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  1. All In A Days Work

    Looking at a Rental return Kubota L4701 - I have a few Questions

    Hi Guys, My wife and I are looking at buying our first tractor. We are looking at a L4701 it is a rental return with 220 hours, the dealer has installed different tires on it (low Profile) and...
  2. T

    L47TLB vs L4701

    So what would be the big differences between a L47TLB and a L4701 with FEL and backhoe. Initially the TLB looks heavier but cant find weights for adding the 4701 FEL and backhoe. And the price...
  3. R

    L3901 vs L4701

    Got a quote for both tractors with packages. 5 brush hog and box blade with the 3901 and 6 implements with the 4701. Exactly $5k difference between the tractors. Kubota and Deere and everyone are...
  4. simonsays

    Comparison JD 4044 VS. Kubota L4701

    So I'm in the market for a utility tractor. Im not stuck on a new one but out here in CA the used machine fetch high $$$. I can't see paying 8-10k less for a 10+ year old machine with +- 1000...
  5. N

    New Kubota L4701 Top Link too Short? Or just me?

    Hooked up my box scraper today and tried to adjust the top link so that the box scraper is flat with the ground, but the top link doesnt seem to be long enough...Im a newb so figure im doing...
  6. OutBurst

    Comparison Kioti NX5010 vs Kubota L4701

    I think I am at a crossroads with what I am looking to purchase. I believe I have it down to either a Kubota L4701 w/ LA765 and BH92 or a Kioti NX5010 HST w/ KL6010 and KB2485. Both HST...
  7. scottfarm1

    new L4701 regeneration at 5 Hours

    Just bought a new L4701 2 wheel drive and at 5 hours the regeneration light came on and noticed reduced power with a different exhaust note. It took about 25 minutes for the regeneration and the...
  8. T

    Buying Advice Kubota L4701 vs Yanmar L4900 (same darn tractor???)

    I am pulling my hair out... My wife and I have boiled down our "next tractor" decision to a Kubota L4701 or a Yanmar L4900. On paper, they are nearly identical... Engine HP: Yanmar is 48.5 to...
  9. F

    kubota L4701 pricing?

    Looked at one of these and got a price on it. Ran the numbers to finance it and it comes out at like $5,000 more than the number he put on paper. Maybe the monthly payment goes down as time goes...
  10. D

    Tractor Sizing B26 vs L4701/L4600 with BH92

    Hello, everyone. For a while, I have been trying to decide what tractor to get. Immediate need is to repair long gravel drive with a land plane and/or BB. Would also like to a small rotary...
  11. L

    Kubota l4701 Longevity and Reliability?

    I am interested to hear from owners who work them long and hard. I will need one for brush hogging, grappling, cattle feeding etc, on 400 acres of hilly Ozark land. I have used small tractors...
  12. josiahgarber

    Kubota L4701 Sometimes Stalls When Moving Forward with HST Pedal

    This winter I've been having a problem with the tractor where it starts fine, and then when I press the HST pedal to move forward it stalls. If I leave off the pedal quickly it will not stall and...
  13. C

    Kubota L3901 HST vs L4701 HST options

    Pretty much have it narrowed down to these two tractors. I've test driven a couple of them but I'm just not sure if the difference in size & price is justifiable. What options are there for the...
  14. B

    Kubota L4600 or Kubota L4701

    Trying to decide which one to get? I have a several quotes from dealers. Comparing the quotes from various places, the L4600 HST is $1,155 cheaper than the L4701 HST, both with R4 tires and the...
  15. H

    Buying Advice Top and Tilt interferes with backhoe subframe on new L4701 and MX5800

    I am in the market for a new TLB, I currently have a 1996 L35 that has worked its heart out for me and is beginning to need more and more attention. I do all my own work and I love working on the...
  16. J

    New L4701

    Ok I've decided on the new L4701 (gear tranny) will be making the purchase in a couple weeks. I am very excited. I thought about the HST but only using it for mowing so I decided I didn't need...
  17. N

    Tractor Newb - Kubota L4701 or Deere 3046R?

    Hello Everyone, Its been a while since I've joined a forum and I don't know why I hadn't come here sooner for advice. I am the facilities director for a non-profit summer boys camp (this is a...
  18. P

    3-Point Hitch Kubota L4701 3PH adjustable lifting rod

    I'm a newbie with owning my first tractor. I'm trying to cut some ditches in the side of my driveway with my box scraper and I'm getting an angle on it with my adjustable lifting rod and noticed...
  19. desh

    New Kubota L4701

    Just thought I would share our recent Kubota purchase. I did a lot of research here prior to purchasing, and it helped immensely in making the right decision. The L4701 HST does everything that...
  20. K

    New L4701 (3 hours)

    Intermitant problem, delivered with what was explained as a pinched fuel line upstream of the water bowl, tractor would starve for fuel and shut down, repaired by service. Picked up tractor and it...
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4.00 star(s)

L4701 Kubota
Good Tractor
Model Year: 2017

I bought mine used with only 193 hours on it. I use it to keep up with 17 acres of mostly woods, 1,200 feet of gravel road, and 3/4 mile of trails. It has plenty of power and is a lot more comfortable than my 1985 L2550DT. It is a S size tractor I was able to really use with pallet forks. I also purchased a grapple. The loader has pretty good lifting capability with a ballast box. Re-gen is a minor inconvenience, at most.

Pros: Powerful and lots of room
Cons: None I could think of

5.00 star(s)
Anonymous Poster

L4701 Kubota
New L4701
Model Year: 2019

This is my third Kubota, I upgraded from the 32 HP L3000. I have had no issues with the tractor other than a few things that were not set up correctly at delivery. Both radiator hose clamps were barely finger tight, which I realized on the first use and lost some antifreeze on the shed floor. The hydraulic valve for the three-point hitch was stuck, so I couldn't use the hitch. One bundle of cables/wires was situated so that I could not open the oil-filler cap until I re-routed the wires. These are not problems with the tractor itself, just sloppy assembly at the plant, I guess. But the engine starts well, even in cold temps, such as 10 Fahrenheit, and the quality of the machine is topnotch.

Pros: Kubota quality, good power, good fuel economy
Cons: None I've seen so far, which is its first 50 hours of operation

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