kubota bx24

  1. M

    BX24 battery cable length

    I need to replace the positive battery cable on my 16-year old BX24 because the connector has gotten so deformed over the years that it no longer clamps properly and can still be moved around even with the bolt tightened all the way down. Rather than put a generic clamp-on battery terminal on...
  2. K

    Kubota BX24 Bogging Down

    Kubota BX24 usually runs fine but bogs down/loses power when under load, like heavy mowing, and will even stall if I don't release the PTO. I changed fuel filter and cleaned air filter but still a problem. Suspect either the fuel pump or governing mechanism. Anyone have experience with this...
  3. Pszotak

    Hooking up a shaver post driver to a Kubota bx24

    Hello all, I posted back in July last year about hooking up shaver hydraulic post driver to a Kubota bx24. Well I drove in one post and it worked but blew out the return seal on the hydraulic valve. I did not know at that time that the return line needed to be free flow back to resivior. My...
  4. RayCo

    BX24 Fuel Tank Blockage

    I have a BX24 that seems to have something in the fuel tank. Any clever ideas as far as how to get something out of the tank, short of going through what looks like the undesirable task of removing the tank? I guess I could roll the tractor over, but that doesn't seem good. For those who are...
  5. L

    BX24 won’t start

    Good day I have a BX24 that when you turn the key on it has power but when you turn the key all the way to start there is nothing. So I checked the battery and it’s fine I checked the 2 seat safety switches and the PTO switch they are good I don’t know if there are any more safety switches...
  6. Pszotak

    BX24 fuel issue

    I have a KubotaBX24. Every do often the fuel slows to a dribble and stalls the engine. I solve this by removing the first fuel filter on the underside under the drivers seat and blowing air through the fuel line up into the fuel tank. That is a temporary solution as it is a continuous problem...
  7. Pszotak

    Hooking up shaver post driver to Kubota BX24

    I have a bx24 tractor. Also have a shaver post driver. Some years ago I drove one post to if the bx24 would drive a post it bring a small tractor. Well it did drive the post but blow the return line valve seal, I know what I was doing. Does anyone know how or where to hook up the return line to...
  8. 9

    BX24 won't start - new fuel filters and fuel pump

    My BX24 was running rough, so I decided to replace both fuel filters and the electric fuel pump. The tank side fuel filter was a total mess, but once removed fuel ran freely from the tank. With both fuel filters and the electric fuel pump replaced it was blowing fuel out of the filter which...
  9. B

    Loader  bx24

    bx24 loader won't raise the front of the tractor. and if it does it leaks back down very quickly
  10. fishpick

    BX24 rear of HST leaking

    Has anyone had a leak back there? More relevant - is there a common thing on the back of the HST that leaks on a BX24? I have a BX24 that I have noticed the whole back of the HST case has accumulated that "dirt that's there because of a leak" kind of look. For the last couple of years I...
  11. D

    kubota bx24 2009

    Hi I was 3 degrees last night i let it warm up a bit then started the machine while letting it warm up all the sudden the was a lot of hydraulic oil The filter blow open. so my question is was there water in the system and the only place i can see to let moisture in is on the back hoe ram...
  12. C

    BX24 Backhoe tie downs

    I move my tractor a lot so found tie downs at Ai2. They sent the front ones, the rear Backhoe tie downs you need to submit a form to get them. I've submitted the form 4 times. I called. Their message box is full. I have purchased a lot from them, (outrigger pads, front tie downs, backhoe...
  13. O

    BX24 PTO lever stuck

    2008 model, I never use the PTO. I have no implements that use the PTO. I am the original owner. Went to go start the tractor and it does not turn over. Acts like one of the safety switches is not engaged. I notice the PTO lever is the middle. Not sure how it got there. It won't move forward or...
  14. O

    Kubota BX24 PTO lever stuck

    2008 model, I never use the PTO. I have no implements that use the PTO. I am the original owner. Went to go start the tractor and it does not turn over. Acts like one of the safety switches is not engaged. I notice the PTO lever is the middle. Not sure how it got there. It won't move forward or...
  15. RayCo

    BX24 starving for fuel and not running

    I have a BX24 with about 1200 hours on it, and it recently won't stay running. It seems to be behaving as though it's struggling to get fuel. Did the obvious, and swapped out both fuel filters. The electric fuel pump SOUNDS normal and seems to be operating just fine. Is there, perhaps, a...
  16. J


  17. gdBX

    How Remove Rear PTO Shield on Kubota BX24

    Hi Trying to remove rear PTO cover/PTO protector on Kubota BX24. Facing the rear pulled the small cotter on left side but cannot figure out how to get the shaft (160) move over to release the right side of cover. Any one know the trick? Wondered if maybe have remove 140 cylinder cover circled...
  18. C

    Skid Steer adapter for Kubota BX24?

    I see many useful attachments that are made for SSQA compatible machines. Where can I find and adapter for my 2007 Kubota B24D? I am looking at a Rock Bucket for my FEL. Possibly a grapple too!
  19. D

    BX24 Steering Driftng

    On the leading edge of a steering issue. Not quite ready to tear into it yet, but want some ideas on what I might be up against. And whether it is within a slightly above average tractor owner's ability. I know the steering wheel slowly changes position in use, doesn't bother me. But this...
  20. D

    Value of a BX24 TLB with 500 hours - Massachusetts

    I'm thinking of selling my 2006 BX 24 TLB. It has 500 hours. It runs well but the trans-axle assembly leaks oil. Also, the seat pan is plastic and is cracked. What would be a plausible range of value in the Massachusetts/New England area?
  21. J

    BX24 fan belt change

    I did a search on the fan belt change on the BX24. Are you kidding? You have to undue the drive shaft?! Anyway, it seems like there are 3 or 4 bolts to undo on the shaft flanges. Then move (slide ?) the rear shaft toward the rear, and slip the old belt off, then the new belt on. And then reverse...
  22. R

    BX24 dropped drive shaft now I have a vibration.

    So yesterday I was moving some dirt and there was a terrible noise and as I was backing up my front drive shaft was on the ground. Upon inspection it looks like I lost the pin that holds the universal joint on the the input spline of the front axle. I went to the Kubota dealer this morning and...
  23. M

    BX24 acts starved for fuel after a minute of running

    Our BX24 has been a workhorse for over 10 years. Just today, it started doing something I've never seen. It starts fine, but after about a minute, the RPMs drop and it acts like it's starved for fuel. Sometimes just sitting without doing anything will let it recover up to 2400 RPMs or so, but...
  24. E

    BX24 Safety Switches

    Guys, I have a Kubota BX24. One of the safety switches is not reporting closed when in the starting position so the starter will not spin. My understanding is that there are the following safety switched: 1) Treadle: to make sure the machine will not try to move when started. 2) PTO...
  25. RayCo

    BX24 dead and buzzing ignition

    Hopefully this is just a matter of a dead battery, although I've been using the tractor daily for months without any signs of a weakening battery. Battery is four years old. But, here's the issue. When I turn the key to the on position, the hour meter flashes symbols. Also, the fuel pump...
  26. BuckeyeWilly

