1. A

    Lucas/CAV injector pump

    I have a leak in my Lucas CAV injector pump on my Perkins 4.236T engine. Its leaking from that long extension from the bleed screw hole. I have tightened the 7/16 bolt head to sensible level but i still have a weep. Anyone have a part number for what I need to repair that, i would like to...
  2. dj1701

    Removing radiator for water pump replacement.

    The water pump in my 4320 JD Compact crapped out. It appears that I have to remove the radiator. I have everything removed but the two bolts under the radiator that have rubber on them. I just can't get them out. Am I doing something wrong? Dave
  3. K

    Possible Hydraulic pump issue

    Good afternoon, everyone, well I ran into an issue and need some help diagnosing a hydro/steering issue. Two weeks ago, I was out removing some storm damage with my 3620H, I was using the grapple and was moving plied of branches from the road to a brush pile about 500 yards away. About the...
  4. J

    Fiat injector pump head and rotor

    Hi all. First Post and a bit of a hail Mary. Have an injector off of a fiat 780, and upon taking it apart it seems I've broken the shaft between the head and rotor. I've scoured the Internet and can't find anywhere that has that specific head and rotor. Can anyone point me in the right...
  5. A

    Caterpillar 289d fuel pump runs but won't crank

    Ran the skidsteer for 30 minutes and grabbed a log with the grapple bucket and then shut the machine down while I went to dump my trailer. Returned in 20 minutes and tried to start it and heard the duel pump running but the machine wouldn't turn over. Checked that door was properly closed and...
  6. D


    Attached is a photo of the timing gear box for the fuel injection pump on my Branson 4220 tractor. As you can see, there's an orange filler cap marked "oil". I looked through the owner's manual and the engine manual, but I see no reference to this oil fill hole. I stuck a finger down the hole...
  7. I

    PTO Hydraulic Pump

    I want to connect some Skid Steer attachments to the front-end load that requires up to 20 gpm to operate. My tractor only puts out 9.9 gpm. I am considering a 20 gallon pto pump, to run a brush cutter, post hole digger, etc. Anyone have experience with pto pump. What are the pro and...
  8. Suburban Plowboy

    How to Fix JD 430 With Leaks on Top of Injector Pump

    My 430 managed to develop a new problem, and I made it worse. There are three rigid fuel lines going into the top of the injector pump on the port side of the engine. The center line, part number AM876210, was slowly dripping diesel where it went into the thing it goes into, which may be a...
  9. 650gSatoh

    Crank driven hydraulic pump upgrade

    Hi Guys, My Satoh 650g has possibly the worse designed crank to pump coupler ever. It is 2 pieces of metal stock with a keyway and then 4 bolts to hold each half together. The crank adapter and pump both have a "double D" shaft. Problem with it is that the end that holds the pump shaft only...
  10. W

    ISO Power shift shaft or pump for YM276 D #194310-24430

    Help me find a powershift pump shaft #194310-24430 for YM 276 D new or used. Nothing at Fredericks... Thanks
  11. W

    YM 276 D power shift pump shaft ?

    Help me find a powershift pump shaft #194310-24430 new or used. Nothing at Fredericks... Thanks
  12. rScotty

    Will a JD310 run an irrigation pump?

    This is for a fire protection sprinklers I'm thinking of building here. I'm wondering if there is a way to use our JD310 loader/backhoe to run an irrigation pump. I'd like to pull water from an creek up about 20 feet lift and then push 150 GPM at 90psi. Lots of PTO pumps will do that or more...
  13. K

    Help needed: Fluid for MF 35 with newer pump & other issues

    I recently purchased a running 1963 MF-35 Perkins Diesel with multi-power. The seller had just done a hydraulic fluid flush. I asked him what fluid he used and he sent me this (Legacy ISO 68): He said that a previous owner has installed a new PTO Hydraulic Lift Pump, and that this is the...
  14. Paystar

