 auto tiller on it. Currently, I'm in the process of changing my rear axle seal. While in the process I thought I'd address my gauge wheel that isn't turning. I started the disassembly process but I'm currently stuck at this point as the...
  24. T

    Yanmar GT14 Ignition Switch

    I am having trouble Verifying the part number for a Yanmar GT14 diesel garden tractor. After about a half hour the dealer came up with 194215-52110. He couldn't verify that it had the counterclockwise rotation to warm the glow plugs and I'm having trouble verifying it anywhere online. Can...
  25. P

    Yanmar FX32 battery

    The battery was stolen out of my Yanmar FX32 tractor. I called my local car parts store and they said they could get a battery that would fit in the space, but it's best to have the part number, to make sure I get the correct cranking amps. I don't have the receipt from when I bought that...
  26. odiebob

    Yanmar BM480SB-E Mower Deck-Blades?

    Hello All, I'm STILL trying to find blades for BM480SB-E Mower Deck currently under a YM-146 tractor. Any help would be greatly appreciated Bob
  27. D

    Need Yanmar 3 point point rotary RS1303 tiller parts

    I'm looking for Yanmar rs1303 parts: chain drive case, top bearing, chain and tensioner. Derek in Oklahoma
  28. R

    2005 JD 3320 Yanmar 3TNV88-M Engine

    Recently purchased a clean, low hour, underpowered 2005 JD 3320 with a Yanmar 3TNV88-M engine. Wanting to increase fueling a little for more power as most engines have more potential of course when they leave the factory. May someone have some input to offer before I dive into this project as a...
  29. W

    Yanmar hydraulic pump

    Ugh, I am struggling with my Yanmar 1510d . I bought this tractor 2 years ago (auction ? mistake). I just put a new hydraulic pump on it for the 3rd time. FEL and 3 pt hitch have stopped working again. I cleaned the filter and put in new trans/hyd fluid recently. I also installed a pressure...
  30. Menagerie-Manor

    Nice Yanmar tiller on FB cheap.

    Just came across this...
  31. mbt93

    Yanmar YMM-45 Questions

    Hi. I have a YM-155D that came with a YMM-45 mower deck. I'm trying to figure out how it all mounts up and what pieces I'm missing. Does anyone have this mower or the full manual?
  32. N

    4TNE88 Yanmar Engine

    I am searching for a good low hour running engine or a reman 4TNE88 engine for sale for a reasonable price. Can anyone help with any suggestions? I have already tried All States Ag Parts and Hoye Tractor.
  33. Canuckz

    MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab

    Going to post this thread here and in the Massey Ferguson section to see if anyone had compared these MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab in their search for a new compact tractor? I went and sat/test drove the MF 2850M and I really liked it. I have read and heard good things about...
  34. Canuckz

    MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab

    Going to post this thread here and in the Yanmar section to see if anyone had compared these MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab in their search for a new compact tractor? I went and sat/test drove the MF 2850M and I really liked it. I have read and heard good things about the...
  35. W

    Yanmar ym240 front axle assembly

    Trying to locate a good front axle for a yanmar ym240
  36. O

    Yanmar SA 325 slow curl function

    Hello. I have a 2022 Yanmar SA325 with just at 45 hours presently. Overall, everything has been smooth with the tractor for my usage. This weekend was moving dirt and noticed the "dump" feature (using the bucket....I guess curl feature with other implements) varies in its speed. All other...
  37. D

    Yanmar 336D front loader hydraulic issue

    I recent purchased this tractor that had been in a field for years. went through and changed all fluids, filters, screen and cleaned out the insides. The front loader is slow and shakes lifting, going down is fine. Same happens when I curl up. Curl down is fine. Plenty of fluid and all new quick...
  38. Z

    Yanmar YM330D 4WD broken

    Looking at a Yanmar YM330D with 1600 hours. 4wd doesn't work and current owner bought it that way and doesn't have any info. Im new to tractors but not to mechanical work. Question is how hard/expensive would it be to fix the 4wd? Asking price for the unit is $6000. I know Im not giving much...
  39. B

    Yanmar SB60R Front End Snow Blower

    I just wanted to say my Yanmar SB60R snowblower, attached to my Yanmar 425 performed like a champ this winter. I live in Montana and we had a light winter compaired to most years but when it snowed. it was in feet and usually multiple. The blizzard of January 17, 2024 I plowed 4 1/2 miles, 3...
  40. G

    Yanmar YM2420 Fan Belt question

    My fan belt broked on my Yanmar 2420. I found a belt that fits but I am not sure I have re-installed it correctly. I never really looked at the belt when it was on the tractor. From what I could tell the belt needs to be on outside of the lower raidator hose..meaning I had to take the lower...
  41. R

    Fair Cost For A Yanmar 1301D

    I have a Yanmar 1301D with a front loader and a Rototiller attachment on the back. It starts and runs well. It has a new exhaust and a fairly new seat. I am trying to figure out a fair price to ask for it when I sell. Any help is appreciated.
  42. W

    Yanmar YM2002D

    Looking for a good 3T80U-NA good engine block. any avenues in trying to locate a good one would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  43. W