    Kubota BX24 running rough, lots of white smoke

    My old BX24 just started running badly with tons of white smoke. I think it was bought in 2004 and has done a lot of work for me with very few problems. I have managed to fix any issues it ever had and never had it back to the dealership. No idea how many hours are on it as meter hasn't worked...
  27. RayCo

    Front end PHD for BX24

    A few questions here regarding a post hole digger to go on a Kubota BX24 (subcompact w/o any quick-attach, front or rear): Is it true that a 3pt PHD is frustrating and ineffective because of the lack of down pressure on a 3pt system? Does a PHD that would go in place of my loader bucket exist...
  28. D

    BX24 Sending unit/fuel gage

    The fuel gage on my BX24 has quit working. I haven't done any extensive troubleshooting yet but I am pretty sure it must be the sending unit. The gage needle does cycle when the key is turned on so the gage apparently does still respond to input. How tough is it to get to the sending unit on...
  29. A

    BX24 lost load and I lost bonnet

    I was using the FEL to lift a mobile home frame for cutting when it slid free and came down on the bonnet. I got wasn't in the way (I know better), but it really messed up the tractor. The stout grill guard caught the steel and kept if from trashing the engine. I should have know better and...
  30. T

    BX24 - will not shut off. How to choke?

    This gets better and better. The engine will not shut off with the key!? I disconnected the battery and it痴 still running. I am not familiar with how to choke off a Diesel engine. Any thoughts? And does anyone know what type of short (would it be a short?) this could be? Oh...and it痴 still...
  31. T

    BX24 Hydraulic connectors will not fasten

    This has to be a simple answer. It has occurred 3x since I致e had this tractor. When reattaching the backhoe, there are 3 hydraulic hoses/connectors to fasten. I turn off the engine, unplug the short hose, and go to connect the 3 and they will not seat so the rings can snap tight. Oddly I can...
  32. T

    BX24 stalled out under load. Now will not start. Suggestions?

    Was plowing today so engine load was kinda heavy. Quite a bit of jostling around. Engine died, plow too deep, too much load. This has occurred many times before. What is different is tractor will not restart. No cranking. Turn the key and typical pre-start functions occur (the dashboard...
  33. wotalota

    BX24 speed control pedal linkage detached?

    While mowing the grass today the HST forward/reverse speed pedal seemed to become detached and the tractor came to a stop. The pedal can be moved back and forth but doesn't do anything or return to its centered position. Looked around where it broke down and didn't see any broken springs or...
  34. T

    Kubota BX24 Seat Replacement

    My BX24 seat is in a poor state. Anyone have a recommended aftermarket one? Or experience having the original reupholstered with something nicer than vinyl, leather maybe?
  35. RayCo

    BX24 Brake Pedal Adjustment

    My brake pedal on my BX24 no longer springs back up on its own when I release it, so I've been manually pulling it up. Yesterday I decided to look at it, will confess that I never previously noticed the brake pedal adjustment step for the "every 100 hours" service. So, I'd never touched it...
  36. T

    BX24 - kill switch kills engine when HST pedal or PTO are engaged

    Just today attached and tested the brush hog mower. Worked perfect. Drove the BX24 about 500 yards, no problem. Lowered the mower, engaged the PTO. Engine died. Restarted engine over and over and each time engaging the PTO or the HST forward or reverse, the engine dies. This 'behavior' is...
  37. J

    Kubota BX24 Neutral Safety switch

    I'm looking for tips or shortcuts to replace or (temporarily) bypass the neutral safety switch on my BX24 so I can start it and get it off a job site. Of course I shut it off with a full and lowered bucket of gravel! I've thought about jumping the starter which is difficult to get at with the...
  38. S

    2007 BX24 PTOs stopped working?

    Hello all! My BX24's PTOs stopped working. I rarely used them, and it started out as being slow to start turning, but now they don't work at all. Any idea what the issue may be?
  39. F

    Kubota BX24 Instrument Cluster R&R

    Does anyone have the procedure for removing and replacing the instrument cluster on a BX24?
  40. zoltanthegypsy

    BX24 & Front Weights - what a PITA

    Just pulled off the loader and hoe. Put on the tiller and front weights. Aaaarrrggghhh, what a PITA. Not the loader, hoe, and tiller. Those take a couple of minutes each. The front weights... phooey! The (bloody expensive) set: bracket, hold-down clamps, and suitcase weights, were all...
  41. W

    Hood and Bonnet swap on a BX24

    I have a BX24 with the plastic body parts. The headlights have both broken out of the plastic hood mounts. Some of the grillwork on the bonnet is loose since the fasteners are broken. No major breaks yet but a lot of little annoying ones. I have been thinking about a retrofit with metal parts...
  42. O

    3-Point Hitch  BX24. How much tension on lower arms.

    I seem to be breaking the turnbuckles now and then. How tight should the turnbuckles be on the three point lower arms. A little slack or snug or fully tighten after hooking up to box scraper?
  43. T

    Loader  BX6315 Quick Attach on BX24/25 and 50 series

    There is some good discussion going aback awhile regarding the use of the Kubota quick attach(BX6315) on some of the older BXs using loaders without the A suffix on the model number. In my case I have an LA240 on a BX24. Some of you have been using the Kubota Quick Attach for some time now on...
  44. M

    BX24 turn signal connector location

    I've got a BX24 that has often had intermittent connections in the light switch, probably because I rarely use the lights. Usually it clears up if I cycle the switch a few times. Now, I have a problem where the turn signals/hazard flashers don't light up at all. If I move the switch, I hear the...
  45. altoonapillarrock

    Oil & Fuel  Micron Size For Primary Fuel Filter, BX24

    I am considering putting a Racor 120 spin on filter as the primary fuel filter. I read this article Diesel fuel filters: Which should you choose? - Soundings Online The article is about large boats but it is very interesting. I think the Racor RAP120AP is the right choice. I believe the 30...
  46. radioman

    Oil & Fuel  bx24 glow plugs

    ugh.. not a good week. first off yesterday i went to plow the snow and i had hard time to starting the BX after glowing 30 secs 3 times. so i said screw it .. crank on it till the any compressions makes enough heat to start. got her started. started to plow 5 feet and then POW! my front left...
  47. E

    Loader  Replacing hydraulic line on BX24 loader

    Guys, My BX24 has sprung a little hydraulic leak on the long line on the driver's right side of the loader. What is the appropriate procedure for removing the line so I can have the fittings redone into a new hose? Thank you! Mike
  48. O

    3-Point Hitch  BX24 needs more lift on 3 point hitch

    My BX24 can not get the box scraper (Gearmore BB G 54) raised high enough when the top link is pushed out to do some smoothing. From what I read, some of options are to drill a hole further out on the lower link and/or use the quick change attachments. I do not really want to use the quick...
  49. B

    Will a snowblower off a BX2230 mount to a BX24?

    Hi all, I came across a complete BX2750B w/hitch off a BX2230. Will this mount on my BX24? Unfortunately is quite a distance from me so i will not be able to try it out before I get it. I tried looking online but could not find the answer.
  50. Rock Crawler

    10 year old Kubota bx24 price check.