    Allis Chalmers CA Water Pump Replacement

    Finally had time today to work on Allis. I got a new water pump from Steve@B&B and I got the tins stripped off, rad out, everything good so far. But before I go any further and screw anything up, how do I get this pulley off the water pump? Do I have to remove those nuts? I have never seen one...
  15. sheldon1968

    Oil & Fuel  fuel injection pump

    Anyone tell me where the FUEL INJECTION PUMP is located on a 2022 Kioti CX2510........I think I may have a problem as it will not start...turns over but will not start the dealer is sending me a new Solenoid so hopefully that works
  16. Atvjoe

    1920 Ford Hydraulic pump New install I need Help. It won’t Prime

    Hi everyone I just installed a new pump after mine failed. I had zero psi and I cleaned pressure relief. I replaced oil and seals on the metal lines. So I installed a new pump and it won’t prime or do anything I need some help. Do any of you guys have any pointer what I need to do. I followed...
  17. B

    TX1510 replacement water pump second question

    ok the replacement pump comes with 2 gaskets and a steel plate which covers the impeller (the fan like thing that circulates the coolant) however if it is assembled with the plate in place it doesn't line up with the alternator and crankshaft pulley that drives the water pump; if I take the...
  18. newbury

    Recommendations for 2 to 3 gallon hand held pump sprayer please -

    I seem to go through the lower priced sprayers quickly even though I clean after use. The only brand I found to last several years was Gilmour and it seems they are phasing them out. I want to keep separate sprayers for different things (glyphosate, 2-4D, various insecticides etc.) and need...
  19. O

    Yanmar injection pump problems

    Hello from Ohio, Bought a 955 JD Tractor that would not start. Yanmar 33hp motor Yanmar 51360 injection pump Forgive me if i do not know the correct part names but No fuel was getting past the IP. After new battery and working the starter a few times the fuel shutoff started working on it's...
  20. N

    can a rechargeable 12v battery power a pump?

    can a 2.2 Gal. per minute 12-Volt pump on a 3 pt sprayer (Workhorse 40 gal 12 volt with 5 nozzle boom for utility tractors) be powered by a 12v 35Ah rechargeable battery? This sprayer has not yet arrived but I already know the wiring harness is 8 ft long and will not reach the battery in front...
  21. B

    TX1510 replacement water pump

    Hi folks the replacement water pump for my TX1510 (K3B Mitsubishi Engine)has a small outlet pipe (see picture bottom right) whereas the existing one does not(its got a 'plug' screwed into the opening - does anyone know whether this needs blanking off or attaching to something?
  22. G

    LucasCav injector pump

    Need help with governor spring code on a CavLucas Injector Pump DPA R3448F040, Model 30280 EDG. Type RE 11803. The spring came off the throttle shaft during reseal.
  23. N

    Ford 1710 injector pump

    Hi i have a 1710 that is not delivering fuel to one of my cylinders. I traced it back to the pump. I disconnected the high pressure line and ran the starter. Nothing came out. I did the same with the next line and it was pushing fuel ok. Taking the plate off, i saw that all the springs were in...
  24. C

    Fill-Rite rotary manual pump

    Rebuilt with fill-rite kit. will not pump
  25. D

    95 268 injector pump timing hazy

    Hello everyone, I rebuilt a 95 New Holland 268 engine I now have 50 hours and it's still hazing at idle with unburnt fuel. The book was very vague on timing the pump. What I did was used a dial indicator got the #1 on top dead center lined up all my gears and installed the injector pump with the...
  26. P

    steering pump

    kioti dk 35 hse The steering pump is leaking from the top. The dealer cannot find a part please help it is a 2009.
  27. D

    Mahindra 5500 fuel pump not primed

    My Mahindra 5500 was running as if it had water in the fuel (it had done this before). So, I emptied the fuel tank and put in new fuel. Loosened one of the injectors and turn over engine to pump our air. But the fuel pump is not pumping fuel. I checked by using the hand fuel pump that comes...
  28. O