    Yanmar YM2002D

    Looking for a good 3T80U-NA good engine block. any avenues in trying to locate a good one would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  44. S

    Yanmar F16d tractor stuck in Reverse gear

    Hello, new here I Have a Yanmar F16D tractor that i have had for a few years now that has worked pretty good for me. today I was driving it and went to change from reverse to 2nd gear and it jus stayed in Reverse. I can change the gear lever to any of the r 1 2 3 and it still goes in reverse...
  45. T

    Yanmar YT359

    Hey everyone. I’m new to the forum but have been lurking for a while. I recently purchased a YT359 and now I want to sell it. It is a GREAT tractor. However, the dealer I purchased from (ARDCO Equipment in New Iberia, LA) is no longer a Yanmar dealer. They helped me out with a little issue I had...
  46. S

    John Deere 850 aka yanmar 2500 saga continues need help

    Back story on tractor is I did a rebuild on it new pistons, rings, rod bearings and head gasket. Flushed radiator new thermostat adjusted valves. I got it back together and it will start but it just seems like it has no power and I’m pretty sure it’s getting to hot also it won’t idle has to be...
  47. Nuckles405

    Yanmar 425 yl210 Fel bucket problems

    So, today my bucket is giving me issues. When I move the joystick to tilt the bucket down I have the following issues. If I move the joystick all the way over the bucket will curl up and not tilt down. If I move it slowly the hydraulic pressure decreases and gravity moves the bucket down...
  48. duke7595

    Yanmar 1700 w/ 6 implements

    Yanmar 1700 runs great w/ 6 implements, rottotiller, blade, 4ft. bushhog, disc, pole beam and a finish mower. The tractor is 17 h.p. w/ 546 hours. The body is average condition the implements are older and well used, but work. I don't know nothing about these little compact tractors or what...
  49. J

    Yanmar ym2000 no start

    I just bought a Yanmar ym2000 and was told by the previous owner that it would take about 15 min to get it started and that it was getting air in the fuel. I bled the fuel system, hooked battery up to jumper cables and cranked on it for a while with no luck. Since then I tried multiple times to...
  50. WVH1977

    Yanmar yt359 vs Massey 2850/60m

    Greetings, I have been posting a lot of threads lately in the operating section, getting everyones feedback on tractor functions. I appreciate all the feedback I have been given. I have been on a 6 year long quest for a new tractor. I am probably going to pull the trigger on one within the next...
  51. S

    John Deere 850 Aka yanmar 2500 rebuild

    I started a rebuild on my little 850(yanmar 2500). Back story is it got hot the other day and seemed to have blew the head gasket , so I dove into the motor and found what looked like a bad head gasket, small groove in middle cylinder wall and the connecting rod bearing in pieces all on the...
  52. J

    Yanmar, 3 point backhoe

    Anyone know where I can get a parts list for what I believe is an old yanmar ybh-600
  53. barneyrb

    Yanmar Hydraulics

    I have a Yanmar US35D and when the guy I bought it from installed the loader he cut the line from the pump, run hoses to the loader control valve, and then to the back of the tractor as it would normally go. I'm now needing some rear remotes and would like a 3rd function for the loader...
  54. 4

    Yanmar 1300d

    I have a Yanmar 1300d tractor it just wants to run at full throttle. When I first got it I had to replace the starter switch and bleed the air out of the fuel system. It ran fine I could increase and decrease the speed of the engine. It sat for 7 months and now it just wants to run at full throttle.
  55. R

    Yanmar 2310d hydraulic filter location

    Yanmar2310d hydraulic filter
  56. Bob Rooks

    Yanmar SV40

    Just purchased a SV40 with a six-way blade. Is this really a game changer?
  57. Bob Rooks

    Yanmar mini excavator

    Where do I find a forum here for Yanmar excavators?
  58. bmaverick

    Drag Racing 2WD tractors, Yanmar, Kubota, Mitsubishi, others

    When you are done plowing the rice paddy or open fields, it's time to say, Hold my beer.

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  60. Dundertaker

    Yanmar Corporate Call

    Got a call from a Corporate Yanmar rep. They're surveying customers. Basic questions: how satisfied are you with your tractor? Would you recommend us to a friend? Have you contacted Yanmar and were they responsive? I took the opportunity to discuss the dealer network needing to be built...
  61. T

    Question for existing dealers

    I am a dealer in the Northeast. Currently I am a Yanmar dealer (great machines, but not great dealer surport from Yanmar). I also have my Bad Boy mower dealer pestering to bring on their tractors. I am opening a new store around 30 miles away in which I would have access to bring in a new...
  62. M

    Yanmar FX42D Steering Box Rebuild Kit and Power Steering Pump

    Hi all, my first question and post here so sorry if I'm not posting correctly. I've got a Yanmar FX42D that is loosing steering capability and am thinking it either needs a steering box rebuild kit and/or a new power steering pump. I checked with my go to folks at Hoye Tractor and they said...
  63. mikedodd