    I've come across a ten-year-old, 2007 Kubota bx24 tractor , MMM, loader and backhoe for $10,000. The unit has eight hundred hours on the clock. Both the backhoe bucket and the front end loader bucket appear to be well used, the radiator shroud is cracked, and some of the plastic rear fender...
  51. R

    Bx24 - drive forward/reverse pedal safety switch location

    Hi y'all Got a 12yo bx24. The safety switch gremlins have been pestering me the last few years. Under-seat safety switch loose wires, pto-engagement switch full of crude, etc... Seem to have all those mastered up to now but the forward/reverse safety switch is my current torture. Jiggling the...
  52. H

    Kunitz bx24

    Hi everyone,I'm new to this site,I want to buy a mm mower deck to put on my BX24 tractor.i have a chance to buy a RCK54-22BX for cheap money.Someone told me it would fit with a little modification to the deck.could anyone tell me exactly what needs to be done to make this mower deck work.thank...
  53. M

    BX24 Trans slipping

    Any body ever had this issue?
  54. EricCR

    Lifting Kubota BX24 with a crane

    Is there an approved method for rigging a BX24 for lifting? I want to use my crane to drop it down over an 8' wall onto the shoreline of a river on my property. I think to make it a lighter lift I'll lift the backhoe and machine separately and reconnect them down below. Kubota has published...
  55. radioflyertoo

    Kubota BX24 for Sale

    I have a Kubota BX 24 with 5' mower deck for sale. ~ 325 hours. Fair condition (Cosmetics). Bought in July 2007. I'm down sizing and no longer need the Tractor. $8k OBO. Please PM if interested. Thank you Bob
  56. B

    Need Help Troubleshooting Fuel Shut-off System on BX24

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot the fuel shut-off system on my BX24? I've seen so many different descriptions of how the system works, I'm not sure what to check, where, and under what conditions. My problem, which seems to be pretty common, is that turning off the key on my BX24 doesn't turn...
  57. E

    Computer in BX24???

    Guys, Is there one or more computers in the BX24 tractor? What do they do? Thank you! Mike
  58. T

    Trenchless Irrigation Installation with Kubota BX24

    I got tired of putting in 3/4 pvc irrigation pipe the "right" way, so instead I borrowed a ripper tooth, mounted it on the 3-point, attached a length of 3/4 PVC to it, lowered it into the ground, and dragged it nice and slow. No trench to dig or backfill, just a slight pucker in the surface...
  59. F

    New to me BX24....problems?

    Hello All! Just joined up and unfortunately it is due to needing help. However, I am a long time forum user and hope to be able to contribute soon. Here is my situation. I have a new to me BX24. It has the FEL, BH, and 54"MMM. I have been using it around the house and a few small landscaping...
  60. X

    Kubota BX24 Stop Solenoid has not worked properly AND now battery not charging

    A few months ago, my 2007 BX24 with 800 hours began taking longer and longer to start. After a month of daily-increasing time and aggravation, I finally noticed the stop solenoid was remaining retracted even after the engine had stopped, key removed, and I had read to the kids. From then on...
  61. E

    Correct belly mowers for BX24?

    What are the correct belly mower part numbers for the BX24? Thanks!
  62. M

    How to repair plastic bodywork on Kubota BX24

    The big piece that covers the rear tires has a small crack in it. The dealer thinks it is ABS, but he says ABS glue doesn't work on it, and nothing else works on it either. He says to use a solder gun to melt it and bond it together. Or a metal plate and rivets. Does anybody have any...
  63. C

    Oil & Fuel  BX24 Transmission Fluid Level Question

    Please excuse my newbie question - I tried searching for this info online and in the forums but got a million hits that did not relate directly to my question. So I have a BX24. I normally check the transmission fluid level with all 3 implements on (front end loader, backhoe, and mid-mount...
  64. E

    Safety interlocks on BX24

    Guys, I have a known problem with the interlocks on a BX24. Probably the PTO. Can someone please guide me through the process of adjusting that one so the problem goes away? Sure would appreciate it! Thanks! Mike
  65. B

    BX24 in Pickup Bed?

    Has anyone transported a BX24 in the bed of a pickup? A very quick and dirty measurement suggests that if I remove the backhoe it might work. I haven't put a lot of thought into it - I thought I'd ask the community first. But maybe lift the loader, then put it forward so that the brush bar...
  66. E

    Snow  Snow removal with a BX24

    Any guidelines or experience as to how much snow can be plowed on a gravel driveway with little crown ... and the kind of plow used? Am thinkin' I need to have the capability.
  67. E

    Safety interlocks on BX24

    OK guys ... My apologies for the late and urgent request ... am chastened by having to ask! I have what I think is a safety interlock switch not allowing my BX24 to start. Everything seems to work ... fuel pump ticks, glow plug shows working ... but will not spin the starter. Have seen this...
  68. R

    use of rototiller BX24

    I am considering using a rototiller on my BX24. Seeing as how the 3 point hitch does not have any down force I was wondering how well it would work. Does any one use a rototiller with their BX tractor?
  69. N

    Plowing snow with a BX24

    Hello folks, I would like to use my BX24 for plowing snow this year and need advice on which snow plow to buy. The OEM front blade with mounts will cost me $2350 from the dealer where as a 60" wide snow plow from BXexpanded will cost about $1200 with shipping. The disadvantage I see with the...
  70. N

    Cracked floor pan on a BX24

    Hello folks, I am brand-new to this forum, just registered. I am the happy owner of a Kubota BX24. A few months ago, the floor pan on both sides of the tractor cracked just in front of the rear tires/fenders. I understand from talking to a couple of other owners of BX24's that this is a...
  71. P

    Unable to reconnect hydraulic lines on kubota bx24 with LA240 loader

    Hi all, I have a recently purchased bx2400 (20hours total) with LA240 loader. I removed the loader to cut the grass and when attempting to reinstall the loader, I am unable to connect 2 of the 4 hydraulic hose couplers. The problem is that the centre pin inside the coupler on the loader side...
  72. X

    3-Point Hitch  BX24 3-Point Hitch Keeps Coming Loose

    The rod that the check chain plate on my 3-point attaches to has a tendency to work its way loose from the slot that it sits in in the subframe. When the load that I am hauling with the hitch makes a particular angle, the rod will move into just the right position that it will slip left or...
  73. S


    I look for a used hood cover for my bx24 with lights
  74. S


    My bx24 backhoe an front loader will not operate what could it be I hear a hi pitch sound
  75. E

    FEL Cylinder gone flip floppy BX24

    My FEL bucket single Hydraulic cylinder has lost its fix and has lots of play in it now. After 240 hrs and 7 yrs of back scrapping etc. it needs help. Anyone know what I broke inside and what would be reasonable repair cost. I can rotate bucket up and down with the controller but it can be...
  76. R

    BX24 - doesn't start. No electrical

    Older bx24 with over 1000 hours. Great machine. Kept in garage. Tried starting after 5 days off. Turn key, glow light comes on for about 4 seconds, then goes off. No noise, no electrical activity when turning key. Checked battery with voltmeter - has charge. Starter dead?
  77. coreshot

    Is it worth trading my BX24 for a 25D

    I bought my BX24 new in 2008. I am very happy with it. It's got about 600 hours on the clock. What I'm wondering is if it would be worth it to sell it and buy a new BX25D. What would I be gaining as far as features? I know I would like the new metal hood and fenders. The implements I have for...
  78. coreshot