    Replace hydraulic pump on 2005 TC30

    I need to replace the hydraulic pump on my 2005 NH TC30. I can't find away to get to the bolts behind the pump. If you have don't it before, an help would be great, or maybe a link. Thanks
  29. Bobandpeni

    7234 Injector pump / runaway

    Hi all, I have a Cub 7234 with about 700 hours on it. We love the tractor, it is used to brush hog our pastures and drag our arena and gravel drives. My kids were running it last week and the engine ran away. It over-revved (my son-in-law said the tachometer was pegged at 3000 rpm) and...
  30. U

    Solar Powered Mini Split Heat Pump?

    Anyone use a mini split with dedicated solar panels? I don't have any connection or have I bought anything from this company but I like the idea of self contained solar...
  31. B

    LS water pump

    trying to buy a LS G3033 water pump----OR a place that will rebuild it (bearing replacement)----no reply yet from North Carolina LS company
  32. W

    Yanmar hydraulic pump

    Ugh, I am struggling with my Yanmar 1510d . I bought this tractor 2 years ago (auction ? mistake). I just put a new hydraulic pump on it for the 3rd time. FEL and 3 pt hitch have stopped working again. I cleaned the filter and put in new trans/hyd fluid recently. I also installed a pressure...
  33. 4


    i need to replace gaskets on the back of the fuel injector pump. Is there a special tool that I need to use to remove it.
  34. S

    Stanadyne Injection Pump RE-502217

    Looking for some information on my Stanadyne Injection Pump- Model: CO DB4327-5583 RPM: 2500 Serial: 9646285 MFG: RE-502217 I believe the Fuel Shutoff Solenoid is located within the top cover, as that is what I can find online so far, but there is also a two pin connector forwards the...
  35. R

    Three point diaphragm pump

    Has anyone seen one of these these pumps? I find a lot of centrifugal pumps but no diaphragm type.
  36. 5

    2030 Injection Pump Issues

    Hey everyone, I need some help with this tractor that I got at auction recently. I bought it through an online auction. For the auction, they had a video of the tractor running and moving around under it's own power. When I go to pick up the tractor, it won't start. I crack the bleeder screw on...
  37. F

    Cub cadet 5234d hydrostatic pump

    My 5234d tractor has lost ALL hydraulics. The engine is running and the drive shaft is spinning. But no steering, no moving forward or reverse, and no front bucket or 3 point movement. However the pto will engage and spin. Any help would be appreciated?
  38. F

    massey ferg 65 hyd pump

    Hi i have a massey ferg 65 multipower and need a new hyd pump my question is does the 65 pump fit the multipower 65 there is a difference at the front and top which is bracket for aluminium block to sit on and a cog on front which i removed and looks like i could fit it on new pump parts...
  39. A

    1816C case drive pump

    Just got it running ,sat idle for years and now the new belt on the left side burned of in about 1 hour and was sqealling. How do I determine if it is the pump or the drive motor. I can put a cheap belt on it a see if it burns off and squeals without using leaver. Open to suggestions.
  40. G

    International harvester 3400 backhoe injection pump.

    Hello, hope this thread finds the right place. I have come across a 1970 international harvester backhoe with a injector pump issue been having a few issue identifying the injector pump installed and a part that came out. A friend called and asked for help and I am a bit short on information...
  41. G

    Leaking injection pump

    I have New Holland TV-145 an the injection pump has developed a slow drip, does not seem to affect the machine while running but would like to fix it. I am having trouble locating a parts schematic for the injection pump (New Holland part #87802533), from my research it appears to be a Bosch VE6...
  42. JCoastie

    Is there a safe way to pump gasoline into a plastic tank in the bed of a truck?