    Need advice on regulator for Yanmar L100 10HP diesel generator

    I have a stand-alone 6KW generator powered by a Yanmar engine model L100V6EA1C1AA (Engine Number: M29254). It has worked fine since 2013, but now the 15-amp fuse between the battery and the ignition switch and regulator blows instantly when the key is turned to Ignition. I traced-out the wiring...
  64. P

    Yanmar 1510 steering drag link

    Hey guys, I bent my steering drag link real bad on my old Yanmar 1510. Home Tractor Parts doesn't have one in stocker in their boneyard, and they can't tell me to use one from a different model (for legal purposes I'm sure, and I get that). But the rep also told me to come over here and ask...
  65. pvi

    2011 John Deere 1600 series 2

    hey guys, im new here. hopefully I came to the right place to find some help. I just bought. used 2011 1600 series 2 with 2600 hours. hours didn't really bother me as the machine didn't look beat up and id only be using it 5-6 hours a week, 6 months out of the year. I used it Monday for the...
  66. thezone

    Yanmar 195 or 1700

    Hi community I'm about to rebuild my ym1700 with a 2Tr17 engine and I need the repair manual . All I found free was a part manual but I need the repair manual . I hear people use the ym195 model to repair this engine if anyone knows and can share with me a manual please I will appreciate it.
  67. DJsYanmar384

    Yanmar YM1510D Shifter Adjustment Powershift

    I am looking for infomation on adjusting the shifter or rebuilding the linkage on my tractor. Please let me know if you have any insight on this. I have a Yanmar 1510D that runs well and works well but shifting is kind of a mystery. When its in gear it works great, I can shift up and down and...
  68. Dundertaker

    New SA425 owner in TN

    I've been lurking and finally pulled the trigger on a new SA425. Brought it home Saturday. I picked up a package with a Box Blade and 48" Rotary Cutter; I added a Landscape Rake. Did some minor dirt work....my good dirt pile is currently a mud bog, and it's not spreading well. I took the...
  69. R

    YM 3110 D Steering Column Seal Replacement

    My YM 3110 D developed an oil leak just below the steering wheel. After some research I dug into it, and removed the steering wheel and steering column, and found a bad seal at the bottom of the steering column just above a roller bearing. The bearing came right out, but I can't remove the...
  70. P

    Yanmar FX32 fuses

    I've been having a problem starting my tractor. Now, even with the battery charged, nothing happens when I turn the key left (for the glowplugs) or right. The four buss fuses that you can see on the left side behind the engine are all fine. Are there other fuses elsewhere? Or maybe I have a...
  71. R

    Price Check  1979 Yanmar 195D with implements

    Hi All, looking for advice. I'm looking at a 1979 Yanmar 195D that is in good condition and up to date on maintenance. It comes with a loader, mower, post pounder, tiller, and box blade. It does not have ROPS. Could someone please suggest a ballpark price for this setup? From what I've read...
  72. P

    Yanmar FX32D fuel filter

    It's probably time to change the fuel filter on my Yanmar FX32D. I see that Hoye has a filter for that tractor, but it looks like it's going to be too big. I measured the glass that it fits into, and it measures about 3" tall and 1.75" wide. The Hoye website has one that is 3.5" tall and 1.9"...
  73. RebelRyan

    SC2400 help and general questions

    Just bought a couple acres and have a decent amount of landscape work and a long gravel driveway to scoop and maintain as well as a lot of dirt work since a septic system was installed and they did almost no leveling when they back filled. With the recent home purchase funds are a little tight...
  74. B

    Yanmar F18 front left Spindle

    I am in need of a Yanmar F18 front left Spindle. Part # 194420-11800 I ordered a spindle from Hoye tractor parts but the spindle I received was 3/4 of an inch to short. Any help with this is much appreciated. Ben
  75. DavidL61

    YT347 Error Code 03 00036.04

    03 00036.04 Motion Control Dial Position Error (exceeded sensor range limit) Motion control dial will be limited to Minimum. While talking with Yanmar about my Regen issue, I mentioned that the tractor is randomly throwing the code and it happens more when I first start the tractor. Tech said...
  76. D

    yanmar fx255D 4wd

    I have a grey market yanmar fx255 and i need a radiator. Anyone have any leads or can help point me in the right dircton ? I had someone offer to bring it to see if it could be fixed and they scrapped it so i dont have a part number or anything to go off of. new to this forum thanks for any help
  77. M

    yanmar parts online?

    hello new to the forum wondering if there are any websites to buy parts for a YT235 instead of making a trip to the dealer searched google didn't find anything thanks for the help
  78. bmaverick

    Yanmar - Model Cover Pages

    There are seldom seen Yanmar model cover pages from publications for the vintage machines. I'll post what I've found over the years. YM173 (This is the machine that later becomes the YM1300) Did a YM173 ever make it this side of the pond? In Canada, yes.
  79. bmaverick

    It's now open YanDeere season

    Has anyone ever gone YanDeere hunting? It's a hunting sport that very few ever try. It takes skills to spot one, maybe two in a season. I had to call my best buddies, Lighten McQueen and Mater to hep last season. So, while tip towing thru the fields and pastures, I can across a YANDEERE ...