    BX24 Bucket problem

    Last week at the cabin, I was moving some dirt and block with the 24. The bucket started to creep downward whenever it had a load in it. I had to keep cycling the hydraulics to keep the load from dumping as I transported the load. It was low on fluid, which I filled, but that didn't solve the...
  79. E

    BX24 Steering Wheel change

    Guys, Have a BX24 that has a cracked steering wheel hub. Got a new part from Messick's. Looks the same. Got the steering wheel nut off (7/8" socket was close enough). What kind of tool is used to get the wheel off of the shaft? No room to get anything under the steering wheel from the...
  80. M

    Kubota BX24 price

    I'm in the process of buying 4.5 acres of which most needs to be mowed and is slightly hilly. Now I live in Cali and we don't have grass that grows throughout the year, rather weeds in the spring that need to be mowed down to avoid fox tails and fire danger. Now, local CL add just listed a 2008...
  81. Deano

    Anyone Have Extra Hazard Lamp Lens?? BX24

    The part # of the whole assembly is K2581-62612. I can buy the bulb, nut, washer and tube guard of course an assembly, but not the lens. Hoping someone has a broken assembly with a good lens left on it. The wife decided to mow, it came off and she CHOPPED it up!!:( My wife said she was being...
  82. J

    Moving Long Distance - Looking for advice on how to sell BX24 with attachments

    Hey All, It's been a long time since I hung out here. I got my BX24 and then was busy working my job and taking care of the family. New job has me moving from central New York to central Maine and I've discovered that U-Haul won't let me rent a utility trailer one way, and I don't know if I...
  83. B

    BX24 Replacement of bonnet that covers battery

    2006 BX24. I have an older style bonnet that is below the steering wheel and covers the opening where battery is located (black plastic housing with metal screen). The bonnet is held in place with tabs that insert into a frame forward the console that houses steering, instrument cluster...
  84. radioman

    seat jam nut on BX24 campaign notice letter

    I just got the letter in the mail today about a mandatory campaign notice and it also comes with a sheet with instructions how to check the jam nut. I cant help but notice in the pictures it has the BX25 not the BX24.:confused2: Basically kubota wants me not to operate the tractor if the seat is...
  85. T

    Mowing  Flail Mower on BX24

    Anyone try a flail mower on a BX24? I found one that's 1800 pounds, way to heavy. Aware of a lighter one?
  86. J

    BX24 Hydraulic manifold leak

    Looking for anyone who had to remove the bolts on top of the manifold on bx24-25 models.Its a simple rubber O ring however the bolt cant be completely removed due to it hitting the bottom of the battery case.I have put a band aid on it for now but would like to get er done correctly...Thanks
  87. J

    BX24 Hydraulic manifold

    I had a small leak at 1 control valve bolt,got it to stop with some locktite and tighten her up nice.Thanks to all who responded.I would really like to hear from some other BX owners as to how they removed the bolts on to of the valve,got some really experienced folks on here,but there has to be...
  88. J

    bx24 leak at hyd. manifold

    Hey,been a long time creeper and found much needed info.After this winter heavy snow fall I parked her in the shop and found a drip,later found to be where the down pressure line goes into the manifold.Got to the 26mm nut and found not enough room to lift it out.Do I need to remove the entire...
  89. B

    Snow  BX24 Snowblower - not working - need help/advice

    BX24 Snowblower - not working - need help/advice NEED HELP/ADVICE - Ran tractor this morning in 10 inch snow on paved driveway. Blower stopped throwing snow. All three shear pins intact and all augers/impellers will turn manually but not under power. Chain is tight and all shafts turning...
  90. B

    Snow  BX24 Snowblower - not working - need help/advice

    NEED HELP/ADVICE - Ran tractor this morning in 10 inch snow on paved driveway. Blower stopped throwing snow. All three shear pins intact and all augers/impellers will turn manually but not under power. Chain is tight and all shafts turning. Dealer can not pick up machine for several days. Any ideas?
  91. T

    BX24 Instrument Cluster Replacement

    I had a few problems with my BX24 including fuel gauge not reflecting actual level. Service said that they needed to replace the instrument cluster. Just got it back, so not only is my original stalling problem not resolved, I'm not sure that they replaced the instrument cluster. One key...
  92. G

    Kubota BX24 Safety switches

    Does anyone know if cleaning a PTO safety switch with an electrical spray cleaner will be effective. It appears, through troubleshooting, that the safety switch is malfunctioning due to dirt or an internal failure. What are the thoughts on electrical contact spray cleaners? Or, should we just...
  93. M

    BX24 slow steering

    Searched but didn't see a hit for this; I've noticed as of late at times the steering on my BX24 seems a little slow - as in I can turn the wheel a rotation at times before the steering reacts. I typically don't operate the tractor at full rpm unless I'm mowing with it. Anyone else experience...
  94. H

    Buying Advice  Sell bx24 or not?

    Hey guys been lurking in this forum for awhile and I've been recently thinking about parting with my Bx. I bought the BX24 2 years ago and I absolutely love the power of such a compact machine. I primarily use the machine to take care of two properties. I have used the machine to plow snow with...
  95. B

    How do I replace the front case seal on my BX24 transaxle?

    The front case seal on my BX24' transaxle is leaking more profusely than I can tolerate. By "front transaxle seal", I am referring to the seal that's behind the fan. It's not obvious how to remove the cover and get to the seal. Has anyone done this, give me advice, or point me in the right...
  96. Deano

    Alternator Mount Bolt Broke BX24

    Heard a funny noise/rattle coming from under the hood of my BX24the other day. Opened the hood and rattle was coming from the right side and the dipstick was loose. Took it to the garage, removed the brush guard, side cover and FEL. Saw it right away, The lower alternator mount bolt was broken...
  97. N

    Tires  BX24 Valve stem failure (calcium?)

    BX24 - loaded tires Bought this machine new 6 yrs ago. This past spring I went to add air to my rear tire, when I tried to remove the valve stem cap the whole guts came out of the valve stem, not just the core but the whole gut assembly. I removed the tire and took it to the shop to have a new...
  98. L

    BX24 Steering Problem

    My BX24 (~800 hrs) has developed a problem steering that I hope folks can help me debug. I can smoothly turn the steering wheel round many times and get no front wheel movement, while if I quickly "jerk" the wheel in a direction, the front wheels turn as directed. This happens while both moving...
  99. B

    Replacing Rear PTO Shaft - BX24

    My rear pto stub shaft was damaged by a pto driveshaft that split apart due to being improperly sized when it was cut down. It appears from the parts diagram, it should come out easily by removing the housing cover. Is it that easy to replace? Nothing is ever that simple for me, so I'm...
  100. J

    BX24 hood replacement options

    A couple years ago I cracked the hood while pushing some down trees. Quite a bummer, but I picked up the pieces and glued them back together. Didn't look great but better than a big hole. Fast forward a couple years and a few more limbs whacking the hood and my glue job has come apart and it...
  101. S