    I'm currently using 5 gal poly fuel cans for gas and diesel and put them on the ground when I fill them. I'm contemplating going up to 10 or 15 gallon cans, and I know they make 50+ gallon poly tanks with pump that have fork slots in them. All those sizes pose a problem getting back into the...
  43. dalestractor

    Hydraulic pump on farmpro 2425

    Recently I had issues with my hydraulic pump so I pulled it and got a rebuild kit,(some seals and orings ),but when I put them in the seals are thicker than ones that were in it when you tighten the two bolts adasnt from each other you can't turn the shaft with a wrench, any idea's?
  44. T

    Leaking hydraulic pipe from pump to “PTO Solenoid Valve”

    Hey guys, running my Mahindra 2538 HST pretty hard today and all of a sudden I heard a small pop and noticed hydraulic oil pouring out. I was able to drive it back to the garage after adding some fluid, but still leaks pretty bad. It appears that the leak is coming from the flare on the pipe...
  45. I

    K3B injector pump

    Im tring to find a place to buy some parts this engine it’s a K3B I believe . I live in ontario canada . Any leads in which this engine was in so i can find a dealer and give them a part number would be great . Im missing a couple parts from within this pump. There is a spring a small what...
  46. J

    Fuel pump issue

    Thanks in advance for any advise, I have a 2001 NH TC35D and been having trouble getting fuel to the injectors. Sometimes it would start and sometimes not. Thinking it might be the fuel pump I by passed the pump with a low pressure 12 volt pump. It started and ran fine. Now should i leave it...
  47. J

    Kabota L 275 Hydrolic fluid spews in to the case after changing hydrolic pump. What is causing this? Thanks

    I changed my hydrolic pump and now hydrolic fluid is going to the case and spewing out any ideas on what is causing this?
  48. A

    Bad Pump vs Bad Rockshaft Seals Troubleshooting

    Hi all, Currently working on an old Eicher 364 and having a difficult time with the hydraulics. They worked briefly and then stopped when I tried to bleed them. Measured pressure at the pump output line is 200 PSI at idle, up to 1000 PSI at max RPM. The manual says it should cap at 2438 PSI...
  49. O

    Hard starting 2400H - lift pump failing?

    My 2400H has developed problem where it is very hard to get started when engine is at ambient temps of 30 - 50 degrees F. It will crank and sputter and then finally start and run rough like on two cylinders for several seconds before firing on all three. This was a pretty sudden change since...
  50. D

    F725 fuel pump

    I have a F725 with a Kawasaki FD590V engine. I started it up today after sitting all winter and had fuel spraying out the weep hole in the fuel pump. What would cause this? Is there a fix or do I buy a new fuel pump. I googled the pump and prices are anywhere from mid $20's all the way up to $165.
  51. S

    Pulled over for a one-ton truck pulling a water pump in CT.

    Greetings, We have a 3500 GMC one-ton single rear axle with a metal dump box at work. The truck GVWR is 11,100lbs. This is mainly a shop run around truck but do on a rare occasion pull a trailer or travel out of the state of CT pulling a trailer to pick up or drop off equipment or supplies that...
  52. Bansil

    I need fuel filter recommendations, for manual pump in barrel

    So I'm getting a 55 gallon barrel from work, it had hydraulic or way oil in it. I bought a basic hand pump setup, I want a simple filter from the pump Nozzle to a filter and then simple fuel Nozzle for tractor. Talking maybe 2 gallons a week, BUT I want to have 25/50 gallons on hand...what...
  53. E

    Shibaura SD 1800 injector pump issue

    Hello, I have a Shibaura SD 1800 that has an injector pump that is bad. Where can I find a rebuild kit or replacement pump and the diagram for it? Thanks and God bless!
  54. G

    Diesel fuel Injector pump leaking into crankcase?

