1. hotbam37

    Running tractor without loader cylinder

    Hello all, I'm new to tractors and hydraulics as a whole. I have experience with most other things though. Yesterday the left cylinder piston on our front loader snapped in half. Of course the replacement part is about $1200 that we don't have right now. I really want to use the brush hog this...
  2. M

    Hydraulic Issues

    We have a TYM T1054 tractor. Having some issues with hydraulics. This thing has the Bosch control in the cab and we have been learning more and more about it. The control is throwing a code 22 that means no communication from the potentiometer. This controls the and tells the brain where the 3...
  3. K

    JD 4100 FEL seals replacement

    I have a John Deere 4100(gear) with a 410 loader. I want to replace the seals on the hydraulic cylinders. My problem is that the serial number of the FEL is WO0410X014991 but the parts listing from Deere doesn’t seem to match up. I would like to replace all the seals on the loader since it is...
  4. T

    Ford Hydraulic Manifold

    I have connected a spool valve to the pressure port and return port on the manifold of my Ford 1320. (1988 with 800 hours) This diverter is on the RHS, just a little below the hydraulic pump. The spool valve is open centre. According to the user manual, I have rotated the control screw to...
  5. A

    Yanmar YM14 (europe version?)

    Last week i bought a Yanmar YM14 mower. Cool tractor with a diesel engine, that will save fuel costs.;) The idea is that the Yanmar diesel will replace my Ingersoll 3014. There is one problem, the Yanmar mower didnt have hydraulics ! I did a search on the web and i cant find if there hydraulic...
  6. simmysam3

    FEL bucket sticking open

    Tym 330 HST - stock FEL controls / joystick. When I open the bucket and release it sticks open, does not spring back as it used to. Bucket keeps going to open - rolling back in toward tractor. Took off boot on joystick, everthing looks intact for the actual joystick, its just not...
  7. K

    DAVID BROWN 995 Hydraulics stopped working

    I've had my 1975 DB 995 for 26 years. I have a Loader on it. I was Roto Tilling this AM. After pulling the Hand clutch to engage the PTO, I tilled approx 30 yards and then tried lifting the tiller. It would not come up out of the ground. I switch Hydraulics to LOADER, it would not raise...
  8. A

    Remote Hydraulics for Backhoe

    I have a Kubota MX5200 with remote hydraulics on the rear. The controls allow me to side shift my flail mower. I want to hook up a Backhoe and I need continues flow of hydraulics to the Backhoe. I was wondering if I can use the remote hydraulics by taking the controls and lock them in a...
  9. KilroyJC

    Anyone have an old Case parts book they can look something up in please?

    I would like to change the hydraulic filter on a 1962 Case 430 with the 188ci Diesel, manual clutch/transmission, manual steering, single control for attachment up/down, I can only read the first two numbers on the Wix filter “31?” The rest are obliterated. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. S

    Bobcat 763G Creep Repair

    So I've tried adjusting the machines sticks to deal with the problem but it made it twice as worse, so if anyone knows what the name/ parts required to fix creep are I would be much obliged 2000 Bobcat 763G s/n:512258650 Contact me at 530-708-7548 (please text)
  11. F

    Waldon 4500b - Can a backhoe be added?

    I need a backhoe. I am looking at skid steers and loader style machines. I am wondering if it is possible to add the aux hydraulics in some way to run a backhoe on a Waldon 4500b?
  12. A

    2600H Series (2605H) Front End Loader/Hydraulic Issues

    I'm a first time poster and first time tractor owner. I have searched up and down on the internet and this forum and couldn't find others with my same symptoms, and none of the proposed solutions for similar issues have worked for me. My maintenance experience up until now has been servicing...
  13. R

    JD 755 Rock Shaft/3 point Hitch Pulsing

    My ~35 year old tractor started have an issue with rockshaft/3 pt hitch pulsing ( up and down <5% of travel at a frequency of about 2 times per second when loaded ( chipper attached or me standing on the 3pt hitch) and not moving up or down. I changed the Hydraulic oil, filter and checked...
  14. S

    Rear hitch hydraulics with front loader help

    Hiya I've recently purchased an old Iseki TX2160 and am slowly working through the obvious faults, servicing etc and trying to make sure it's working as it should be (as much as possible for this old machine!). The tractor has both a front loader (I believe it's one from a Kubota) and a backhoe...
  15. D

    can't get arms to raise up on my CAT skid steer

    i have a CAT skid steer model 232b2. i haven't been able to get the arms to raise up on it. with machine running parking indicator lamp does not come on. when i am pushing the button to release the parking brake, the seat belt indicator light starts flashing. machine will move, but i cannot...
  16. O

    W.R. Long 3rd function kit -vs- OEM

    I'm not finding much direct comparison between WRLong third functions and OEM kits. I am considering installing it myself (mainly to learn more about maintenance). Both kits are virtually the same price. I'm on a kioti, and the instructions are from what i read - but i care more about...
  17. Renegade1400

    1710 Ford Hydraulics Problem

    My 1710 Ford front loader lift has no power. Actually it won't even lift without red lining the tach unless I fully raise the 3 point hitch. Then when the 3 point hitch is raised the front loader goes up whether trying to raise or lower. I have to lower the 3 point slightly to make down work...
  18. kiwi_steve

    Kubota KH41 mini-excavator - multiple problems

    Hi all, well I just bought this brand new (in about 1988) Kubota KH41 (similar to a KH36 I think) and I've got a few problems with it. First is the ghastly paint scheme - but I'll live with that for now - its been very rusty, and this paint is on THICK to hide it! So I don't see an easy fix...
  19. G

    Toro 4000D Mower to Multipurpose

    New to this site and my 1st post - be gentle :). I have an old Toro 580D (80hp) hydrostatic batwing mower, planning to remove the mower units and add a front-end loader. That phase should not be too difficult - the mower has lift valve for 3 cylinders currently, I'll use them as lift, roll and...
  20. L

    Case CX31b Hydraulic thumb

    I built a mechanical thumb for my machine but would like to convert it to hydraulic. The Case has "nibbler-breaker" hydraulic lines. I had a hydraulic cylinder I hooked up to test it and it does not retract I believe it is not a gravity return like on a snow plow since it has a return line but...
  21. nathan1648

    XG3025 3 point control valve adjustment?

    I have around 600 hrs on the tractor and over time the 3 point arms started to leak down while tractor is running. At first about every 30 seconds the implement would jump back up and gradually over time its happening every few seconds (after tractor is hot). I can turn the valve under the seat...
  22. Z

    Hydraulic multiplier?

    I have a ck3510se-hc with the 2 rears and would really like to eventually get a top n tilt but need to keep 2 pairs open for my flail mower. I've seen a few videos showing these off but not of anyone actually using them, and not much on the forums...
  23. B

    3-Point Hitch No lift on 3pt hitch

    Hello all. I've got a Ford 1700 with no lift on the 3pt hitch. My grandfather bought it new and I've used it for the last 20 years and has been a great tractor. Anyway, It went from working completely fine one day to a little jittery and then completely stopped working the next. I believe I've...