    I just finished digging out a small tree stump with my backhoe. Shut down the tractor briefly and when I came back and started it up... nothing. I mean NOTHING. Checked the hydraulic fluid and it was low. Added about one guart and it brought it right up. Only about 190 hours on this...
  102. S

    2007 BX24 PTO issues

    My PTO has become "Iffy" on engagement. Sometimes it will engage, sometimes it won't. This evening, it wouldn't engage, so I attempted to clear any debris that might be interfering with the lever. It finally engaged, but was weak. I was using a PHD, and it was like the power was weak (touch the...
  103. Sodo

    Replacing BX24 tie rod boot (how-to with pics)

    These boots are exposed, and rip easily if you drive thru bushes or sticks. If you ask Kubota for a new boot, the only part number that can find is the whole tie-rod end ($46 just to get the little rubber boot). The boot as in the last pic (Kubota part K1253-01660) costs about $11.34 at your...
  104. D

    Looking for advice on replacing fan belt on BX24

    My faithful BX24 (7 yrs / 400 hrs young) has a case of the squealies on cold mornings. I'm sure it's the fan/alternator belt slipping, because it's accompanied by low erratic tach readings that become correct when the belt warms up and the squealing stops. (I'm assuming the tach takes its signal...
  105. wotalota

    How to do BX24 engine valve alignment?

    I am replacing the BX24 fluids at 875 hours and there is a engine valve clearance alignment required that should be done by the dealer. Before calling the dealer I was trying to decide if I could do it myself. I have the shop manual which describes the process but from the outside that area...
  106. E

    Interlocks on BX24

    OK Guys, I have a "new to me" BX24 that arrived Christmas time. Has been stored under the overhang roof of a single row stable this winter. Never sees any direct rain or snow. Started and used it a month or so ago. Initially started fine. Toward the end, for some reason it got shut down...
  107. T

    BX24 Hardend Tail Lightgs

    Got tired of my tail lights getting ripped off my bushes then crushed under the wheels, so I made these guards out of 1/8" x 1" steel flat bar. They bolt onto the ROPS studs.
  108. Sodo

    Got mini-excavator, selling BX24 TLB

    I just bought a kubota KX41-3v mini-excavator. It has 1200 hrs, $14k, 3700lbs, hydr thumb, travel speed 2.6mph. I'll use it mostly for land cleanup then sell it if it doesn't get used. I'll sell my BX24 and get a 30hp tractor with just an FEL. I think the KX41 + a tractor (no backhoe) will cost...
  109. Q

    BX24 DC Outlet, Hot or Not?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm if the DC Outlet on the BX24 is Hot (on all the time) or Not (switched with the key)? Thanks!
  110. P

    BX24 oil too clean

    I know this sounds a bit weird but I've always changed my own fluids, my BX now has ~600 hours. Usually the clean oil will turn black after a couple of hours use. But this time, it is staying much cleaner. I've put about 15+ hours on this oil change so far, mostly heavy snow blowing and winter...
  111. Sodo

    HELP! whats normal BX24 temp guage position?

    My instruments panel delaminated. I took the cluster out so I could silicone the panel back on carefully. SOMEHOW, my temp guage is no longer in the correct position. I can't think of any reason for this, except maybe the needle has spun on the shaft. At stone cold it's at the bottom, then...
  112. Sodo

    3-Point Hitch  BX24 with a 7 foot sickle mower (...experience?)

    Does anyone have experience hanging a 7' sickle mower off the back (and side) of a Kubota BX24? The MF31 has a heavy cast iron wobble box hanging out there. I would test it but the mower is a bucket case at the moment. The MF 31 cutter bar starts cutting 2 feet out from the tire edge, and the...
  113. E

    3-Point Hitch  BX24 parts to complete 3 point hitch?

    Guys, I have a new to me BX24 that was shipped with a backhoe. What parts are necessary to make the 3 point hitch work when the backhoe is dismounted? Thank you! Mike
  114. Sodo

    Broken BX24 hood, RE-USING decals

    Firewood fell out of the bucket onto the PLASTIC hood and shattered it. The hood seems to be made of styrene plastic, it's brittle. I was busting up the pieces just to see how strong they are - and its brittle plastic, pretty lowball stuff. So I ordered a new hood from Messicks, it was...
  115. C

    Kubota BX24 front & rear PTO will not engaged

    Hello, I'm looking for insight in regards to the PTO on a Kubota BX24. -Currently neither front or rear pto will engage. -Checked (2) seat switches, & (1) for the PTO engage lever. All are working. We have had not issues with the PTO until this point. Front Pto was used each winter to run...
  116. L

    Snow  3pt Rear Mount Snowblower recommendations for BX24

    I've been using my BX24's bucket to plow our 325' driveway the past few years. We just got it paved, so I want to get a snowblower. I want to keep the bucket on so I can move any big piles that build up, so I'm looking at rear mount. Does anyone have recommendations for use with a BX24? (and/or...
  117. Sodo

    Forks  Brushfork w/5 mini Stick-Rakes (on a BX24)

    Brushfork w/5 mini Stick-Rakes (homebuilt attachment - BX24) Combination landscape rake and brush forks; an attachment for an attachment. Homebuilt brush fork vastly increases the amount of brush that I can move to a burnpile with my BX. For now it bolts to the bucket sides with 4 bolts but...
  118. R

    How does my BX24 know the PTO is attached?

    So I was having a problem with my BX24 and while I have solved the root problem I still don't know how the system works. The problem was that when I had the brush hog attached to the tractor, it would stall and not restart if I got off the seat. I have figured out that the PTO engagement lever...
  119. C

    Buying Advice  Bx24

    Going to look at a bx24 tomorrow. It has 1500 hours. Of course the loader and backhoe, but also includes a 60"mmm and 3 point carry all. He is at $9000. Anything as far as problem areas I need to lookout for........
  120. check

    Putting a BX25D FEL quick attach on an BX24

    I was looking for an earlier thread on this, but could not find it. Has anyone actually put the new BX25D FEL quick attach on an earlier model BX25? They are supposed to not be backwards compatible, but I seem to remember someone fitting it on anyways. Thanks, James
  121. R

    BX24 front tire tube size?

    The previous owner of my tractor had installed tubes in the front tires, probably from getting many flats. So one of the front tires went flat on me a couple of months ago because the valve stem of the tube cracked so I installed a regular valve stem from the outside filled up the tire and...
  122. S

    Help,bx24 wont move

    Hey guys, have a bx24. Was digging out a stump and went to move tractor and I had no forward or reverse. All fluid levels are good. All linkages are engaging correctly. I am able to move it in four wheel drive. Loader and backhoe work fine. If I lift the tires off the ground and in two wheel...
  123. L

    Oil & Fuel  BX24: Engine RPM goes up and down sporadically

    My BX24's engine RPM just started going up and down randomly. My wife was running it and just about ran it out of fuel. I was thinking that running it that dry sucked in any twigs and rocks in the fuel tank, so I replaced both fuel filters today. After bleeding the air out, it ran nicely for...
  124. D

    rotary tiller for a BX24

    I have several questions relating to using a rotary tiller with a BX24. First question: Woods & LandPride both sell tillers for sub-compact tractors. Both are pricey. KingKutter sells a more modestly priced tiller. Is it worthwhile to buy the more expensive tillers or is the KingKutter...
  125. R