    Hello. I have a 254 Chinese tractor with 3 cyl. LaiDong engine. The crank case keeps getting filled with diesel fuel somehow. I'm guessing the fuel is getting through from the injector pump maybe? Are there perhaps some kind of seals in the pump that I could change? Or a leaking gasket maybe? If...
  55. S

    Any help with a power steering pump seal? RTV it? 2120

    Power steering pump is leaking between the rear plate and the housing. The seal kits are discontinued. And it's an odd shaped seal. Any chance some good rtv on the flat bit will work? I have attached pics of where it's leaking in the yellow circle and a pic of the plate off and the seal.
  56. I

    Case IH 2290 hydraulic hose connected to the hydraulic pump

    trying to fix my case 2290's hydraulic leak ive identified the leak to the hose that runs from the hydraulic pump to the main controls in the cab, i cant for the life of me figure out how to remove the hose, it spins freely but doesnt unscrew, and its not a push pull release refrence pictures...
  57. Long Valley

    Hydraulic pump whine, massey/agco/iseki

    Hello all, I have an Agco ST41A, which is the same tractor as a Massey 1540, made in Japan by Iseki. The tractor developed hydraulic issues last fall and I'm trying to diagnose before spring. Symptoms were intermittent loss of Hydraulics and definitely whining and chattering noise from the...
  58. T

    Lucas injector pump swapped to Bosch mechanical pump

    The temperamental and very expensive Lucas pump ($3850 ) was unrebuildable so saw some guys we’re replacing with the old mechanical Bosch pump. I installed a new Bosch pump. Had the injectors recalibrated. Replaced the drive gear and rerouted the hard lines. Installed new lift ( supply ) pump...
  59. T

    Water pump on mf135 continental year 1967

    Hi folks, I have a neewbie question. I have a 1967 mf135 gas engine. I notice a quite bit of slack on the spindle that has the cooling fan on. I've done a little research, i found out that it's the water pump pulley. Do i need to change the water pump or is there a bearing to change between the...
  60. S

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    Recently replaced the fuel pump on my 07 Branson 3510i and now I can not get above 1200 rpm
  61. NicholasII

    Suzue M1200 KE70 fuel injection pump issues

    Hi all, First of all, i'm very glad to have found such an active community discussing even the most niche of tractors :) I'm sure that with the help of you guys, any issue can be fixed. A little history on my little Suzue, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. The previous owner told me it ran...
  62. D

    Leaking/Weeping From Hydraulic Pump to Front Cover

    All, I noticed I my TC45DA is leaking/weeping hydraulic fluid. It looks like it’s leaking where the hydraulic pump bolts to the front cover of the engine and it’s not engine oil. Is there a chance that the hydraulic pump is just loos and that tightening the bolts will slow or stop the flow? I...
  63. F

    PTO Driven pumps

    Hi all, First time poster here. I just recently bought a second hand Kubota M9540 for some property I have in the Bahamas. Its a bit of a working hobby farm and having a tractor is new to us everything has been done by hand so far. So I'm kind of like a kid in the candy shop right now finding...
  64. F

    Moving and dispersing water from a tractor

    I've got a Kioti DK6010Se (60kp) and happened to find several plants, we wanted to eventually plant, for 50% off at Home Depot. Now, they are going to be planted on land we are clearing. No well or water source yet on the property. I was thinking I could get something like this which would be...
  65. landruma

    Kubota catastrophic engine failures

    My 2019 M5-111 (tier 4) last month had catastrophic engine failure, 1,200 hours, from the diesel high pressure fuel pump. I only use gas station diesel in 5 gallon containers used only for diesel. Cost estimated $17,000. I wonder how many other Kubotas are having this issue. KTAC, Kubota...
  66. Travis_R

    Massey Ferguson 231 Injector Pump

    Hello, Does anyone here recommend someone or a shop who can re-seal the injector pump on my 1998 Massey Ferguson 231? I’m aware I’d have to ship it. It is dripping diesel where the rotor head goes into the pump housing. There’s an o-ring there. I’d like the whole pump re-sealed since it has to...
  67. S

    Backhoe  Jinma 354 Jw-03 Backhoe problem

    My backhoe is sick * at first my boom was raising realy slow and did not raise at all with a load when it was hot. also notice that the other cylinder where week * i changed the hydro oil because it add some water in it and i brought my boom cylinder to a mecanic to check and change the seal.. *...