    Engine RPM problem on my BX24

    I'm having a weird problem with my BX24. After I have been using it for about 45 minutes at a continuous high RPM while brush hogging a field the RPM's will suddenly drop off. It doesn't die it just drops RPM's to about 2000. When it happens I turn off the PTO and bring the RPM's down to idle...
  126. D

    BX24 Front axle seal leaking

    The right front seal has started seeping on my BX24. It had leaked a little last year and then stopped but it is back. It seems to be leaking at the point where the assembly turns to turn the front wheel. How tough is it to dismantle the axle and replace the seal? I am reasonably mechanically...
  127. B

    bx24 fliud leak

    I have a 2008 BX24. I was getting ready to mow the grass and as I went to engage the mid P.T.O I heard a loud pop. So I turned the tractor off to take a look and there was fluid leaking from the mid P.T.O from where the spline and universal joint go into the mid P.T.O I had let my brother borrow...
  128. B


    I have a 2008 bx24. I went to engage the mid pto, to mow the grass and herd a loud pop. I didn't even get it fully engaged. So I turned it off, got off the tractor and looked up under it and fluid was pouring out from around the spline, behind the universal joint coming from the mid p.t.o. I...
  129. B


    Hello everyone, l'm looking forward to getting and receiving info on bx24 kubota tractors. I have a 5 acre farm and manage every inch of it. My bx24 is the workhorse around my place and I depend on it daily to get the things done I need to accomplish everyday. I have a fluid leak from the mid...
  130. B

    Oil & Fuel  BX24 Power Steering Fluid

    I would like to check, top up, perhaps flush and refill the power steering reservoir. The problem is that I don't know where the reservoir and dipstick are. Please forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I've searched and didn't find anything. Can someone help? Thanks, Brian
  131. R

    BX24 three point hitch questions

    Ok, I took my first look at the three point hitch for my BX24 that I will be using on the new 4' bushhog. I am a complete newbie to tractors and I have lots of questions but three are the most important for now. First, how to I get the lift bars to go down? I'm assuming that they do not power...
  132. R

    BX24 rear rotary mower size

    I just bought a BX24 and will buying a bush hog for it. I believe the manual calls out that it can handle a 5ft mower, does that sound right. What diameter of bushes should I expect to be able to cut down with this size mower. I've let my field go for quite a few years but it was hayed before...
  133. R

    I love my BX24 and JD X485

    I am like a kid on the playground when I get to use either one of my two little tractors (BX24 and JD X485). The JD X485 has a tight turning radious which is great for mowing in my chop up yard (2 acres). The BX24 with the 4wd and high/low range is a great little work horse. To only have 24hp...
  134. S

    bx24 doesnt want to move

    i was moving snow (carrying it to a pile in bucket) . tractor started to vibrate and didnt want to move up the hill. it has 95 hrs on it. it would move at a snail's pace
  135. J

    BX24 and BX2750D in 27" of powder this morning......

    I took a video this morning of the 2750D snowthrower in action. Amazing accessory which has greatly shortened the time spent outside with the walk behind.... Kubota 2750D Snowthrower - YouTube
  136. A

    Building a community cider shop, working my BX24, and looking for sponsors

    I'm building a community cider shop in my barn, and my BX-24 managed to dig the trench for the drain discharge INSIDE the barn. Check out the videos on YouTube: Orchard Diary 9/14/2012: Cider Shop pt 5 (Trenching pt 1) - YouTube Orchard Diary 9/14/2012: Cider Shop pt 5 (Trenching pt 2) -...
  137. BuckeyeWilly

    Kubota BX24 Tail Light Issues

    I retired in November so decided a good winter project would be to give the Kubota a complete overhaul. 5 years of hard work had her lookin pretty bad. All the lights on the back end where busted up so I bought a set to replace the broken ones. These are the ones that bolt onto the rops. The...
  138. G

    BX24 runaway on start up, black smoke, stall

    My BX24 ran away on start up and spewed thick black smoke for about 30 seconds. I could not shut it down with the key. It stalled and I can't get it to fire. It turns over great, I checked the fuel filters and both are clear, fuel pump is pumping fuel. Where to next? Thank you.
  139. D

    Can you help me locate the HST drain plug on my BX24 ?

    My BX24 is just past the 50 hour mark. I want to change the HST oil & filter. My tractor has the mid-mount mower and my personal circumstances make removal of the mower very difficult. I can see the HST spin-on filter and I can get a drain pan between the rear wheels. WHAT I AM HAVING...
  140. C

    BX24 Battery

    I need to replace my BX24 battery. Does anybody know what generic battery will replace / fit the BX24 tractor?
  141. C

    BX24 work light project

    I started my work light project tonight. I installed a fuse block that will power all extras I add. I purchased two 1000 lumen led lights for the front and the Kubota rear work light kit for the rear. I also ran a 2 wire power connector so I can power my sander and sprayer.
  142. W

    Mid-Mount Mower  BX24 using mmm and rotary cutter at same time

    Has any one used an mmm and rotary cutter at the same time? I have a BX24 and want to cut a pasture with a rotary cutter but I don't have a belly shield. I damaged my HST fan a couple of years ago and don't want to repeat that. So I wonder if keeping the mmm installed would protect the fan in...
  143. M

    BX24 3-point lift capacity

    I'm thinking of getting another PTO chipper for our BX24. We had a Bearcat 70554 for a while (like the current SC5540) which weighs 450 pounds and I could lift and move it around fine. We had to sell it a few years back and now want to replace it with a CH5540 (chipper, no shredder, but has the...
  144. B

    BX24 rear link removal question

    One of the rear links that connects to my mid mount mower is bent and I can't figure out how to remove it for replacement. I have removed the cotter key and pin at one end but can't figure out how to disconnect at the other end. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  145. L


    i have a question i had my machine serviced at 50 hours i now have 80 hours .i was using the machine and it felt like air in the line so i stopped to check.im low wtf it doesn't show on the stick .how often do you guy have to add hid fluid??
  146. O

    How do I remove fuel tank BX24?

    In my BX24 fuel tank there seems to be some crud that I need to clean out. Probably came from bad bio-diesel. Anyone done this and know what the procedure is?
  147. T

    new member questions about a BX24

    Greetings all, I found this forum extremely helpful with my search and subsequent purchase of my slightly used BX 24. I am super thrilled with this little machine and it's amazing amount of power. My only (small) problem is that most of the time while the machine is running, I can get off...
  148. bx24

    Backhoe  BX24 1 - tree stump zero

    It took 2 hours with the backhoe and a chainsaw to cut 3 8" tree roots but the Kubota won out. The stump had to be pretty heavy because I could barely lift it (even without the FEL bucket on)
  149. M

    kubota bx24 fuel pump output?

    The engine is operating as if fuel starved; one, two even three cylinders,intermittently, dropping out; sometimes (briefly)resuming full rpm; sometimes stalling. The fuel pump's (not injection pump) output is an inconsistent trickle. Is this correct? I would have expected a constant stream...
  150. bx24

    Mowing  BX24 Mower Deck

    Would this mower deck fit my BX24? RCK54-15BX
  151. T

    kubota bx24 HYD system

    I Have a bx24! Followed artisans build on grappleomatic. He has a bx25! Looking to get the same fasse valve. I talked to him and he didn't know if his hyd system was the same as mine.He suggested I start a thread here to find out. All help would be much appreciated !!! As soon as I get valve I...
  152. T

    kubota bx24 HYD system

    I Have a bx24! Followed artisans build on grappleomatic. He has a bx25! Looking to get the same fasse valve. I talked to him and he didn't know if his hyd system was the same as mine.He suggested I start a thread here to find out. All help would be much appreciated !!! As soon as I get valve I...
  153. T

    kubota bx24 HYD system

    I Have a bx24! Followed artisans build on grappleomatic. He has a bx25! Looking to get the same fasse valve. I talked to him and he didn't know if his hyd system was the same as mine.He suggested I start a thread here to find out. All help would be much appreciated !!! As soon as I get valve I...
  154. T

    kubota bx24 HYD system

    I Have a bx24! Followed artisans build on grappleomatic. He has a bx25! Looking to get the same fasse valve. I talked to him and he didn't know if his hyd system was the same as mine.He suggested I start a thread here to find out. All help would be much appreciated !!! As soon as I get valve I...
  155. T

    Kubota bx24

    I Have a bx24! Followed artisans build on grappleomatic. He has a bx25! Looking to get the same fasse valve. I talked to him and he didn't know if his hyd system was the same as mine.He suggested I start a thread here to find out. All help would be much appreciated !!! As soon as I get valve I...
  156. bx24

    BX24 Quick Attach FEL Bucket / Forks / Trailer Spotter

    Almost since I got this tractor, I have wanted to make a QA FEL bucket so I could better leverage the limited lift capacity of this tractor (especially with forks) These images represent my first attempt at forks and while they worked pretty well, the extra distance from the fulcrum point...
  157. T

    Loader  3rd function on bx24

    Hello all.. Im looking to add a 3rd function switch to my kubota bx 24. I have a snow plow that I added to my fel and forks that I would like to add a grapple to. I have found a couple places out there (WRLONGINC) and (CALMFG) that produce these 3rd functions for all kind of tractors. Just would...
  158. T

    Loader  kubota bx24 forks

    Does any one know the size of the center pin/bushings that are on the bucket of a bx24. Just finished making the fork carriage and need to know were I could purchase bushings (locally)
  159. T

    Forks  kubota bx24

    Does any one know the size of the center pin/bushings that are on the bucket of a bx24. Just finished making the fork carriage and need to know were I could purchase bushings (locally)
  160. C

    Ford 6' flail mower too much for a BX24???

    I am in possession of a 6' Ford flail mower that's in good shape. I need a mower to mow several acres of field/pasture once every 3-4 weeks, slightly sloped but not bad. I think flail mower is the way to go but should I try to use this with my little BX24 or try to sell it and get a smaller...
  161. zoltanthegypsy

    BX24 losing power/RPM

    I spent yesterday mowing 4 acres with a 42" bush hog. Everything worked as expected, except - there's a very steep short hill in the middle of things. Too steep to operate on safely, but short enough that the BX climbs straight up it relatively easily. Usually, anyway. Yesterday toward the...
  162. MoreCowbell

    BX2350/BX24 Abrupt Reverse Stop

    I know there have been a lot of posts about the BX2350/BX24 abrupt reverse stop issue, but I don't think there has been a discussion about which specific part(s) were modified in the the current BX line to fix that. Looking at the transmission part numbers and diagrams, both the old and new...
  163. Sodo

    Adjustable width backhoe bucket (Kubota BX24)

    Hello, Just got a 2007 BX24. I'm new to the forum and this is my first "question". Looking forward to lots of tractor fun. I see several clever folks making narrow trenching buckets for the little BX24. (Charlz and Red Dirt and perhaps others). Very interesting reading. Has anyone looked...
  164. Sodo

    WA member Kubota BX24

    Hello, I just bought a 2007 BX24 with FEL, BH, 4' PTO driven field mower. Anxious to get some work done. I have a road to maintain, and forestland cleanup, landscaping. Interested in a thumb, and whether it can be hydraulic. Thanks


    My BX24 has a little over 900 hours on it and it runs great. Valve adjustment is recommended. Do these engines have hydraulic valve lifters? Has anyone done this themselves? My dealer is a long way off and I don't have a trailer for transport.
  166. MoreCowbell

    BXxx50/BX24 Hydraulic Schematic

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or on the general hydraulics page, but this is a Kubota-specifc question so here it is. Does anyone have a hydralic schematic for the BXxx50/BX24 line? I found a thread some time back that had a PDF of the BX23 schematic, but there seems (I think) to be...
  167. J

    New member with BX24 in France

    I was holidaying in SC in Spring last year visiting an old friend near Charleston. As I have a holiday property in France he took me to the local Kubota dealer to see how things were done in the US. I was smitten by a BX24 (back hoe + loader) with 70 hours on the clock at under $15,000. It...
  168. Garybake

    Indentify Part Found on Right Rear Axle of BX24

    Can anybody identify this clip I found resting on my right rear axle of my 400 hrs. BX24? I find it hard to believe it has been there since 2007 purchase but I can not recall ever seeing it anywhere on the BX24 before. Thanks for your look :shocked:
  169. uglyboywith11fingers

    BX24 swivel seat mechanism came apart

    My BX24 seat has been getting a bit harder to swivel lately, so had a look underneath... The centre nut was loose, and in the space between the two parts that swivel, there are/should be 4 white nylon spacers/sliders and at least 2 steel balls. mine was so loose that I've lost 2 of the nylon...
  170. uglyboywith11fingers

    Tires  BX24 - Update on leaking front tire

    Okay, today I finally got around to cleaning up my BX after doing some work for my neighbor yesterday... and decided to take off my slow leak front right wheel. pumped it up to 40 psi and poured on some water. Found bubbles coming from the sidewall, right between the A & S in the words TRACTION...
  171. cschulz

    Backhoe  Can someone show me pics of BX24,25 subframe

    Hey guys, Im interested in seeing what a subframe looks like and how it attach's to a BX24,25 to support a back hoe. I may have an option to purchase a BH from a 24. Dont know what happen to the rest of the tractor but the BH is like new.:thumbsup: Thanks in advance, Chris
  172. P

    Traction  Kubota BX24 "Chatters" no power

    My BX 24 has problems moving in forward or reverse. Bigtime chattering noise when going up even a slight incline and finally won't go. Diesel is OK, hydraulic fluid level OK, hoe and bucket have plenty of power. Tractor is 5 years old and in good shape. Advice?
  173. H

    Oil & Fuel  BX24 fuel requirements

    Hi folks, My 2008 BX24 is my first tractor and I'm a new member here. I have about 85 hours on it now. I've followed the maintenance schedule in the owners manual, which calls for an oil change at 100 hours. Oil level seems fine, although it seems a bit dark. I've noticed lately that when I...
  174. D

    New member-investigating a BX24 to buy

    Hello, New to this forum and I am looking for some advice and input on a few questions/concerns I have after recently review a 2006 BX24 to purchase. 1. After crawling up under the tractor I noticed the HST fan is basically chewed to it's hub and the rubber boot is damaged. I have read a few...
  175. H


    Hi, I am new to this sight and to my tractor, sort of. I find the hydraulics seem slow and week at low rpms (below 2000). Seems I have to hit 2400 or so for satisfactory opperation. I am just wondering if this is normal. The tractor has less than 100 hours. Thanks, Harry
  176. C

    BX24 Leaking antifreeze HELP!!!

    My BX24 started to spray antifreeze around the top hose right above the thermostat. So I replaced the thermostat, hose, clamp and gasket. I thought I had it licked, I was using the machine today to do some snow removal and I started to smell that sweet smell when antifreeze hits hot exhaust. I...
  177. C

    Bx24 aux lighting switches

    Hey all I'm about to add some aux work lights to my bx24. I need some advice on where to put the switches for the lights. The dash is kind of crowded, any ideas or thoughts would be great.
  178. L

    Used 2007 BX24

    I found a used 2007 BX24 w/ 88 hours that's garage kept on craig's list. He's asking 13,600 for it and I wanted to know if that sounds fair. He also has the three point hitch attachment as well. Is there anything to look for or ask to make sure nothing is wrong with it when I go see it? By the...
  179. M

    Price Check  BX24 fair price ?

    I'm looking for a fair price to ask for a 2007 BX24 with loader, backhoe and scraper blade. It's got 280 hrs on it and is in real good condition, has had all servicing kept up. we,re down sizing and moving south and won't need the kubota, but I have to sell the house and land 1st, then the...
  180. M

    Price Check  BX24 fair price ?

    I'm looking for a fair price to ask for a 2007 BX24 with loader, backhoe and scraper blade. It's got 280 hrs on it and is in real good condition, has had all servicing kept up.
  181. B

    LCD readout on BX24 - worthwhile replacing or not???

    Had my first readout replaced under warranty at about 100 hours..now 275 hours, it's all blacked out again. Is it even worth my while to replace again? I normally just gauge engine speed by listening to the tractor, she usually whines like crazy if it's not enough...:thumbsup:
  182. R

    BX24 engine shroud cracks

    Hello All, Has anyone else experienced cracks in the orange plastic engine shroud at the top edge (just under the hood, about 1/3 back from the grill) where there is a bit of a jog? Most of us have dealt with the fender issue, but this is a bit disappointing once again.. That shroud does shake...
  183. F

    Kubota BX24 Injector pump problem

    Hi, I recently experienced some problem with my BX24. Engine shutdown and wouldn't start again. Check fuel pump, filters etc... Fuel was coming to the injector pump but nothing out of it.. Removed the injector pump, for inspection, cleaned the banjo bolt and all injector lines. Re install...
  184. D

    BX24 leaking from transmission seal

    I brought my BX24 in to the shop after going to replace the transmission oil and noticing leakage all around the tranny and on top of my skid plate. (Never saw the leakage because of the skid plate) They haven't started working on it yet but says to becoming from the oil seal behind the HST...
  185. C

    BX24 diff lock disaster ... How many others have had this problem?

    Had o-ring leaking hydraulic fluid. Sent to dealer for repair. A week later, more fluid dripping out. Now they say diff lock pin sheared off inside of lower case and punched a hole in lower case. They say repair will be about $3k. Mechanic at dealer says he's done 4 of the this year (it's a...
  186. M

    bx24 valve body leak

    I have a valvebody leak on my kubota bx24 and am looking for info fixing it myself ie; diagrams, instructions ect: Where would be a good place to start?
  187. S

    Kubota BX24 Glow Plug indicator Light

    My glow plug indicator light (EasyChecker) no longer lights. Is it more likely just the light bulb or the glow plug itself? If it is the glow plug, how dificult is it to replace? Thanks, Steve
  188. S

    Kubota BX24 engine cuts out

    BX24, bought in 2007, engine starts and runs well, but when I press the "gas" pedal in either direction, the engine cuts out. I had the 2 seat safety switches test, and they came back fine. I bought and installed a time control something-or-other at the dealerships recommendation, but that did...
  189. roma3112

    looking for paint match bx24 ROPS

    folks i have a bx24 and I am looking for a color match for th ROPS paint. I want to touch up some areas but cant find anything close at any local auto parts store. What have you folks come up with ( if anything) for a color match?? thanks johnn
  190. D

    BX24 engine rpm for proper pto speed

    I purchased a BX24 in June, 2008, but did not buy the mid-mount mower until 10/3/11. After a review of the PTO section of the owner's manual, I did not find a Kubota recommendation for engine rpm to bring the rear pto to 540 rpm or the mid pto to the 2500 rpm speed. If someone has found a...
  191. N

    Replacing fuel filter. what a disaster. Any help appreciated. BX24

    OK, I have a question, and a problem. Question. The fuel filter diagram from tractorbooks.com for my BX24 shows the fuel pump pointing in the wrong direction I think. It is NOT supposed to be pumping into the gas tank, right? That is, it is supposed to be pulling fuel from the tank, correct...
  192. RUNNONMT4560

    Mowing  BX24 MMM

    Will the Kubota RCK60-24B Belly Mower fit the BX24?
  193. zoltanthegypsy

    BX24 Tiller, GR2120 mower, meaning of life...

    BX24 Tiller, GR2120 riding mower, meaning of life... Hi all, I've been using the BX24 as a general-purpose machine: loader, hoe, and bush hog. I also have a Deere 425 with MMM and a hydraulic 42" tiller. The Deere mows the large yard (w/steep hill) and tills the veggie gardens. I've always...
  194. RUNNONMT4560


    I have a 2006 bx24 with 130 hrs on it. I have replaced the hst fan. I have changed all the fluids and filters. Adjusted the linkage. And I still have a problem. My bx transmission just squeals when I am in reverse going up any grade, or if there is a load on it. Any ideas? Thanks
  195. D

    Mowing  What mid-mount mowers fit BX24

    I bought a BX24 new in 2007. I now would like to buy a new mid-mount mower. When I bought my BX24, I believe Kubota listed three (3) different model part numbers for the BX24. (1) Can someone who is part number knowledgeable give me the part numbers?; (2) When the mid-mount mower is fully...
  196. Deano

    BX24 800 Hour Engine Valve Clearance Completed

    Well, it's that time finally. I am at 793.5 hours and decided to do the valve clearance check this morning. Manual says to check the condition of the head cover gasket, but I ordered one and replaced it anyways. The clearance is suppose to be .005" to .007". Turned out a feeler gage .008 fit...
  197. RUNNONMT4560

    BX24 HST FAN

    If I still have half the blades on the fan, will it cool adequately?
  198. C

    My BX24 has an engine labled BX23

    Anybody ever heard of this? The local dealer says it's a BX24 tractor by serial number. They explained that they thought it was probably ok as the engines in a BX 24 and BX23 are the same. I bought it used and of course the previous owner never noticed. Everything else on the tractor says BX24
  199. W

    Towing with BX24/25

    To do some serious towing with your Bota, I'd suggest what I did with my BX24. Go to your local aftermarket auto parts place and buy a step bumper mount receiver hitch, Reece makes one. Remove the rear center plate, don't remember if I used original or longer bolts, and install the receiver. I...